Good day y’all.

Are you doing the happy spring dance too?

Spring is the time for renewal and new life and new beginnings.

We’ve got lots of new here at the cottage.  New life springing forth, new growth, new beginnings.

Sadly we lost our oldest and largest koi, Gilligan, this past week.  Yes, I cried over the loss of a fish.

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with a little help from my friends

Finally, it’s here – Happy first day of spring Y’all!  Old man winter won’t let his grip go just yet.  We have rain, sleet and a few flurries this am.

There’s nothing more soothing to my ears than the sound of rain on an old tin roof.  Well, maybe the sound of rain on a new tin roof.  Which I am happy to say at long last, we have.  But, I digress, this post isn’t about our beautiful new roof, that’s for another time. Continue reading

here a coop there a coop

It is overcast and a little dreary this morning.

15 new chicks are coming next week and I’m excited like an expectant mother should be.  I’ve got the brooder ready, for the most part.  It is set up in my front hall.  Yep, that’s right –  in the front hall, so if you come a callin’ expect chickens in the house. Continue reading

Let them eat cake

Happy Feel Good Friday Y’all.

Did you know that today is National Pound Cake Day?

Who decides these things?  I started the day off by giving the coop girls some cherry and apple pastry, I told them to pretend it was pound cake. Continue reading