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I eat too many potatoes, that is why my rear end is the size of Texas.  Yesterday while I was in the grocery store the clouds parted, a stream of brilliant light shone down and angels began to sing.  There – right there –  in front of me was a bin of colossal football sized potatoes, stocked full with a large sign advertising the enormity of such potato bliss.   Oh my goodness, I had gone to potato heaven.  I stood there just staring, apparently losing all sense of time and place as I finally snapped to it when I heard a woman say in a frustrated voice  “EXCUSE ME – You’re blocking the potatoes.”

Seriously, I wanted to fill my cart with said colossal football potatoes and make a u-turn straight to the butter isle.

 I did not, however.



The Red Dirt Farm Stand.


At a yard sale this spring, I purchased these vintage curtains and sheet, using it as a table cover, giving the farm stand a fun little retro vibe.








Sometimes, things just don’t work out the way we want.

 I mentioned some time ago, that it was my goal to expand my flower farming business and offer more flowers for sale at the farm stand.  It just isn’t happening this year.  It has been one thing after another as far as setbacks go.  The biggest being that both the tractor and the garden tiller are not working.  No fields got plowed, no rows got tilled.  Seeds did not get planted and there will not be any vegetable garden this year either.



Earlier in spring, I cut buckets of perennial blooms. I created lovely arrangements and offered cut flowers by the bunch for sale in the farm stand.  They did not sell.  Eggs sales have been brisk, so good actually, that I don’t even have the farm stand open.  We have standing orders for eggs so that as soon as they are laid, they are sold.  I count my blessings.  Soon, I’ll have more girls laying eggs and I should be able to fill these orders and have plenty available for other people.


 I guess it is all working out, I’d be so sad if I had tons of flowers filling my farm stand and no eggs and no customers.  I realize too, that the location of the stand (two tents) in the hottest part of our property that never gets shade is not working out for keeping flowers fresh.  I’m not giving up on my dream of flower farming.  I just have to figure some things out.

 Fix some equipment.

Build a proper structure.

Find people who love flowers as much as I do.

Other Ramblings.


Mr. Cottage has finished the wiring in the addition and is now doing the tv cable and telephone lines.  Soon we will be ready for our first inspection.  Fingers crossed that all is as it should be and we pass the inspection.

In chicken land.

To accommodate our expanding flock, we added new nesting boxes.  Some assembly required.  There may or may not have been some foul language used during the assembly process.





Now comes the hard part of convincing the girls that this is where they are to lay their eggs.

 NOT the garage.

 NOT the dog house.

 NOT the garden.

 NOT in the cat bed.

NOT in the flower pots.


 If you have free range chickens, you know what I am talking about.

Momma Doris Day, brought her babies outside to free range for the first time this week.



Lucky Duck.


Lucky duck is growing and doing well, although I think a bit lonely.  He learned how to escape his temporary box house this week.  In anticipation of this happening,  I purchased a nice soft sided pet kennel, same kind as I use for my chick brooder.




Inside his “house” he has a nest made from towels, a box to hide inside of or stand on top of.  He also has a mini pond, which he loves. At night or when I can’t supervise him, he gets zipped up inside for his protection. He really loves wandering the living room and swimming in his big “plastic pond.”



Thank you for being here today.

xo Kim


Red Dirt Farm


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  1. says:

    How dare that woman interrupt your moment of potato bliss. Have you tried Yukon Golds? OMG, they are wonderful. I absolutely love warm potato salad. I’m so glad to see the duckling doing well. How can he be lonely when he has the cat there keeping an eye on him? Keep thinking about that flower farm and inspiration will come.


    1. I know really, there should be a law against potato bliss interruption! Yes to Yukon Golds, bought some to make for a cookout this weekend, I will steam them and then lightly mash with fresh herbs from the garden and lots-o-butter. What do you put in your warm potato salad? Cat keeps an eye on duck, but too lazy to try and catch duck. xo k


  2. Lisa Meyer says:

    The flowers do look lovely. I had to take a few years off of the garden. Don’t worry. It will come back when the time is right. It sounds like the chicken and duck business is keeping you busy!


    1. Chickens and little duck are keeping me busy. Hope when I can get back to the flowers the inspiration is still there. Be well, Lisa. xo kim


  3. Kirsten Bett says:

    That duck! Lucky indeed but now I have long past the age of 9 I am realising that was what our duck was doing when walking off. Maybe mr Cottage is now convinced of his cuteness and you could get some more? I love the stamps on the eggs an boy do I miss having chickens!


    1. Mr. Cottage does think Lucky is cute, but I don’t think cute enough to be willing to add others… I like the egg stamps too – they are just fun. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  4. DA Squires says:

    NEVER GIVE UP ON FLOWERS, KIM!!! Hopefully next year… your farm stand is so charming and the flower arrangements so beautiful… (can’t wait until you read the chapter “Cooped Up” –inspired by YOUR farm stand!! : ) It is so lovely to take a virtual stroll around Red Dirt Farm with you… feels like going back in time to a more peaceful, simpler way of life. Lucky Duck is precious… you are the best momma duck (but it is true that ALL your animals won the golden ticket.)


    1. Debbie – you make my day! You have a way with words, you should write books. No wait, you do! I can’t wait to find that right time when I can totally indulge myself with your book. Your support makes me feel special. I’m not giving up on those flowers, I just hope I have the same drive in the future, sometimes I lose my motivation. Thank you for your words. xo kim


  5. It is always such a delight to visit you at Red Dirt Farm, Kim! About the flowers…when I worked for a landscaper what he did was to have a field of mostly perennials with some annuals he’d just sow into the field. Whatever grew, grew. A big sign along the road announced cut flowers. When someone would pull in and request a bouquet, I’d go out with scissors and raffia and together we’d wend our way through the flowers. They’d indicate which ones they wanted and I’d cut and arrange them. I LOVED this! They would tell me the story of why they were buying the flowers and you’d be surprised at how good the stories were 🙂 This worked well because the flowers stayed fresh longer on the plant than if we’d cut them ahead of time. Like your wonderful eggs, we came to have standing orders as people would just add stopping for them on their way home from work as part of their week. I think we tried free bouquets early in the spring, to get people hooked.


    1. Melissa, that you for sharing. I like the idea of cutting the flowers fresh on the spot. I have to think how I can make that work. Most of the time, I don’t know when people are at the stand and I think a lot of people like it that way. They can grab their eggs and just go. Flowers are so personal, if I could just get the right people that feel that way interested, then I think they would want to hang around and have that interaction and know who the flower farm is…. Someday. Thanks for the idea. xo kim


      1. My pleasure, Kim. It’s fun to think about, isn’t it? xo

        Liked by 1 person

  6. Debra says:

    Howdy…you are gorgeous-doesn’t matter about potatoes….and yes-it WAS so rude for you to be interrupted in your moment of potato heaven!
    I’ve raised so many baby ducks and geese-but I never get tired of watching them-your little fellow sure picked a good home! I also love how you decorated your stand-and the egg stamps!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Sarah says:

    I’m amazed your flowers weren’t selling they look so pretty. I know I would have been tempted to buy some flowers with my eggs. Maybe you can give a bunch free with your regular egg buyers and they might get hooked! Sarah x


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