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These seed packets jumped into my shopping cart the other day.  I’ve been reading the seed catalogs and dreaming about what I will plant in the garden this year.  Ah spring, I’m looking forward to welcoming you.

Right now, though, it is very cold out and we are under a blanket of snow.  Our pipes are frozen and it is a wee bit cold in the house.

Don’t you agree that there is something so special about the first snow of the season?  We had ours on Saturday.  Everything is covered in a sparkly blanket,  surely magic is responsible for all that glitter.  Right?

In chicken land – ain’t nobody happy.


There was a chicken convention inside the covered run.


Sweet Pea stood high up on the ledge speaking to the audience.  She declared that snow should be outlawed.


They all agreed.

The other girls inside the hen-house said they were not under any circumstances going out in that white stuff.  It was way too scary!


Boo went inside and mingled with the girls for a bit.




I’ve been concerned for my feathered friends, these temperatures are so low.  This morning I made warm oatmeal with apples, blueberries, tomatoes a bit of left-over pasta and yogurt.  It warms their crops and that is a good thing.

The peas came out of their house for a little while.



Papaya came out first and then, Mango and eventually Coconut.  They loved the sun shining on their bodies.  Hated the snow on their feet.




They did a stroll around the house, checked on all the hens and then headed back to their house for warmth.

Boo and I took a short walk, he wanted to smell all the footprints he came across and roll endlessly in the snow, making dog angels.  I wanted to take a few photos.  But that didn’t last too long, my feet were freezing.  So I snapped a few and headed back in to the warmth.




Bear prints

I thought our Virginia Black Bears hibernate all winter, I recently heard in a news article, that in fact, they do not.  Especially the young.


Deer tracks

There were surprisingly few wildlife tracks in the snow.  Even they say it is too cold to be out.


This fancy store-bought birdhouse was given to me. The side panel opens to plexiglass so you can view the birds inside.  Never a bird has lived in it.  Wasp, however, believe it is grand.


This house and all the others that Father Cottage has built are always occupied.


This house sitting on the picnic bench was placed there temporarily until I figured out where I wanted it.  It sat there all summer, and it too remained occupied.  So I left it there.





Sunday supper we filled our bellies with warm beans and country ham, that had simmered in the crock pot all day.  I made jalapeno cornbread that was a disappointment, the peppers didn’t have much heat, nonetheless, they were gobbled up and enjoyed.

That was our weekend, under a blanket of magic.

I hope your weekend was lovely.

Thank you for being here today.

xo kim

9 thoughts on “under the magic blanket

  1. LaDy says:

    I just love the new colors on your expanded home! And, I’m always surprised and it brings a smile to my face to see all of your critters cohabitating so peacefully together as one. Must be that special something, something you have in your kindness in taking care of everyone around you.
    Enjoy the snow and keep those wonderful pictures coming!


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    1. Kim says:

      Why thank you for all your kindness. We love our new colors too. Such a fresh change. We are truly blessed with wonderful animals that seem to agree love conquers all. Well except those silly peacocks – they are of a mind all their own! Be warm and safe. Happy New Year. xo kim


  2. Pam Kaufman says:

    I love how you have decorated the chickens house! So cute! Tell your chickens to be happy they are in Virginia instead of Michigan where the snow stays until April lol!


    1. Kim says:

      Hi Pam – I had fun decorating my hen house, yes I know they don’t need all that extra stuff… Yes, thank goodness we don’t have the winters you all experience. I don’t know how you get used to it. I guess it is what you know Thanks for stopping by. xo kim


  3. says:

    So nice of the peas to check on the property and the girls. I note that the girls have a well-furnished apartment – lace curtains, mirror, and a vase of flowers.


    1. Kim says:

      Those peas are nosy! They always want to know what the chickens are doing. The hen house is ridiculous, I know, but it makes me happy and my girls deserve the very best. Hope you are feeling better. xo kim

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      1. says:

        I did NOT insinuate the hen house is ridiculous. I liked that they had their own decorated house.


  4. Debra says:

    Well, my geese are saying they’d prefer Virginia winters~but they could give lessons in snow-stepping. There’s an art to it, and they have practiced it for 15 years now…..
    LOVE LOVE LOVE the hen house! Oh my-what a grand hotel-the perfect spot to sit with a hen on your lap. Was there a chicken vote to elect Sweet Pea-or did she just decide she was going to be President? Hopefully, they have braved that white stuff and have their own toe prints in it by now!!!
    It’s always so much fun to visit you!!!!:)

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  5. Hey Kim,

    Fun to see you enjoying your snow. When we had a snow a few weeks ago I did go out with my son to walk along the river and take a few token photos that will be paintings. But then it got COLD and I hate snow and cold, so I turned my back on the whole business. Then it got warm and has stayed that way, and I am thanking my stars!

    I’m tickled to see how all your critters cope so well, and how they all get along.

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