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Here at Red Dirt Farm, Magnolia blooms and sweet honeysuckle are perfuming the humid air.  Fireflies are lighting the night skies.  It is as one expects it to be this time of year.  Although, the Magnolia blooms aren’t as heavy as normal, perhaps because of a late frost.  Once again, our routine, which is never a completely normal routine has been turned on its side by the arrival of an unexpected little package.

Nighttime Magic.

Last night I woke in the night, I had to go, so I made my way to the bathroom, where the temporary door that separates the addition from the old section of the house, had popped open. We keep it closed to keep the construction dust to a minimum, as well as keeping the cool air in the old part of the house.  Quietly so as not to wake Mr. Cottage, I made my way over to the very dark, middle of the night,  Gee, I hope there aren’t any spooks lurking –   addition going into the someday master bedroom, and out onto the back porch.  It was so still and silent out.  I stood on the porch looking all around me, high in the night sky, what seemed to be a thousand fireflies were dancing and lighting the air.  It was so magical.

Daytime not so magic.

I was sitting on the glider that is on the patio when I looked over and saw this fella getting ready to come on the patio.  He got a little closer to me than I was comfortable.  Hell, he could have been 50 yards away and that would have been too close.  I encouraged him to go away.



Our dog, Peanut.



Memorial weekend, I was preparing to call our vet office on Tuesday when they re-opened from the holiday weekend.  Our senior rescue dog, Peanut who has an inoperable tumor on her saliva gland, had stopped eating and was sleeping all the time. She was really out of it and seemed to be in pain.  It appeared I needed to make an intervention on her behalf.  No matter how much I had prepared myself that this was coming, I was horribly heartbroken and didn’t want to let go.  However, I felt I had to do the right thing by her.  Tuesday morning rolled around, and she seemed to be a little more alert.  Then she started sneezing with lots of blood coming out.  This couldn’t be good.  She kept sneezing blood.  Then she started wagging her tail and doing her happy dance.  The sneezing stopped and so did the bleeding.  She was hungry and wanted to eat.  She ate a big breakfast and went on a walk with me through the yard checking out all her favorite spots.   Seems her time isn’t up just yet.


Lucky Duck.


Later Tuesday morning, a neighbor called me.  Over the holiday weekend,  he and his wife found a wee duckling had gotten stuck in their window well.   They rescued the duckling and looked for several days for a nest and the mom, with no luck.  My neighbor wanted to know would I take it in.  Without hesitation, or asking Mr. Cottage, I said yes.  I’ve wanted ducks for some time now, however, Mr. Cottage does not want me to take on any more animals now.

 The little package was delivered.

 I had done a little research about ducks, hoping to someday have some,  so I knew the basics that were needed.  I also know that it would be best if the duckling had companions.  Everything I read and everybody I talk to about it, keep telling me, ducks need companions.  After letting the little duckling have a day to settle in here, I took it back to Doris Day, our broody hen with 3 new chicks.  I hoped she would take the little duckling and raise it.  She didn’t reject it immediately, so I was feeling hopeful.  The duckling was so excited to be around other birds, it wanted a family.  As the day progressed, she became increasingly more aggressive towards it, until finally, I feared for the safety of the poor thing.

 I brought it back in the house.  I kept it in a box with a heating plate used for chicks, food, water and then a little water to play in.  It was happy with the little pan of water, but I felt it needed something bigger.  I went to the store and purchased a plastic storage tub since they didn’t have any of those plastic kiddy pools.












I brought in a rock from the garden (to make it easy for the duckling to get in and out and a resting spot) and a handful of pond plants from our Koi pond and added them to the plastic pond/tub.  And now we have one happy, Lucky Duck.

As usual, the house pets have taken it all in stride and are being accepting of a duck in the house.  And Peanut, who was on death’s door a week ago, is feeling young and maybe wants to play with that little duckling.  Or have duck soup, I’m not sure which.  Either way, it is good to see Peanut so happy again.   I’m reading everything I can about raising ducklings, for now, Lucky is living in our living room.  Lucky gets to wander around the living room and kitchen under our supervision and at night he goes back to his box.  Mr. Cottage says if I raise it so that it is healthy enough to fly off some day, I’ve done a good thing.  If Lucky decides to stay with us, that will be ok too.  We believe Lucky is a Mallard.








