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Mango, Papaya and Coconut experience their first snow day.


The trio is uncertain that they want to leave the warmth and comfort of their house.


The peafowl, entertain us with their beautiful colors, funny antics and yes their loud voices.

 Mango, Papaya and Coconut just turned 7 months old.  Happy Birthday!


Coconut shows his lovely colors

Can you tell I’m a proud momma?

Also, I want to thank all the “new readers” to my blog, I hope you will feel welcome and feel free to join in the conversation.

xo kim


9 thoughts on “india blue birthday wishes

  1. They are so pretty! Just what a snowy yard needs to liven it up visually 🙂

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    1. Kim says:

      hi Melissa – yeah if you gotta have snow you might as well have that bling too! Hope you are well. I have a lot of catching up to do. xo k


  2. Anonymous says:

    Beautiful colors in the snow!


    1. Kim says:

      Dear anonymous – thank you for stopping by and leaving a lovely comment. Have a great day. xo kim


  3. says:

    I love the names you gave them. And the snow is beautiful. I see snow only in photographs.


    1. Kim says:

      Miss Linda – I choose those names because they are non gender specific. I had read that it takes awhile to sex peafowl and being the impatient person I am I wanted to name them before I figured out their sexual orientation. Peafowl, to me are exotic and needed names that were not run of the mill joe and mary names. I wish I could send some of this snow to you. I’ll trade some snow for Zorro. xo kim


      1. says:

        While I would love some snow and I moan and groan all the time about Zorro’s antics, I’m sure you understand that I wouldn’t REALLY part with him. 🙂


  4. Lisa says:

    The colors of the feathers are so beautiful against the snow. I am sure it was fun to watch them explore. They aren’t used to snow. Stay warm!


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