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Is it raining where you are?  If not, could I share some of it with you?

Yesterday we had a break in the showers so I took that opportunity to harvest the pepper palooza we got going on.  I planted 25 jalapeno and serano pepper plants this year.  From the looks of it, I also planted an acre of weeds.  Never mind, the peppers were quite prolific amongst them.


I loaded an old wicker laundry basket with the peppers, as the chickens supervised from the other side of the fence.


A breeze kicked up and the pinwheels that I hung on the fence around the garden all began swirling.  I looked up to see dark clouds rolling in.


As I lifted  the basket of peppers the bottom fell out, spilling peppers everywhere.

I used the saucer bottom to a flower-pot to scoop up some of the peppers and made a beeline to the house before the rain started.  The chickens saw red and thought I had tomatoes which I swear they will perform incredible acrobats and senseless acts of mayhem for a smidge of a tomato.  As I ran through the yard, they ran after me.


Hurricane Joaquin is expected to bring us more rain in the next few days, on top of the excessive rain we have been experiencing.    That really stinks, I had hoped to open my road-side egg stand this weekend.  I started painting signs to put out by the road, before I could finish the rain soaked the wood.  I have them on the back porch drying out.  I don’t think it will be the best conditions for selling eggs, somehow hurricanes and eggs don’t mix.


More importantly we are supposed to start on the excavation for our house addition next week.  This rain will more than likely put that on hold too.  It has been one delay after another – what is one more – right?

If you are in the expected path of Joaquin, I wish you to be safe and dry.

Kim xo

8 thoughts on “hurricanes and eggs don’t mix

  1. says:

    Some good looking eggs you got there. I understand chickens like watermelon, too. We have had rain ALMOST every day this summer. Weeds are 2 feet high because I can’t get out there to weed them. Plus the heat and humidity seemed worse but maybe I’m just getting old.

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    1. I’m so there with you on the weeds, Linda and sadly feel too old for my age. I waived last Saturday in the wee hours of the morning as we zipped through your area on our way back from FL. It rained almost the entire time we were there, which isn’t uncommon, however, it wasn’t just a passing shower. I know you have had a lot of rain in your area. UGH. When we arrived the first day we were told there had been 33 inches of rain between July and Sept. I’m sure another foot came down while we were there. Sigh – wish we could send it out to CA where they need it. Egg production was incredible while we were away, therefore I have an over-load. Not complaining. xo


  2. Winter Owls says:

    Beautiful photographs as always Kim. If the chickens eat your peppers, will you have spicy hot eggs? That could be a big selling point! Stay safe and I hope the rain eases soon. xo


    1. Oh Jen you crack me up! HA HA


  3. Lisa says:

    I’m seeing lots of Huevos Rancheros in your future! Stay dry up there. Wish we could get a little of that rain.


    1. LOTS of Huevos Rancheros! Sending you rain drop wishes.


  4. Sarah says:

    Oh dear I hope the weather wasn’t as bad as you expected and your egg sales will be a great success. Lovely the way you capturing the hens chasing after you! Sarah x

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    1. Hi Sarah – were so very fortunate to be spared from mother nature. My heart goes out to those that were not so fortunate. Hoping to open my egg stand this weekend. It may be a crazy idea but I’m going for it.


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