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Family, Farm and Food

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

 How did you celebrate Independence Day?

We had a nice day with family and good food.  Father Cottage surprised us making his first ever blueberry pie.  He still impresses me with his gusto for life and willingness to try new experiences.

Did I tell y’all that he traveled to Norway last month?  That’s the way to rock 85 years young.



Here at the farm, we have had illness and injury, humans and animals alike.  We have experienced beautiful new life and horrible ugly death.  This is the cycle of any farm big or small.

We have also enjoyed the shared harvest from our farm neighbors.




The deer have eaten all of my lilies this year, except this one I managed to cut before they nibbled.





This season of fresh fruit has yielded many cobblers and an ever-expanding waistline.

Our peaches are ready for picking.  I sampled this morning.  Oh so sweet.  We are expecting a lot of rain in the next couple of days, so I’m going to work on getting them picked this afternoon.





In Chicken Land

We needed to add more nesting boxes for the girls, but with a tight budget, I was stressing over what to do, then as luck would have it, a fellow backyard chicken keeper posted on social media, a used 12 box set-up.  I contacted her, made the deal and over the weekend Mr. Cottage and I scored the new – old boxes and made a new acquaintance too.






Duck land – our living room.


Lucky has pilfered one of the cat toys – a blue sequined stuffed mouse.  He waddles all around the living room taking his mouse with him.

I’m sure I’ve crossed the line of rational behavior however, it wasn’t the first time and probably won’t be the last.  I now have a kiddy swimming pool in my living room for the duck.  I hauled the pool in, put the garden hose through the cat door and filled that sucker up.  I brought in greenery from the pond and added another rock for Lucky to get in and out on.


 Then I waited.  And waited.  And waited some more.

 Lucky was scared of his new pond.

 He walked all the way around it, eyeing it suspiciously.



It took several days until he finally had the courage to try it out.


Now we can’t get him out of it!

I don’t know the first thing about raising ducks.  I’ve been reading any and everything I can.  I’ve been assuming that Lucky was a Mallard, now I’m pretty sure he is not.  I’m thinking he is actually a Wood Duck.  I still don’t know what sex he is – duh I call him he but maybe Lucky is a she.

  It matters not, what sex or breed, we are just happy that Lucky is growing and appears to be healthy.  The plan is to move Lucky out to the Koi pond at about week 8-9, we are at week 5 as of this post.  Lucky needs to be able to fly to protect himself and that is the age they are supposed to know how to fly.  In the next few weeks when flying lessons begin in my living room I can only imagine what that will be like…



Thank you for being here today.



8 thoughts on “Family, Farm and Food

  1. Lyn perrin says:

    Love your stories. I’m envious of the fruit and deserts you make .
    Love your chicken stories , the new duck etc.
    What a wonderful place


    1. Hi Lyn – those fruit cobblers are so easy, I only do easy. But thank you for saying so. I’ll post a link one day to my sort of recipe – it is totally made up and no two are ever alike. It is so nice to hear you enjoy the animal stories. We feel very fortunate to live this life at this wonderful place, we are very fortunate! Thank you for taking time to leave a message. Have a great day. xo kim


  2. says:

    Ah Kimmie, you just make me LAFF. Ohmystars, that paragraph about dragging the kiddie pool in the living room and filling that sucker up. Too delicious!!!! Maybe if I was less rational, I’d have more followers. Your reddish orange chicken is so pretty. Love it that the Universe sent you the chicken nests just when you needed them. Like the new look of the blog, too!


  3. Miss Linda – Less rational really? I know you have your moments, shiny penny, fringe and pink flamingo gardening in your nekidness moments – askew moon moments. You definitely have it in you to be less rational – you just got to put it out there. Are you sayin’ my readers are crazy? Seriously I don’t have any idea why people read blogs or what makes them follow and even less how to get them engaged enough to share their thoughts. Thank God for you and your observant eye – I knew you would notice my new look – thanks for saying so. Also thank you for sending that lovely article – she is one of my flower farming heros. I’m off to have another less than a rational moment. xo kim


  4. Lisa Meyer says:

    I can’t wait to see pictures of you teaching Lucky to fly. 😉


    1. Lisa you got that all wrong – Lucky is going to teach me how to fly. LOL photos to follow. Xo kim


  5. DA Squires says:

    Swooning… this post is scrumptious (how could it be otherwise with the prize-winning blueberry pie as prologue?) Your lucky duckling is beyond adorable and beyond lucky… and I cannot wait for the next chapter!! (But have to admit a part of me wishes Lucky could paddle around in your living room forever…safe and sound…)
    Best of luck with the flying lessons (to you and Lucky : )
    PS I had a minor baking disaster over the Fourth, leaving out one ingredient which I spied as I was putting two cake tins INTO the oven. HMMM. Rewind and start over. BUT so worth it… a lovely blogger (Posie Gets Cozy) recently posted an amazing chocolate cake and frosting recipe (Cloudburst Frosting–the perfect name)…decorated with strawberries and blueberries and served cold… a wonderful dessert


  6. Debra says:

    A duck in the living room-of course. We are kindred spirits. I raised a mallard that way, then released her in a wildlife sanctuary. It was one of the hardest things I ever did on my life. She was used to laying on my chest and watching TV with me. She’d hiss that tiny little hiss at my husband if he got too close. And she loved our son-only about 10 months old at that time, and would carefully but gleefully nibble his little toes-to the delight of our son!
    The pie looks so good-I wish I could have a slice. as always-it’s a joy to be here…


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