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It is overcast and a little dreary this morning.

15 new chicks are coming next week and I’m excited like an expectant mother should be.  I’ve got the brooder ready, for the most part.  It is set up in my front hall.  Yep, that’s right –  in the front hall, so if you come a callin’ expect chickens in the house.


the brooder set up and waiting for the chicks to arrive

It has been 2 and a half months since Mr. Cottage had surgery, his recovery has been very slow, but appropriately so.  This week he went back to work in a very limited capacity.  It will be some time until he is back to working a full schedule.  Even though it was a tough week, I think all in all he felt good to get back to a work routine.

The house addition is moving along at a snail’s pace, but we keep pecking away at it.

We had a few lovely warm days this week that brought out the daffodil blooms and made me want to play in the dirt and plant things.  I’m anxious to get some ground tilled, and begin planting seeds for the flowers I plan to sell at the stand this summer.


  I hope to open the road-side stand up the 1st of April.

 I would like to relocate it for a couple of reasons, mostly because there is a big stump right smack in the center of where the tent was last year.


The stand was located behind the pink pot last year.  It looks dreary and uninviting now, so I have a lot of work to do.

My mind is also on overload trying to decide which building on our property to convert to a chicken coop.

 We already have 2 chicken coops plus the peacock house.  The current coops aren’t large enough to house all the newbies.  We have a couple of options that could work.


As I walk the property debating which building to convert, I have a following and Bert always needs to have his say.


Stanley supervises my every movement.


I’ve thought over and over about using this building which we call the tractor shed.  We keep the small tractor here.  I’ve always thought it looked as though it might have been used as a coop a long time ago.

tractor shed

It has his and her doors.  Inside is filled to the rafters with heavy hard to move stuff.


After going back and forth a number of times, I believe this little cottage will be the future coop.  It too is currently filled with my art inventory and my stash of sewing supplies but would be easier to relocate.

I’m dreaming of a fresh coat of paint, a nice safe enclosed run for the girls.  This just might be it.  What do you think?

cottage coop

Thanks for being here today.

xo kim

11 thoughts on “here a coop there a coop

  1. pennross says:

    It always looks like you are having the same weather we are having. So I looked up where your roadside stand is and found we’re in the same state but I’m about 2 and 1/2 hrs north of you, 25mins west of the city! Maybe on one of our drives south we’ll stop by your stand!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kim says:

      Oh how fun! I’ve never met a fellow blogger in person. Some day when the icky weather is behind us and the blooms are out, we’ll have a picnic under the mulberry tree…


  2. artsychicksw says:

    That last building is such a great looking little hide-away! I don’t know what it looks like inside, but I’d be very sure you want to coop it because wouldn’t it be very hard to ever make it back into something else again? I would vote for the tractor shed, but I have to agree with you that I wouldn’t want to move a lot of heavy stuff out of there….and then what would you do with it? It does seem like the perfect little artist shed. But, either way, a big YES to paint and fixing it up! I know you’ll make it look so great. Obviously, you have to make the decision for what is best for you and the things you’re interested in doing at this time in your life. Since you’re focusing more on your birds and animals, the roadside stand, etc, rather than your art/sewing, then it makes sense to use the building for the chicks. I’m behind you 100% whatever you decide 🙂 Sending peace love and blessings, Sara


    1. Kim says:

      Sara – I’m having a hard time making decisions and sticking to them these days. The tractor shed was my first choice, but I got so overwhelmed with the amount of stuff in there and where to put it, that I went to the sewing cottage. Now I’m re-thinking that. Thank you for helping me think clearly. I’m trying to find your email. If you still have mine, please send me a note so I can forward that photo file to you. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  3. says:

    Chickens in the house? Normal for you, I’d say. 🙂 I’m all for the white shed becoming a chicken motel but it really can’t be white. It needs to match the colors of the house! And when Mr. Cottage feels better, he can build a nice big run and maybe you can house ALL the chickens in one place. Lotsa love to you!


    1. Kim says:

      Well Miss Linda – you nailed me as always. You seem to read between the lines or know what I am thinking but not saying. Say no to white, yes to having all the chickens in one spot – eventually. What is your reason behind the white building? I’m having a hard time making decisions these days, so I’m enjoying hearing what others have to say – which is hard I know when you haven’t been here or seen the lay out of the property.


  4. Debra says:

    I know whatever little house you decide the chickens will live in will be wonderful and artsy. It’s always fun to see what’s going on at your place. I’m so glad your husband is doing better and getting back to work too…


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Debra – I’m so all over the place these days making decisions. I keep second guessing myself. So I’m not sure what I will decide to do. Whatever I decide I’m sure I’ll want to decorate it more than I should. Work is very slow for Mr. Cottage, frustrates him that he can only do a little work then he gets too tired and hurts too much. One day at a time. xo kim


  5. Sarah says:

    That looks a wonderful place for a coop! It must have been a difficult few months for you. i hope Mr Cottage will take things slowly. It must have been strange when he returned to work after he had been at home for so long! Good luck with the new chicks! I smiled at you pecking away! Sarah x


  6. tbnranch says:

    That building would be amazing for chickens! A dream come true I would say.


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