cottage farmhouse we are under roof

The carpenters have finished their part of the exterior work on our cottage farmhouse renovation.  We are officially under roof.

That’s a big hallelujah-Whoot Whoot!!

underroof front


underroof back of house

Back Elevation

But oh so far from being finished.

All the siding and exterior trim work have been completed.  Well, except for some detail work.  I’m looking for some vintage corbels that I want to add to the back porches to give it that old farmhouse character.  I haven’t found any that I was willing to pay the price, so the search is still on.

The many delays we have experienced have given us the opportunity to rethink our interior space.  We (that’s the royal we) because it really is Mr. Cottage doing the physical work. Have moved a few doorways more than once and now we are moving walls too.  So, even though the delays have been very frustrating; in the end, I think we will be happy with the changes that have been and will be made. Continue reading