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Food and dirty dishes.

Cooking, eating, growing my own herbs these passions collide into a beautiful thing.

When there is a dishwasher in the house.


Chicken with basil cream sauce

We have been without a dishwasher for almost a year.  It was broken beyond repair, and the funds weren’t there to replace it and or there were other financial priorities.  Truly, I tried all kinds of things to make hand washing dishes a more enjoyable experience, but I just wasn’t into it.  A shiny new dishwasher arrived last week, and in the Department of irony – a few days later the faucet at the kitchen sink broke.



Lemon Thyme


During that time we were without a dishwasher, I found that I wasn’t enjoying cooking as much as I normally do.  I’m pretty sure it was because I was dreading the clean up afterward.  I’m one of those cooks that make a huge mess as I go.  Yes, I do.  The arrival of the new appliance and with oh so many wonderful herbs growing in our gardens at this time I’m back on track with a joy of cooking.


Look closely.

Do you see my little friend?


 I’m anxious to do some canning and preserving.


Along with the chickens and the peacocks, I keep eating all the fruit that is ripe, long before I can even think of putting it up.  But really, it is so hard to beat just plucking it straight off the vine, tree or shrub and eating it right then and there.  We have lots of blackberries, blueberries, and mulberries ripe for the picking.


Food for Pollinators.


 I spread seeds back in early spring, from American Meadows.  The poppies are popping right now and that makes me happy.

 There are also, a lot of ornamental grasses blooming at this time.  Boo likes to hide in the tall grass and play hide and seek with me.  He smiles real big when he thinks I can’t see him

 The germination wasn’t very good this spring.  Poor weather conditions were certainly a contributing factor.




I’m pleased that although not the flower success I had hoped for, there are enough plants of interest that are attracting many pollinators.

 Calling all Monarchs, I finally have Milkweed which is a host plant, getting ready to bloom.







This has been a busy week for me chasing off predators.  This week the flock has been saved from a very persistent Cooper’s Hawk and a sneaky fox.  Also, one snake met his maker.

 A branch from an oak tree hangs above the peacock house.  There are several robin and blue jay nests on that one branch.  Sadly, right before my eyes, the hawk swooped down and snatched the blue jay baby and flew off above my head.  I don’t know if I or the blue jays screamed louder.  It was awful witnessing that.


House Addition.

We passed our inspection this week.  That’s a BIG WOOT WOOT!  We are beyond happy and now can tie up some plumbing issues and then move on to doing the insulation, and then the drywall.


Some other thoughts –  finding myself.

I think I had a bit of an epiphany this week.  When my artwork was the center of my world, I wrote an art blog, a couple actually.  I have a photography blog and I have this blog.  None of these blogs have ever had much success if you measure success by the number of readers.  Many times I’ve thought about not blogging anymore.  I’m not a how toer, meaning I don’t ever write posts telling people how to make art, how to take photos or how to live a farm life, raise chickens or how to grow flowers.  I don’t follow instructions, so how could I possibly instruct others?  My epiphany is this – I’m a storyteller,  either through my words or my photos and that is what my blog is about.  I found myself this week. Don’t laugh, I’ve been wandering this on-line world, looking for myself for a long time.  Never really finding my niche, not sure of my direction.  Nothing has changed as far as my blog goes, I just feel like I understand myself and my blog a little better.

And finally,

Mail Art.

Miss Linda of Southern Rural Route, a fellow blogger and garden enthusiast, crafter supreme, mentioned that one of my images in my Faux Instagram post would make great mail art.  I had no idea what she was talking about.  I thought mail art was when you hand decorated an envelope.  A week later, Mr. Cottage handed me a piece of mail.  I looked at it and thought wow that’s a cool photo.  Then duh, it is my photo.  Bwahaha, it totally caught me off guard.  Linda printed my image and attached it to a perfect match of blue cardstock, making a postcard and mailed it to me.  How fun is that?  I framed it and hung it in my kitchen.

It is little things like this, that really make blogging a joy.


Flamingo mail art by Miss Linda.


 Welcome new readers, I hope you enjoy your time here and join the conversations.


Thank you for being here today.

xo Kim


Red Dirt Farm

13 thoughts on “Food for thought and a dishwasher too

  1. phppi says:

    Interesting photographs


    1. Thank you for taking the time to say so.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. says:

    Kim – Did you know that hummer was there when you took the pic? Thanks for the mention. I didn’t decorate next week’s mail. Didn’t even think about it. I was just trying to get an article to you.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I was trying to take hummer picture without getting to close. Oh something to look for in mail. X Kim

      Liked by 1 person

      1. says:

        Yep, new mail. But it may be soggy. We are having a lot of rain down here.

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Pam Kaufman says:

    You are a natural storyteller and I enjoy hearing about what is happening at the cottage. I like how your blog feels like you are sitting down with a bunch of friends just talking about whats been happening lately. Please don’t stop blogging. Your blog is one of my favorites.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Pam. I like how you said my blog is like sitting down with friends, that is exactly how I want my blog to read. Having you say that truly makes my day. Sometimes the words are hard to find and if I think how I would say it to a friend, that makes the words come easier. Thank you for taking the time to leave a message. Chatting with friends… xo kim


  4. Debra says:

    Lovely post-it’s always good to be here!


    1. Thank you Debra – it is always good to hear from you. xo Kim


  5. DA Squires says:

    I must echo another– you are a natural storyteller, Kim! Reading your blog feels like sitting down with a friend on a front porch glider… a comfortable, welcoming feeling that is a rare experience in this too busy world (with too few front porches). Your warmth, caring, humor, and honesty are inextricably woven into your words and photos. It is this basic authenticity that resonates and must be present (even when writing fiction). Cheers to the magic of storytellers…they sprinkle a bit of fairy dust on a weary world… and you are among them.


    1. Debbie – thank you for sprinkling your fairy dust upon my world. You – make me happy. xo kim


  6. Mail art~ I love that! Yes, you are indeed a storyteller. Isn’t it wonderful to come home to yourself?
    Please don’t be hard on the predators. They are simply part of God’s creation, doing their job. Death is simply part of life, a beautiful cycle. It’s ok. It really is. HUGS!


    1. Hi Melissa – I like that coming home to myself. I think I’ll wrap that around myself. Keeping an eye on the predators and knowing it is all part of a cycle is hard and sometimes I have to make decisions that are very difficult but I think are in the best interest of my furry family. xo Kim

      Liked by 1 person

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