Cottage Farmhouse July update

Time has flown by since we last visited.

peafowl and roses

This is my most red,white and blue photo I could come up with today – for those of you that join me in celebrating Independence Day.

We (that’s the royal we) have taken on the role of general contractor on our farmhouse renovation.  It is at best a slow, tedious task with glimpses of good and excitement with anticipation of what will be.  The next big phase should take place this coming week.  The carpenters will be here installing the siding.  The Cottage men have been working for weeks, priming all the siding before it goes up – a monumental task at best.

 Today it is pouring rain and Mr. Cottage is still at it steady working in the rain.  I’ve spent countless hours studying paint chips and trying to decide on the exact colors I want for the exterior.  I have paint charts taped all over the outside of the house, so I can view them in the different light and at different times of the day.  One minute I’ll pick a combination and think it is the one, a few days later I wonder what was I thinking?  The color combination will be blues and greens, of the coastal nature.  My inspiration comes from fabric of curtains I sewed for our living room.  Have I  mentioned how much we love our new bright red roof?  We get a lot of compliments on it.  However it does not work with the current coral colored siding and besides, it’s time for a change.



painting 2


TC is content to sit on the porch, groom himself and supervise all activities.

tc on the porch

The Littles, or Girly Girls or Baby Chicks we call them all that and more…  are growing like crazy, no eggs yet, too soon.  I’m anxiously awaiting my first blue egg.

chicks on the feeder

Sadly, we have lost several of our older hens.  Sooner or later it was bound to happen, it is part of allowing our chickens to free range.  A fox killed and injured our flock.  Then we lost our first and my favorite hen, Ethel to illness.  And for whatever reason, Betty ran away from home.  Why do chickens run away from home?  Needless to say, I’m trying to run a business selling eggs and this has put a crunch on the production and broken my heart.  Sigh.

The peafowl have turned into little terrors and I have to juggle having them free range and the chickens at different times because they chase the chickens.  And the cats.  And the dogs.  And me.  And don’t even think about pulling up onto our property without them screaming bloody murder.

Anyway, that’s a little of what has been happening around here lately.  I hope you all are well.

Thank you for being here today,


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    • Yes, Miss Linda – I have, and have not ruled that out. Hey can you help me? I used to get all my wordpress blogs delivered to my email. I don’t any more and I am missing out on blogs. I don’t use the reader cause I don’t think about it often enough. I’ve tried resetting everything I know to set. Any advice?

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      • Kimmie – I use the reader because it is just THERE when I log on. I do all of my subscribing through the reader, too. My best advice would be to go to the blogs you want to follow and re-subscribe because something happened to unsubscribe you.


  1. Your roof is gorgeous! I know you’ll come up with a beautiful combination for colors-that’s one of your talents. I’m sad to hear about your chickens passing away and getting sick….I had no idea pea fowl were so devilish. They need obedience classes!


    • Hi Debra – thank you we kinda like that red roof too! Chicken land isn’t doing so well these days, I’ve got another sick hen – sister to the one I lost to illness. Obedience class indeed! 🙂 love and hugs to you. xo


  2. Hi Kim,
    I got unsubscribed too, and am still not getting some of my fav’s in my inbox. Like you, I seldom remember to visit the reader.
    I love the red roof. I’m thinking purple and blue with a splash of orange… 🙂
    Can’t wait for the blue eggs! Don’t know why a chicken would run away. I tried having a free-range turtle in my pond, all surrounded by native vegetation, but it ran away too. Sad because there is nothing but pavement beyond my yard but there it is.


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