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The first cut I made felt like a stinging stab.

I’ve had a love of vintage textiles for as long as I can remember.  I’ve bought them for years at auctions, flea-markets and yard sales.  I’ll admit I’ve pulled them out of the trash too.

It is early morning and I have piled my kitchen table with baskets and boxes of old quilts, blankets, dresser scarves and odd remnants.

old quilt


This box of vintage trims came from a box lot I purchased at auction in the past year.


Someone lovingly folded and pinned together these remnants.  What was their story?  Were they a seamstress or a crafter, like me?   I’m never so neat with my bits and pieces.


The light is low as I sit at my kitchen table and begin to carefully cut apart my pieces.  I have mixed feelings about it.  On one hand my heart hurts to cut these items apart. I know that someone years ago, stitched  them with care and precision.  On the other hand I feel like I really want to bring new life to them.  They are torn, stained and worn with years of use.  Yet, I see the beauty and the possibilities.

Cutting and sewing the many pieces is like working on a jigsaw puzzle.


I wait for each flower, button or lace trim to speak to me.



Anyway I thought I’d share my recent creative pursuits.  For now,  I’ve made heart and wonky oval-shaped pins.  Bracelets are next.  I’m in the process of getting my web page back up and I plan  to list these for sale in the future.

When the creative muse speaks to your heart you have to go with it.

But first,  I have an intruder I have to deal with.  As usual Boo just goes with the flow and isn’t the least bit concerned about a rooster in the house.  He’s such a good dog.


xo Kim


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10 thoughts on “repurposing vintage textiles

  1. says:

    I love the photos of your vintage textiles among the money tables, baskets of threat and a white cat. The rooster was a bonus who made me laugh out loud.

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    1. Linda you had me scratching my head on this comment. Then I kinda figured maybe it was one of those annoying auto correct things? If not – what is a money table? Glad Stanley made you laugh.


  2. says:

    Good heavens! That comment was full of typos! I am usually very careful about that because I hate typos with a passion. It couldn’t have been ME. It must have been a WordPress Gremlin. “Money” should not have been in the sentence but now I can’t remember what should have been in it’s place, “threat” should have been thread.


  3. Sarah says:

    I think it is lovely to bring new life to old objects. You have so many lovely things on your web page and the music made me feel it I was instantly transported to America! Thank you for your comments both of them did reach me. Sarah x


    1. Sarah – thank you for your visit and I’m glad that my page design gave you the feeling of being here – I’ll take that as a real compliment. xo kim


  4. Debra says:

    I absolutely love to visit your blog. The beautiful rooster made me smile too, and giggle. I can see one foot up-he’s looking like he’s not sure about Boo. Perhaps they are good pals….I know what you mean about cutting old quilts, etc. But cutting things that are beyond repair and use is not wrong-especially when you give them a new life, and new stories. I love what you are doing too-they are beautiful and don’t look wonky at all. I’m so happy you are creating again!!!!


    1. Debra, I love it when you visit my blog it feels like a friend is here indeed. Your heartfelt messages make my day. I’m happy to be creating again too. xo kim


  5. Lisa says:

    So glad to see you going with the creative muse. I know the fabric is happy to be loved and on display again! I love that Boo is so nonplussed about the chicken in the house.


    1. Hi Lisa, makes me feel good to repurpose that old material in someway. Boo is so laid back about all the other animals he has been a happy addition to our home. xo k


  6. Those quilt pieces are lucky to be in your hands giving them a new life.
    I am always drawn to vintage linens and trims of all kinds.
    That box of laces is a picture!
    So many lovely snapshots into your colorful and interesting life.
    p.s. so nice of you to pop by my Magpie’s Nest as now I have found you and your blog


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