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Our neck of the woods dodged a bullet with the blizzard that passed through the beginning of the week.  We had a coating of ice, which thankfully melted quickly with the return of the sun.  It was beautiful, all glistening and sparkly in the sun.  Really, I can’t complain about the weather we have had this winter, all in all it has been a mild winter.  Still, I have a strong desire for spring weather to arrive and stay.  How about you?

The first day of spring is on Monday, there are signs that it is just around the corner.  The robins are busy dancing out in the lawn and tree tops.  Blue birds are choosing their houses to build nests in.  Their song is so beautiful.

 The Cowbirds have returned.

Each March Cowbirds arrive in large flocks to our homestead.  There are so many of them, that their song fills the trees.  They take over the bird feeders with gusto, knocking half the seed to the ground. Not to worry, the chickens quickly swoop in and gobble every morsel that is dropped.  Cowbirds are brood parasitic birds, meaning they lay their eggs in the nest of other birds, and expect those other birds to raise their young for them.  Usually, by June or July, the cowbirds leave the area.

TC says – yum cowbirds make a tasty snack.

Out in the hen-house, Little Winter discovered her reflection in the mirror this week.

Hmm, I think I’ll just lay here staring at myself…

Momma Daisy admired her reflection too.

Daisy and Winter are still roosting on the back porch at night and that is where Daisy insists on laying her egg each day.  They refuse to integrate with the rest of the flock, come roosting time.  We have tried repeatedly locking them in with the other girls at night.  It isn’t a pretty scene.

We are at the halfway mark in the 21 days of setting for broody Dottie.  While I was hanging out in the hen-house the other day taking photos, Dottie got up and stretched her legs, drank some water and ate a little.  I took advantage of that opportunity to look at her eggs.  I thought Dottie had six eggs.  Much to my surprise, I discovered that she had ten.  Yesterday I was in the run when Dottie got down for her daily stretch and eat.  I checked on the eggs again.  There were 12!  THAT LITTLE THIEF, has been getting out and stealing eggs from the other girls and adding them to her nest.  I know this because, I can count to ten or twelve and the extra eggs are all blue, she lays brown eggs.  I’m now debating getting an incubator because of the difference in age of all the eggs.  Of course, if I was smart, I would just toss them out after the first eggs start hatching.  But, I’m such a sucker.

Dottie – the egg thief apparently wants a large family.

Did you know that a chicken will tuck eggs under their wings and carry them to the spot they want them – like their nest when they already have enough eggs and don’t need to hatch more.

If you are new to this site, thank you for following along – please feel free to say hello.  I’m running behind this week catching up on all of your blogs, I’ll be by soon.

Thank you for being here today.

xo Kim


Red Dirt Farm

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12 thoughts on “Mirror mirror on the wall who is the egg thief

  1. says:

    Oh the horrors of discovering you have an egg thief! She’s such a pretty color of orange … can we forgive her?


    1. Well, since you mentioned how pretty she is, I suppose one can overlook her petty thievery. 🙂


  2. Debra says:

    I’m smilin’-Winter and Daisy are my chicken loves, for sure….But now Dottie seems to be showing signs of needing jailing! What would she do if she was behind bars??!
    I LOVE how the hen house has wall paper on it-and has a fancy mirror for the hens to primp in front of. This has got to be the best hen house ever.
    Love to you!!!


    1. Debra – Daisy and Winter are so special, maybe I’ve made Winter become too special – Mr. Cottage says she is a little princess – she doesn’t want to hang out with the other chickens. She would rather spend her days in the house watching tv and sunning in the window. As for Dottie behind bars, don’t think I didn’t think about locking her up somewhere. I’m leaving her where she is for now, making sure I get up the eggs from the other girls as soon as they are laid so she can’t keep adding to the nest. I won’t deny, I love my little hen house and I hang out in there and take photos. I always wanted that building to be a hen house – it is a dream come true. xo kim


  3. DA Squires says:

    I AGREE with Debra : ) There must be some kind of award for the Best Interior Design for Hen Houses!! Adore the wallpaper, gilded mirror, sheet music, etc…now really wishing I had added some homey touches to my imaginary coop! And never knew eggs could be carried around for their own ulterior motives : )

    I just hope the ladies of Red Dirt Farm know how LUCKY they are!


    1. That is so funny – housekeeping award for the hen house! As I was saying to Debra, I wanted that building to be a hen house for 20 years and my wish finally came true. I had a blast decorating it. Those sneaky chickens tucking the eggs under their wings and making way with them – you got to love their resourcefulness. I wonder do they feel lucky? I feel lucky having them. xo kim


  4. Lisa Meyer says:

    I love to hear the chicken stories! I had no idea that they would take someone else’s eggs. If the cowbirds knew that, she’d have a whole nest of them!


    1. Hi Lisa – never in my wildest dreams did I think someday I would be telling chicken stories. Amazing where our life paths can lead us, unexpectantly. xo kim


  5. Kirsten Bett says:

    Hi there loving your blog as we moved back to NL from NZ last year and i miss my chooks so much. So cool to watch hatchlings too!!!


    1. Hi Kirsten – I’m so glad you enjoy my blog. You have beautiful photos on yours. I have often dreamed of traveling to both Netherlands and New Zealand – what beautiful countries. I love that term chooks, so adorable – fun to learn slang from other countries. Hope we are watching some hatching soon. xo kim


  6. Inga says:

    Oh my gosh… this post is SO CUTE! How awesome is that mirror in the coop. Little Winter really likes that gorgeous grey hen in the mirror doesn’t she? Makes me laugh out loud. Thank you so much for sharing! Up here in Zone 3 (brrr!) I am excited about some bulbs at last peeking out above the frozen brown landscape. Half an inch! Woohoo! Ah yes, gardening in the far north, not for the faint of heart. 🙂


  7. Sarah says:

    This did make me smile! Sarah x


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