Thank you for being here today.

xo Kim


Red Dirt Farm

PS – I’m having trouble with my WordPress, can’t seem to get the spacing correct for whatever reason – sorry if this layout looks weird.

11 thoughts on “Fireflies, happy dog dance and one duck in the living room

  1. DA Squires says:

    The name is so perfect–he is the LUCKIEST duckling to have found himself with you!! One of my favorite stories is ‘Make Way for Ducklings’… I love how your animals accept the newcomer…there is an important lesson the world could use in that simple act of acceptance. And so happy to hear things improved for your beloved Peanut…I do think it could be attributable to the luckiest duckling : )
    A story I began writing many years ago, and will someday finish, has fireflies in the first chapter…one summer night in CT…thousands flickering above the lawn. Living in FL, we don’t see them anymore, among many things I miss about New England…


    1. Ah I hope I can do Lucky right. He is just too cute. I wasn’t familiar with that story, so I looked it up – sounds like it would be a good read. Funny how for the most part my animals really are good about accepting newcomers. Every now and then, we have issues. Sometimes I just expect everything to be just fine… I hope you do finish your story with the fireflies, I’m sure it too will be charming. Next time I’m in Florida I’m going to look for fireflies. Thanks for stopping in. xo kim


  2. says:

    Ugh, I don’t DO snakes. Especially poisonous snakes. I wanna know what Mr. Cottage said when he found a duck in his living room after asking you not to take in anymore strays. I suwannee, we never know what is going to show up in your living room.


    1. Are you sure really want to know what Mr. Cottage said? LOL actually he is cool with it and even bought Lucky his own kiddy swimming pool for when he gets a little bigger. I can promise you this, there won’t be any snakes in my living room – at least any that I bring in! ICK, those things give me snake mares. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  3. The layout looks great. No issues when I look at it. AND- I love ducks! I miss ours and want to get more one day. They are so much fun to watch.


    1. So, I’m kind of curious – several people have said they used to have ducks and don’t anymore and they really miss having them. What kind did you have what did you like and not so much about each kind, if you had more than one. I just want to educate myself for that maybe someday I’ll have ducks… I’m having a blast watching Lucky swimming and when he waddles across the floor and his little feet go pitpat pitpat I’m a goner! xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

      1. We had an Indian Runner, khaki Campbell, Rouen and a Peking. I loved just about everything about them. They were so much fun to watch and they each had their own personalities. Our Indian Runner was killed by the neighbor’s dog. He was the lookout duck and I know his alarm saved the khaki. Then we got the other two to keep him company. The khaki and Peking were males. They could get a bit aggressive at times and try to ‘bite’ me. They didn’t do that to my husband though. I kinda think it was a mating thing. 😂 They were both taken by predators. Not sure if it was a coyote or hawk. The only dislike was keeping the water going in the winter. We used heated dog bowls. I want to have a better coup and run for them in the future. I’m not getting any more until we have that. It was too heart breaking having them be taken while free ranging.


  4. Lisa Meyer says:

    So happy to hear that Peanut is doing better 🙂 And that duck! I see it smiling as it swims in it’s little pool! Your house is so full of love!

    Thank you for your kind words on my blog post 🙂


    1. Hi Lisa – Peanut is feeling mischievous today – 🙂 Saying our house is full of love is the nicest compliment. I hope to keep it that way always. Keep your mom in your heart always and she will be in your art for sure. xo kim


  5. Sarah says:

    That was amazing news about Peanut you must have been so relieved to see him behaving normally. Your pets get on so well together, especially your cat watching the duck! Sarah x


  6. Kirsten Bett says:

    I used to have a white duck when I was a child and living in New Zealand. It was one of three. Two got killed by a neighbour dog and yes I did go and tell the neighbour off. But my duck was great though nit happy without any mates. He kept wandering off.


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