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The journey began over a year ago.

If you are new to the blog you can read about the beginning of our journey  here .

It has been a long slow process, with way too many set backs to even begin to talk about.  But,  in the past few weeks, we got back on track and we are off and running.  Our farmhouse renovation and addition has finally begun.

After two days of excavation the concrete crew swooped in and began their part.   A dozen workers from several different countries,  all speaking Spanish.  I think, I would like to know what they were saying, then again maybe I wouldn’t.

 I don’t know how much rebar was used, but it seemed like miles, they spent most of the day forming the footers and piers and laying the rebar in place.    The footers and the piers were poured at the end of their first day here.

My favorite part was the boom truck that brought in the  metal forms for the walls. The driver was amazing the way he could maneuver that boom so far up in the air and place each basket full of forms as delicately as though he were peeling an egg.  Truly amazing.

   The next day the works arrived and spent almost the entire day putting the metal forms in place for the walls.   The pumper truck arrived  which is hooked up to the concrete truck and then he pumps the concrete from way up in the air with a long tube, into the metal forms. .  21 yards of concrete came in two days with four different trucks coming in succession.  The workers were quite skilled and made their difficult jobs look easy.


Almost every one of our pets has been right in the middle of everything that has been going on.  The peafowl have really entertained the workers.  I don’t speak Spanish, but I could certainly understand the excitement that was being yelled when Mango, Papaya and Coconut decided to fly right above their heads as they were down in the hole working.  They landed on the equipment and walked the forms and walls and honked in their very loud outdoor voices.

Eventually they settled in on the fence and watched everything that was being done.

peacocks 1

It has been a three-ring circus here and that is putting it mildly.  I’m sharing some of the prettier moments from recent activities.

taking a break

Taking a break.

peacock conference

The peacocks hold a conference during all the commotion.


Buddy says that he really finds all this noise and activity quite disturbing to his rest.

dad on the porch

Father Cottage gets help changing his work shoes.

mango and peanut 2

Mango and Peanut out for a stroll.

In just a few days we will be celebrating Thanksgiving.  I often prepare time-honored recipes for our celebration.  I’m interested in trying out some new dishes, but honestly, I’m feeling quite overwhelmed with the happenings here at the cottage.  I am however, planning on trying a new sweet potato dish that is prepared in the crock pot – a time saver for sure.  It has orange juice and bacon in it and of course we believe everything is better with bacon!  How about you – anyone trying a new dish this year?

Wishing all that celebrate Thanksgiving a day filled with blessings.

xo kim

9 thoughts on “farmhouse renovation – excavation

  1. says:

    As I recall, Father Cottage was going to live in the room addition. Where’s he been living all this time that you were beset with delay after delay? And why do you need steel walls underground? Are you putting in a basement?


    1. Linda – thank you for always following along and asking questions. Yep you recall correctly Father Cottage will be have his bedroom and sitting room on the first floor of the addition. He is still living in his home, the next county over. The steel is reinforcement in the cement footers and walls – it makes the the concrete stronger. We would love to have a full basement, but don’t have the funds for that. We are however going to have a root cellar – it will have a gravel floor and enough room for me store my canning goods and for Mr. Cottage to put in his mechanicals – the HVAC system. Thanks for asking. xo kim

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  2. Debra says:

    Just love all the photos and seeing the antics of the fowl….I want peacocks now!!!! I LOVE LOVE that Virginia red dirt. We have the old brown stuff up here.
    Happy Thanksgiving sweetie.


    1. Hi dearie – the peacocks are quite amusing! I love seeing the flash of color as they dart past the window or dash along the lawn. Ever since I saw your geese, I felt sooner or later I had to have one or two myself, so I know how you feel. That red clay! UGH it is everywhere. Wishing you a peaceful holiday. I’ll be in touch. xo Kim


  3. Lisa says:

    Lots of commotion at the Coral Cottage! It is good that you have so many supervisors.

    Here’s hoping you have a peaceful Thanksgiving Day!


    1. Hi Lisa I hope your Thanksgiving is peaceful also. Yes, there is always plenty of supervision of the feather furry type! xo Kim


  4. Sarah says:

    Wishing you a very Happy thanksgiving. Using the crock pot does take out any stress of cooking and also produces delicious food. Those prettier moments you have captured are a nice record of the renovations. You will enjoy looking at them even more when the work is completed! Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah – I believe you may be right about looking at the photos, once it is all behind us. Right now that seems like a long way off. Hugs, Kim


  5. Hi Kim,
    It is fun to see all the activity at your place. I’ll bet the pea fowl are used to being the ones to create a ruckus and are wondering what gives! 🙂


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