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Blazing fall colors, dancing peacocks, patchwork quilts turned wonky birds.  This week at the cottage…

My front porch is full of chicken poop.

chickens on the porch

Rain settled in for a few days and when that happens the chickens like to hang out on the porch where it is dry.  Inside the house pets are zonked out in every nook and cranny.

rainy day in the house

The next morning the rain stopped and the sun set fire to the mulberry tree.

mulberry tree

I like the orange on the pear leaves.

pear tree

The most exciting thing that happened at the road side egg stand this week, is that the storm brought a tree down across the drive to the stand.  Mr. Cottage cut it up with the chain saw the next day.  Egg sales are slow.

tree down

I stitched up some wonky looking birds from old quilts and blankets.

quilt bird 1

I believe this to be a drunken dove.

dove 1

dove 2

Since they haven’t turned out at all the way I pictured them in my mind, I will put them away until another time.  Maybe with fresh thoughts, the next attempt will turn out more to my satisfaction.

I took a big step this week and opened the door to the peafowl house and let my babies go on walk-about.  They are 4 and a half months old now.  I had planned to keep them safe inside their house until they were at least 6 months, but my intuition said I should try sooner.

It scares me to have them out on their own.  Peafowl aren’t like chickens, their behavior is very different and they are known to wander and take flight.  I have to accept that this may happen.  My goal all along has been to have them free range during the day and come back to their house at night, like the chickens do – but that isn’t their nature.  Only time will tell if they will comply with my wishes.

papaya and coconut 1

Meet Papaya in the back and Coconut in the front.  They are peacocks.

papaya and coconut 2

This is them again, with the light hitting them from a different direction.  It is truly amazing to see how their feathers show different colors.  Again, Papaya is in the back and Coconut is in the front.  Peafowl reach maturity at around two to three years, it can take that long for the cocks to develop their beautiful tail feathers that they are known for.

Meet Mango, she is a peahen.

mango 1

The aviary Mr. Cottage built for them allows them to fly short distances, with their new freedom, they are learning to fly higher and further.  It is an amazing thing to watch.

mango 3

This is Miss Mango.

mango 2

This morning Mr. Cottage let them out of their aviary as I watched from in the house.  Coconut saw me looking out the window, and tried to fly through the window to get to me.  That didn’t go so well.

papaya and coconut 3

coconut have a pumpkin

coral cottage peacocks

Yesterday they wandered all around the yard, but stayed close to the house.  Come sunset they wanted to roost under the magnolia tree, just outside their aviary.  We spent a bit of time convincing them back inside for the night.  Hoping tonight they will choose to go in on their own.

xo Kim


The journey awakens the soul

Update on this post February 2017

We have been undergoing a whole house renovation and addition the past few years.  We have a new roof and new paint colors on our house.

This is what our front porch looks like now.  Still covered in poop – the porch is painted a grey, and the siding is green with blue trim.  The new roof is bright red.


blog-hop 2

8 thoughts on “

  1. Sarah says:

    The colour of those leaves and pea hens are fantastic! Hope the pea hens soon realise it is better to stay at home at night. The chickens are sensible finding shelter from the rain under the porch. Sarah x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Sarah – well last night the peafowl all went into their house on their own – Hooray! I can only hope that they will continue to do so. I love all the colors – imagine that! Chickens are smarter than folks give them credit. xo kim


  2. says:

    I enjoyed seeing all the pets zonked out inside the house. Don’t you have a roof over your chicken coop so they don’t have to take up residence on the porch. That’s just Extra Work for you to wash all that poop off. That’s the first time I’ve seen your front porch. Your peacocks are GORGEOUS. Do you have any kind of organic “Whole Foods” kind of place that might take your free range eggs?


    1. Linda – yes, we do have a nice roof over the coop run and yes, they could hang out there and be dry and pooping in an appropriate place, however they would rather be on the front porch. pets. I don’t have enough eggs that a store would be interested in purchasing from me. It’s ok, I’m still enjoying my little stand and I know something like this takes time to catch on, AND I’m not advertising it. The peafowl are gorgeous aren’t they!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Debra says:

    Sure wish I lived close to you-I’d be buying your eggs all the time. And I love your birds-all of them! I love your fabric ones too…..I should show on my art blog how I make bird legs. I found the directions in a Martha Stewart book….


    1. Debra – I wished we lived close by so we could share a lot of things. If you decide to do a post on the bird legs that would be awesome. I almost sent you a message asking you how to do to it. I’m stubborn and like to figure things out on my own and I don’t follow instructions to well…


  4. Debra says:

    I will have my next post at Monnie bean about birdie legs. Till I saw how in that book-I was totally stumped. And it’s very good to figure things out by yourself….P.S. I’m the same way about instructions-unless there is a picture-I’m lost.


  5. Debra says:

    I wanted to answer your question about the paint on my chairs and table-I did it so long ago I can’t remember what kind of latex paint it was-or what colors. I used a darker color for the table though. Then I coated it with a few layers of latex satin poly. The chairs were just painted and then sanded. glad you like them!! 🙂


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