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Hello y’all, I know it has been a bit since I kept in touch.  I mentioned in my last post that I’d be away for a while.

I try to keep the drama down to a dull roar and make all my post on the lite hearted side.  I hate to add any boohooing to the table.  However, in full disclosure, we are going through some challenging stuff here and in my effort to keep my head above water, I’ve not been blogging.

Mr. Cottage had major surgery a few days after Christmas, all in all, he is doing ok.  He had a setback right after coming home, when an infection set in, fortunately, we caught it right away.  Then we had a scare about a blood clot, so back to the hospital to have that ruled out, thank goodness all turned out well.

The past two weeks have been full with daily visits from nurses and physical therapist and just trying to get through each day one at a time.  Mr. Cottage will be out of work for the next couple of months, and yes that is a scary proposition when you are self-employed and there isn’t an income coming in.  No matter how much you try to plan for such an event, it never seems to be enough.

The house renovation is at a stand still right now, partly because we needed it to be that way for a bit while we dealt with everything and because, no income means we have to watch every penny.  And frustratingly, the work crew just hasn’t shown up for whatever reasons.  Sigh.

We are having a wet snow today, the first real winter weather this year.  No complaints from me about that.  This is what our construction site looks like in the snow at a stand still.

The critters are all well.  The girls are playing tricks on me.  Each day they have been picking a new location to lay their eggs, so I have to hunt for them.  It kinda adds a little lite-heartedness to my routine.


I’m positively giddy over what will be my new master bedroom porch.  I have a birds eye view, something I’ve always wanted.  My view looks over the coops and beyond. Yes, the deck was built around the telephone and electrical lines – they will be moved later.

I placed a saucer of seed for the little birdies to fill up on during the snow.  I’m waiting for them to show up.

Did you notice my photos are out of focus?  Sadly my fancy pants camera is dying. I’m not sure how I will deal with that.   Did you also notice I placed my name on them instead of my normal logo?  I’ve been mulling over the oh so many changes that are and will continue to occur in our lives and at our cottage.  My domain will be up for renewal in the next month and I expect a name change to happen.  Mostly because our little cottage will no longer be the color coral that it has been the past 10 plus years and because my lifestyle is changing and my creative endeavors are changing.  Changes, sometimes they are good and easy and sometimes not so much.

I hope this new year has been good for you so far.  I look forward to catching up with you all.

xo Kim



8 thoughts on “standing still and changes

  1. Lisa says:

    Kim, there is definitely a lot going on in your world. I’ve had big surgery and big renovations (though not at the same time), and it does add huge chaos to your life. On the other side, though, things are good. Just keep looking forward. You and Mr Cottage are in my thoughts! Glad the girls are keeping you on your toes. The snow fall looks peaceful. Lisa


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Lisa – if I recall correctly, Mr. Cottage had the same surgery you had a year or so ago. He is having another set back today and we are heading in to see the surgeon again. 😦 Thanks for stopping by, I do know there is good on the other side, just wish we could get there sooner. xo k


  2. Donna says:

    So sorry that Mr. C had to have surgery. If I can do anything to help, just let me know. Give him my best. Your place is going to be even more fabulous than it is right now. Love the porch!


  3. says:

    Bummer. A lot of anxiety in your life right now. And, of course, the camera has to go and add itself to the lot. It would be nice if our chaos was spread out a little, but nooooooo, it doesn’t work that way. I will pray for Mr. Cottage and for some jingle to unexpectedly fall into your laps. Know that I care.

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  4. Caroline says:

    Thinking of you guys and wishing all the best. Hope that there has been enough bad so that the good may now come. And stay warm this weekend for the weather should be rather interesting for us.


  5. The porch is blissful, even with phone lines running through 🙂

    You and Mr. C are in my thoughts although your followers may rebel at the loss of coral on your walls!

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    1. Kim says:

      I have found myself in quiet contemplation on that unfinished porch, I can only dream of what the future holds. I hope the followers won’t rebel too much at the color changes.


      1. Nope, but waiting with bated breath to see what you are planning 🙂


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