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I thought at long last I would be posting about the excavation this weekend of our house addition.

 Once again, it was postponed due to the weather.  We’ve had rain, unusually warm temperatures and now,  it is cool.

It has been a good ordinary beautiful week.

I’ve been doing a lot of bread baking lately.  Starting the mornings out with fresh  coddled eggs from the girls and big slabs of homemade bread slathered in jam – mmmm.  No wonder my bottom is so well-rounded.

coddled eggs and bread

It’s been a colorful week that I captured on camera.  So I’ll load this post with photos, if y’all will be so kind as to indulge me.


boo in fall leaves


I’m quite please to be able to say the peafowl are adjusting to their days of free ranging.  So far, they come when I call them to go to their house for the night.  Well except, Papaya always has to be coaxed  to go in and he makes several trips around and around the aviary – having his own game of it, then he finally goes inside.  In the mornings he always has to make a flying exit when he comes out.

The siding hasn’t been put on the aviary, as we are searching for old barn wood, and haven’t found a source yet.  In the mean time I added a little pizzaz.



The aviary.


Papaya making his morning exit.

papaya 2

“Look at me I can fly!”


note from the girls


coconut and papaya


I hope you had a beautiful week too.

xo Kim


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8 thoughts on “good ordinary beautiful week

  1. Lisa says:

    I love how the aviary is coming along! Looks like a wonderful ordinary week. Those are moments to cherish!


    1. Hi Lisa – I think the ordinary is where it is at. One special ordinary moment at a time. Hoping to have some barn wood to complete the aviary…


  2. Sarah says:

    What a wonderful colourful week! I’m glad the peafowl are coming in at night, it’s wonderful the way you manage to capture Papaya’s morning exit! Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah – the colors are so amazing this time of year aren’t they? You have the most beautiful photos on your blog. I’m so proud of my peafowl, and they really keep me entertained. xo kim


  3. says:

    Enjoyed all the photos. Especially liked the one where your boots were the same color as the leaves. If it looks like you can’t find a source for old barn wood, there are always tons of sources for free pallets.


    1. Hi Linda – those boots are my coop boots and they get a lot of walking time, ‘cuz they are so darn cute! We have a small stock pile of pallets, and we thought of using them and getting more, but we are holding out for the barn wood at this time. We just may have found a source, keeping our fingers crossed. xo k


  4. Debra says:

    Oh I love this!!! I sure wish we lived next door to each other!!!


    1. Hi Debra – so glad you liked the post. Yes, I feel the same – so much to share if we were neighbors. I cherish our on-line friendship. xo kim


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