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I meant to keep in touch a little better, but life has been happening.  I’m trying to adjust to it getting dark so early and cooler temperatures.  We are supposed to get hit with an arctic blast in the next few days.  Ick.

I took a bad fall the week before Thanksgiving and I broke some body parts.  It is never a good time to have something like that happen, but there is so much to do this time of the year – who has time to slow down?  This latest fall has prompted my neurologist to classify me as a high risk fall patient, which I have no idea what that means other than officially calling me a klutz.

Chicken wine and I have become friends – but only when I am stationary.


I’ve done a little holiday decorating.  Most of my decorations are up in the attic and that is a no go for sure.  So I’ll embrace the less is more look this year.


Before I took the nose dive I had decided to have an artist holiday open house.  I haven’t sold my art in a very long time and I thought I was ready.


I made a few new pairs of earrings like these and these.



I made these mixed media necklaces a bit ago, the earrings I just made.


It was fun to do some creative work.

I took photos with my cell phone of old photographs that Father Cottage has of my mother’s family.

This was my Grandmother her name was Edith Ivy.  I never knew her.  I used the photo to display a few of my other mixed media necklaces.


I was really inspired by this photo of my Grandparents.  I think they look like gangsters.


 I came up with the idea of using these old photos to create a display for the open house, with the theme Speakeasy.  I had a blast putting this together.


My fused glass work was put out on display too.


Bright colorful bohemian style fused glass earrings.


Dishes, wine bottle stoppers, napkin holders picture frames all brightly colored.


Just a bit of what I have out for the open house.  If you are in the area, stop by 10-5 Saturday and Sunday, Dec. 10th & 11th.

Other happenings here at Our Cottage – we took on two rescue chickens about a month ago.  In their previous life, they lived in a coop without access to fresh air or grass. Their owner no longer wanted them, because they were not producing eggs.  After a few weeks in quarantine, they are now mingling with the rest of the flock and are loving their new life being free rangers.  AND they are laying eggs for me.

Say hello to Sweet Tea and Biscuit.


Sweet Tea is very timid, but learning to love being held.  Biscuit is very bossy and wants to challenge all the other girls.


Also in chicken land, Miss Daisy has been on the nest for 21 days today.  Hoping to hear some pipping today, but none so far.  Keeping my fingers crossed that at least a few of the eggs were fertile.


Well, I guess that wraps things up on my end for now.  I hope you all are well and enjoying this season of festivities.

Thank you for being here today.

xo, kim

P.S. Our Cottage at Red Dirt Farm is the new blog name.  Or at least we are trying it on for now.  What do you think?

13 thoughts on “a few broken bones gangsters in my family

  1. I’m really sorry to hear about your fall! I hope you mend quickly. Your cottage and crafts all look so beautiful. I love the Speak Easy theme. I don’t hear that one very often! LOL!


    1. Kim says:

      Stupid fall equals inconvenience, but I’m mending. I haven’t enjoyed my crafts for a long time. I hoping to start making some new things, but would love to sell the old first. I thought the speak easy was fun too. understand there is a resurgence of them in big cities and yes you have to know the secret code to go inside. I’m not a bar hopping kind of gal, but I do love nostalgia and the thought of secret codes and passages.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. pennross says:

    Sorry to hear about your breaks! Hope you heal quickly!
    BTW, your chicken reminded me that we used to have a kitty named Tiger Biscuit.


    1. Kim says:

      I’m on the road to healing, thank you. Tiger Biscuit – I love it! We have one TC – we call Tigery Cat – he was a feral rescue and very Tigery! Happy Holidays to you.


  3. Lisa says:

    Sorry to hear about your fall. I hope it is nothing more than an inconvenience now.
    It is amazing how animals begin to thrive once they are in a good environment. You are a good chicken mama! Sounds like you will be a chicken grandma pretty soon.
    PS. You had very happy gangsters in your family tree. 🙂
    Have a great open house!


    1. Kim says:

      Lisa – We are so honored to see first hand the good that comes with turning an animals life around. I’m hoping I’m a chicken grandma soon, I’m tapping my foot waiting… Giggle happy gangsters – it is all fun. xo k


  4. Debra says:

    Hello there! I’m sorry about your fall-please be careful!!!!!
    Your art is really beautiful! I hope you will have lots of sales-you have it displayed so well. Your work really needs to be seen more!!!!You can do this stuff sitting down-yes?
    As always-your photos of life and your home are just gorgeous and the chickens are so darn cute. So proud of you for adopting the down trodden and unloved.
    Please heal up soon!
    Love ya!


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Beautiful! Maybe 2017 will be the year I come out of my shell and try to get my work back out there… Thank you for encouraging me. Actually, I broke my tail bone and sitting down is quite painful! Ouch whoda thunk with all the padding I got back there that I’d break that! LOL I love my animals, each and every one of them – they make me complete. xo k


  5. I love seeing all of your creations, Kim! It is a lot of work setting everything up for display…I am impressed with all you’ve done, despite your recent fall!


  6. says:

    I like the new name – Cottage at Red Dirt Farm but you don’t need what comes before it. Makes the title too long. Under your photo, need to update — you are no longer renovating. I like the fused glass earrings that look like little cell phones (middle bottom of photo). Too bad you couldn’t get some of your stuff in front of a much younger audience — grunge, gothic – I think they’d like. Hope the sale goes well. I know the rescue chickens have found a loving home. Most sorry to hear about your fall with broken parts. Going in for a knee replacement on Monday. Yuck.


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Linda – thanks for your input. Actually we are still renovating, and a long way from finished. Sigh. Heal fast and well my friend. xo kim


  7. Donna L Lam says:

    Love your blog! Sorry I didn’t make it to the open house. Had really hoped to get there.


    1. Kim says:

      Thanks for reading. I missed seeing you. Another time… xo kim


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