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Why is there a peacock in my living room?

We have so many projects going at once.  We start one, then something comes up and we stop what we are working on and move on to something else.  Please tell me we aren’t the only ones with too many irons in the fire?

Our biggest project, the farmhouse addition, and renovation are moving along slowly.  Every time I see someone they ask are you finished with your house yet?  No – and it will be some time until we are finished.

A couple of weekends ago, we started working on a project in front of the house where the addition was added.  My dream for this space is eventually to have a cottage style garden with a white picket fence and gate and maybe a pergola or arbor of some sort.  All of that isn’t in the budget at this time.  The gutters have not been installed on the house yet and we don’t want any plantings to be crushed when it comes time to get those gutters up.   Meanwhile, this area is the first thing visitors see when they drive up and it was looking a little shabby and unfinished.   So I worked out a plan in my mind and presented it to Mr. Cottage and he got right to work helping me implement my ideas.

First Mr. Cottage puts down a layer of river rock, which he hauled from a pile we have way out yonder.

Then, he moved two galvanized water troughs from another area of our property and placed them under the two front windows.

I got to work filling the new “window boxes.”  I filled the boxes with Mandeville, bronze leaf fennel, lemon thyme, sage, oregano, pineapple sage, and I also tucked in a few sunflower seeds.

Passion vine planted in an old canning pot and placed at an old wagon wheel.

I hauled over an old pump that Father Cottage painted bright blue and an old rusty wood stove.  The stove has been in my garden for at least twenty years.  All that time, I planned to one day turn it into a water feature.  The pump didn’t sit level on top of the stove.  Off I went rummaging through our pile of junk and found an old rotor from the truck.  The rotor sits perfectly atop the stove and creates a level surface for the pump.

A few days later, I bought a round galvanized bucket.  We had a couple of old pumps here, the first one didn’t have enough power to get the water up to the level of the pump.  The second pump didn’t work. So another few days passed and Mr. Cottage went and bought a new pump.

We got the new pump hooked up and filled the new galvanized bucket I bought, and it leaked. Really?

We decided that we didn’t like all that shiny stuff going on.  So it was decided to try another vessel to hold the water.

A few days later the husband came home with a concrete planter.  It was holding water at the garden center when he bought it.

I filled the planter with plants from the pond and some rocks.  We filled it with water and it looked great everything was working just fine.

Then the planter started leaking.


I felt like it was too close to the house and was splashing the siding.  I also thought that it would look better if we pulled it forward.  Which meant we needed to haul more river rock from out on the North 40.

The lawn tractor got a flat tire.  So the rock hasn’t been hauled and the concrete planter hasn’t been sealed yet.

But when it is all said and done it is going to look great.

So we started another project.

This past Sunday we started enlarging the chicken coop and run.  The 19 chicks that were born in March, plus Daisy and her 8 new chicks are all living on our back porch until we can enlarge the chicken coop.  We are anxious to get them all moved into their new space.  But this is going to take more than a weekend to finish.

Papaya hangs on the rafters helping…

The run is going to have a back door.  It is the little details like this that really make this girl happy.  There are always a few chicks that end up in the back of the run and can’t figure out how to go around to the front to get inside.  We end up having to walk all the way around the building coaxing them in.  A back door is really (we hope) going to help.

I bought this Goldflame honeysuckle to grow on the chicken run.  I’d like to get a whiskey barrel to put it in, then train it on the chicken wire.

These are some of the projects that are filling our days and making our home – well home.

What project(s) are you working on around your home?

So, why is there a peacock in my living room?

Thank you for being here today.

xo, Kim


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10 thoughts on “oh so many projects and a peacock in my living room

  1. says:

    All the projects look good. I’ve never seen an old stove like that. The peacock in the living room is just one of the mysteries of Red Dirt Farm. But it’s funny…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hey, Miss Linda – I haven’t seen a wood stove like that either and most likely it isn’t a wood stove, but was used for some other source – coal maybe? Whatever I like it and the rust. You are right, it is just another one of our many mysteries… xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  2. DA Squires says:

    The girls will adore the enlarged coop, and the ‘window boxes’ and bright blue water pump are perfect additions…but really, really love the peacock in your living room THE MOST : )
    Wonderful projects… don’t get discouraged… they are by definition never-ending!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I think those projects are out of love and we wouldn’t be doing them if we didn’t care. We love our place and feel very fortunate to be able to call this home. I’m anxious to get the chicken run completed and get those chickens moved off the back porch. We had a bear here last night, it tore a big hole in the side of the peacock house. Thankfully none of the birds were harmed. xo kim


  3. Kirsten Bett says:

    Love your plantbox filled with herbs and also sunflowers! Used to be a peacock in an old cafe near where we used to live in NZ. He used to walk around the roof and you’d suddenly hear them. Great birds!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Kristen – peacocks are so beautiful, interesting and CRAZY birds. Oh my gosh I had no idea what I was getting into when I added them to our farm. The sunflowers have come up – yeah. I’m loving those planter boxes so much we added two more to the other side of the house. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Debra says:

    Ahemmmm..that stove looks like an old still. Plenty of CORN around on a hen farm, eh Kim???? HOHO. I think it looks totally natural to have a peacock in the house. Of Course there’s a peacock in the house. Wonderful doings at Red Dirt Farm-love it all.


    1. Oh my gosh Debra – you have me rolling on the floor with that one – a still. I don’t know why I didn’t see that before. It was left here on the property when we bought the place and I understand the previous owner liked to put down some squeezens’ – just sayin’. Of course, there is a peacock in the house – why wouldn’t there be? xo kim


  5. Sarah says:

    You are so busy with so many projects in the go at once. You have achieved so much! Your lounge seems a welcome retreat for everything! Sarah x


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