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Being Social.

Perhaps I am not the most social person.  I’m an introvert and I’m lousy at social media.  However, I’d love to have an Instagram account, simply for the fact that I love to take photos and maybe I’d like to share them with the world and a few photos with a few words would work well with my personality.  Here at Red Dirt Farm where I spend most of my time, my cell phone only occasionally picks up a signal combined with the fact that my old phone is well  – old, it doesn’t have enough memory or space or whatever it is called to install the app – so having an account is out.

Today I’m pretending I have Instagram and I am sharing lots of photos – my faux Instagram account –  a photo journal of my Red Dirt life.

If I take away words; do my photos tell a story?

Have a safe holiday weekend – and please take a moment to remember.

Thank you for being here today.

xo Kim


Red Dirt Farm

15 thoughts on “faux instagram

  1. Carole says:

    Oh I enjoyed this and I’m not good at social media either but I do have an Instagram account and actually enjoy it over all other social media. I was telling my husband about and your chickens in the house and he didn’t believe me… So I showed him the picture and he cracked up. Always enjoy coming by your blog, this was fun made my morning… Its been raining here and I’m going stir crazy!


    1. Hi Carole – I would so disagree – it appears to me that you are very good with social media, you post often, with fun and informative post. It is all a matter of perception or perspective. Glad I could make y’all laugh. It is dreary here today, not much rain so far, just yucky. Thanks for stopping in. xo kim


  2. pennross says:

    I’m a total introvert too….social media is the perfect place, for me at least. The reality is, it’s not a very social place. So I get to put my stuff online and feel like I’ve gotten a smattering of recognition and have accomplished something without being in crowds and groups. Kind of nice. I love your pictures btw. You and your place look so inviting!


    1. I think us artist types tend to be introverts. Right, not social just quick and impersonal in so many ways. Yet, oddly for me it seems that the people I have met through my blogs get me and understand where I am coming from better than people in my “real” life. I so enjoy seeing your posts and art-work. xo kim

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      1. pennross says:

        I’ve had the same experience with bloggers! I wonder if most of us doing this are introverts, taking the time to write, art and post. I have a hard-core extrovert friend and she just can’t sit still. She has to have lots and lots of activities planned otherwise she’s lost….Fascinating…I’m so much the opposite. Would blogging or making art drive her crazy? She’d have to go out shopping or on a date immediately afterwards!

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  3. Debra says:

    Interesting conversation-I’m an introvert too. Totally at home with a goose on my lap, but panic at the thought of going to a party. I love your photos-always! They are a joy-a real treasure. You know-you could make a book of them. Seriously-have you thought of that?

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    1. Debra – I’d rather have a goose on my lap than go to a party too. I’d rather have goose poop on my lap than go to a party! A book? Sheesh, I’m pretty sure you are the only fan I have of my photography! Oh well, it does bring me a lot of joy, even if I am unnoticed. I have been thinking about writing a book and having you illustrate it. Mysteries from Red Dirt Farm with lots of talking animals that help solve the mystery. xo kim

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  4. DA Squires says:

    Your photos always tell a story…they are beautiful, heartwarming, and a pleasure to peruse…but, I have to say, your words are their equal. Please keep writing!!! (I am partial to words : )
    Happy Memorial Day… a day or remembrance and thankfulness….

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    1. Debbie – you leave the nicest, from the heart comments. Thank you. I struggle with my photography. I don’t know if I see my photos with an objective eye, because they are personal. I don’t know if they convey a feeling or a mood that I feel at the moment. I wonder what other people feel when they see them? I won’t even go into how hard it is for me to express myself verbally. Every single post is a struggle. Thank you for your support. xo kim


  5. Lisa Meyer says:

    As always, the photographs are beautiful! And, you would love Instagram. All images, not so much ranting.


    1. Thank you, Lisa. I think I would love Instagram from what little I have seen. Maybe someday… xo kim


  6. says:

    Well, ain’t that something? I’m an introvert, too. I’m okay with one-on-one and I like to send/receive emails (I send out lots of funny stories that aren’t on-theme for my blog) but I don’t like to do parties or crowds. I’m completely happy at home with my art studio inside and my gardens outside. Just don’t have much use for people. Isn’t that awful? Still, I can’t believe you had grilled shrimp and didn’t ask me over. I’d like to know what Mr. Cottage thinks about the chickens in the house? Would also like to know why all the chickens crowded into the washtub? Absolutely LOVED the photo with the caladiums and the flamingo in the bucket, the banner flags behind the bucket — it would make GREAT mailart.


  7. Of course, you are an introvert. How comes we can’t find each other in real life? I guess that is the wonderful thing about blogging. I’m okay with one on one too, and actually, would enjoy having a little more of that, but finding people that don’t bring all the drama along is hard. Not that I don’t have my own drama – ha ha just can’t take extra. Love my animals, love my peace and quiet and would love to work on creating more. Mr. Cottage tried to write a response to your question about how he feels about the chickens in the house, he couldn’t remember his password or whatever and then tried to get a new one and then his computer went wacky and I think that got the best of him. Perhaps we will never know how he feels about it. Where do you want all the chickens to crowd? LOL those are Dottie’s chicks, minus one that was hanging out by herself. They pretty much always stay close to each other – there are 8 in the group. The wash tub is used as a nesting box, but the little girls love hanging out in it, much to the frustration of the big girls when they are trying to lay their egg. I’m partial to the flamingo in the caladiums too. What is mailart? Like decorating mail packages? I do that, didn’t know it had a name. xo kim


  8. Sarah says:

    I think there is a quite a high percentage of bloggers that are introvert and shy. I used to be like that but after 5 years of blogging I have found I have become very sociable and will start talking to anyone! Wonderful pictures in your faux Instagram. Sarah x

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    1. Thank you Sarah – I’m ok every blue moon striking up a conversation, but more often not. One on one, not so bad, it is those crowds then send me running to the hills. HA HA xo kim


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