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Good day y’all.

Are you doing the happy spring dance too?

Spring is the time for renewal and new life and new beginnings.

We’ve got lots of new here at the cottage.  New life springing forth, new growth, new beginnings.

Sadly we lost our oldest and largest koi, Gilligan, this past week.  Yes, I cried over the loss of a fish.

On the other hand, so far, all forty feet of our chicks are well and growing like crazy, all except one.

sweet pea and the girls 2

See that itty bitty chick in the center – her name is Sweet Pea, she is so much smaller than the others.  We worry for her, but she seems to hold her own.  Did the hatchery make a mistake and send us a Bantam?

 Whatever, she has stolen our heart and has been named Sweet Pea.

By request, this is for you Miss Linda, of Southern Rural Route.


I promised her I would share some closes-up photos of our Saucer Magnolia – Magnolia – soulangeana.

magnolia 1

  Here the blooms are just beginning to open, perhaps my favorite with the sweet pink color and their fuzzy outer layers. 

magnolia 2

magnolia 3

This was the first year, in twenty some years that the tree bloomed for two weeks straight without being damaged by frost.  It was amazing.  Thank you, Linda for asking.

We had rain last night, and everything is green and crisp and smells so spring like.  Ah, what a great day.

The Asian pears are just beginning to bloom.  In the background, the road-side stand has been set-up.

asian pear

We have been working hard the past week to get the area around the stand in ship-shape for the opening this weekend.

The girls have been busy laying lovely eggs, so we are all stocked up and ready to go.

Also, I have GMO free/organic tomatoes and peppers started, but I think it is too early to put them out for sale this weekend, that will have to wait a bit.  I can’t wait for it to stay warm so that I may get the gardens growing.

I’ve worked on getting a little garden display area in place, complete with a little white picket fence because little white picket fences make my heart happy.

I’m recycling all the old coop droppings, pine shavings and straw to build this area up.

The chickens and the peacocks are willing to help me spread it out.

cottage roadside stand 6

I filled an old canning pot with flowers and rusty garden stakes that I made of metal roofing from a pole shed we had on our property.  The shed came down years ago during a winter storm.

roadside stand 3

cottage roadside stand 8

cottage roadside stand 4

melted record birdfeeder

In the garden display area I also hung one of my recycled record bird feeders.  I had fun making these.

More recycling and repurposing – these signs are painted on metal – roof flashing, that was pulled off the cottage when the new roof was put on a few weeks ago.

roadside stand 2 roadside stand 1

I hung them on the fence to dry while I started working on the next batch.

I also hung up this old burlap for a shade screen.  This burlap has seen a lot of use in and around the garden.  I used a stash of yarn to “sew” sunflowers on it a few years ago.  They are pretty faded now but serve the purpose well.

signs and burlap

peas and boo

My helpers.

roadside stand 4

I styled my signs after the signage that was used on the TV shows from the 60’s – The Beverly Hillbillies and Green Acres.  They have that appropriately silly simple country look.

cottage roadside stand 1

One of the few “new” not repurposed items at the stand is our 6-foot rooster mascot.

cottage roadside stand 7

I thought I would have a name the mascot contest, sometime in the future.

 As far as the renovation goes, last week the plumber showed up one day and got a few things done.  GRRRR.  However, Mr. Cottage and his team knocked out a big portion of duct work and runs for the HVAC system.  Awesome good stuff there.

I know this has been a long post, but I’ll end on a personal note, asking for you to keep Father Cottage in your good thoughts as he has a surgical procedure done later this week.

I hope you are enjoying beautiful spring weather.

Thank you for being here today.

xo kim

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10 thoughts on “repurposed

  1. Caroline says:

    Looks great and can’t wait to see it 🙂


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Caroline – thank you for your lovely words. I hope we get to see you guys this summer. xo k


  2. Lisa says:

    Kim, it is looking wonderful…so cute and inviting! Healing thoughts to Father Cottage this week!


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Lisa – thank you for thinking of dad. Wishing I had your lovely raised beds here. xo k


  3. Sarah says:

    Your chicks look so lovely and your magnolia is wonderful. I miss our old magnolia at this time of year. Your stall is looking so smart and i’m sure will attract even more customers this year. Good Luck to Father Cottage, I hope he makes a quick recovery. Sarah x


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Sarah – I hope my efforts to brighten our little roadside stand are worth the effort, but either way I’ve enjoyed doing the work. Thank you for wishing well to Father Cottage. xo k


  4. says:

    Thank you SO MUCH, Kimmie, for the stunning photos of your saucer magnolia. I can see you’ve been very busy working on the homestead. Good job!


  5. artsychicksw says:

    Kim, everything is looking wonderful! I know I had a bunch of things to comment on, but I doubt that I’ll remember them all 😉 First, I’m so happy that your magnolia tree bloomed so beautifully this year…your photos are wonderful and I’ve shared them on my Pinterest board “Spring…my favorite season”. I think the white picket fence display area is great. There is just something happy about a white picket fence, no matter how small or big. I love the stool the canning pot garden is sitting on. I think that pops of color like that and your signs really brighten things up (as the flowers definitely will do!) I love all the upcycling you’ve been doing…the rusty garden stakes, the signs from the flashing, the record bird feeder and your use of the wooden shelves on your table. It reminds me a bit of the display table my hubby and I made (well, my idea, he made it!) for selling jewelry at art fairs. If I remember I’ll send you a photo or two of it by email for you to see. Finally, the burlap….I adore the burlap and the flowers you embroidered on it! It does make a perfect sun shade for your roadside stand, but the idea could be adapted for all kinds of purposes. I’m tucking the idea away for future reference. 😉 Thank you for sharing your photos and telling us all about what’s going on at the cottage. It’s been great to watch the development of the roadside stand and to feel your excitement about it. I can just see you out there placing things just so, playing around with it to find what works best, etc. Makes me smile 🙂 Much love, S.


  6. Debra says:

    Well I’ve finally put my finger on just what your blog is to me-it’s art. Your life at your home and garden is art, and you spin lovely stories and bring us all into your sweet farm. I feel like I’ve just walked around and heard all the birds, and smelled the lovely red dirt. I would not want to be without my visits here-I look forward to your posts….
    Bless you all, and little Sweet Pea.
    Love, Debra


    1. Kim says:

      Oh my, I’m full of heart now.


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