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Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

The sun came out and warmed all the raindrops still clinging to every object as far as the eye could see.

I headed out with my camera to soak in the sun and to find something interesting  to capture with the lens.

As I passed by my studio I wondered what surprises I might find inside.  My art creations have been packed away for several years now.  My studio has been locked tight.  Boxes  are piled high with paths barely wide enough for me to squeeze through.

The little cottage that I used as a display area when I hosted artist open houses, isn’t in any better shape.

I went inside to find something or nothing at all.

 Light streaming in the window above the doorway captured all the glass beads twirling on this sun-catcher, which I made at least 15 years ago.

swirly whirl

My eyes darted from piles of fabric, and glass and paper ephemera and rusty metal all of  which is waiting to be turned into something.  Creations that I left behind, called out to me.

I saw Gypsy Queen a mixed media necklace hanging with her price tag still attached.

qypsy queen 2 nb

Gypsy Queen a mixed media necklace by Nightbird Creations

I had created her for my Nightbird creations line.  The base of the necklace I cut out of recycled duct work.  I no longer recall where I got the vintage image.  There is a single crystal dangling at the bottom.

She still makes me smile; perhaps I’ll wear her sometime soon.

Another necklace,  A battery you can always trust, was made from an advertisement I cut out of a vintage LIFE magazine.


a Battery you can always trust – a mixed media necklace created by Nightbird Creations.

I took the advertisement and layered it between two pieces of glass and then copper foiled the sides and added copper wire.  Glass beads and a few buttons and other oddities are added to the ball and chain necklace.


I miss these creative pursuits.  So many life events took my creative journey down other paths.

For the time being…

In your creative/life journey are you meandering along a different path from which originally you intended?

xo Kim


the journey awakens the soul

6 thoughts on “qypsy queen

  1. Harold olinger says:

    The volcano may lie dormant for many years, but when it erupts….

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    1. I believe the volcano is bubbling…


  2. Debra says:

    Hello my friend! I have tried to comment on a previous post, and couldn’t do it-so I was glad I can now….I hope you can get back to creating, but truly you have never stopped. You make your home and gardens beautiful. You see beauty in capturing photos. You pick out lovely chickens :). I’m sure your head swims with ideas sometimes, of things to make. I do hope you feel better now, and can continue with Nightbird Creations. I love seeing your art! It’s beautiful.


    1. hi Debra – I have that commenting problem on your blog from time to time – techno stuff… Thank you, as always your kind words make my soul happy. My head does swim with ideas and then other times, nothing at all. My body is still healing and it is a frustratingly slow process. I’ve been thinking of trying to sell my work again, but not sure if I want to go down that path again, or if there is any interest. Hugs to you and thanks again. xo k


  3. Lisa says:

    Kim, I believe that our creative spirit ebbs and flows. Sometimes we need a break to recharge. Your home, garden and photos prove that it is still there. When you are ready, the little studio will be there waiting with open arms.


    1. Lisa – It is so true about our creative spirits, I feel it and hear this over and over from other creative souls. xo


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