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Scenes from around the farm this week.

I’ll admit, this post is full of so many photos, it is a bit ridiculous.




















A different turtle – eating dog poop – who knew?







Peach picking time.  


Chicken help.




Dottie and her chicks supervised.




Simply the best peaches we have had from anywhere in years.  No, I’m not just saying that because we grew them.

 They are pesticide free, but not blemish free.

 I put a few out at the farm stand for sale.


Farmhouse Renovation update

Weatherseal came out to do the insulation and sound proofing this week.  It took 3 different crews, three long, stinky hot miserable days for them to complete.



Day one and crew one sprayed the closed cell foam up on the roof and in between the floor joists.   This stuff stinks beyond words.  I know I lost a few brain cells this week.

 We were only in the area for a few seconds, long enough to snap a few photos.

This is the walk-in shower that is up under the eaves.


The special suits that they wear have a hose attached that pump fresh air directly in for them to breathe.

After the foam is sprayed in between the rafters and ceiling joists – they come back with this large knife thingy and scrape it all down to make it level, so that when the sheet rock is installed there is an even surface to work with.


 It was in the 90’s all week extremely miserable conditions, the chemicals in the foam produce heat and add an extra 10-20 degrees inside.

The AC system had to be shut down and all the windows in the house open to let the fumes out.


Master bathroom

The next day, another crew came and installed the sound proofing.

All the green is the sound proofing.  Sound proofing is on interior walls and a double layer in the ceiling between the second and first floor.






The master bedroom looking out to back porch.



Master bedroom the doorway to the left leads into the bathroom.

Master bedroom to left – bathroom to the right.

This will be the new hall bathroom to replace the existing bathroom.


Hall bathroom.  Toilet to the left, vanity to the right.


Storage area for the bathroom is under the eaves.


The entire downstairs addition will be for Father Cottage.




This is his living room.  The doorway to the left leads to the bedroom.  The doorway to the right leads to his kitchen.

View from the living room looking out toward his back porch.


This is his kitchen.  The sink will be under the window.  Doorway to the right looks into his living room.

This is his bedroom.  The sound proofing is in the ceiling – two layers.

Sound proofing in walls between bedroom and bathroom and living room.


Hallway in the bedroom leads to closet straight ahead and bathroom to the right.


Bathroom – vanity area to the right and straight ahead is the linen closet.

On the third day, another crew came and they sprayed cellulose on all the exterior walls.  The entire process is a well-orchestrated tangle of hoses and pumps, whirling banging stinking, loud messy I’m so glad this is over.


Here is the completed process, the gray on exterior walls is the cellulose, the green interior walls is rock wool sound proofing and the yellow on the ceiling and joists is closed cell foam.



The next step is to call for the inspection on the insulation if we pass then we can move on to the installation of sheet rock.

Slowly, ever so slowly we are getting along with this journey.




Thank you for being here today.

9 thoughts on “Farmhouse renovation update July 2017

  1. Debra says:

    I love the sweet logo you have. You are brave-going thru all that and still living in the house at the same time! I was wondering something that is totally off topic-but I think you should have greeting cards made of your photos and sell them at the stand, and here on your blog. I have to say, I would for sure buy some.


    1. Hey Debra – that is funny you mention the logo – I was actually thinking of contacting you to see if I could hire you to paint a custom logo for me. I want a mermaid wearing a wreath of flowers in her hair and carrying a chicken in her arms… I actually do have greeting cards and I have put them in the stand to sell and there has been no interest. I also was thinking of putting them somewhere here on the site to sell, but I don’t have my Etsy shop open anymore – I don’t want to mess with it and not sure otherwise how to try to sell from the wordpress site. It probably cost me more than I would want to spend to have that option. You are so kind and supportive – thank you as always. xxoo k


      1. Debra says:

        Oh, your faith in my art ability is so kind! I am terrible with human (or mermaid) figures….I think the logo you have is gorgeous….

        Liked by 1 person

  2. DA Squires says:

    Your renovation is so impressive, Kim! Loved the photo tour– looks perfectly designed, and I’m sure will be well worth all the effort. (I did have my eyes peeled for a permanent indoor mini duck pond : ) : ) Your photos are always gorgeous–the peach tree is magnificent. REALLY wish I lived close enough to shop at your farm stand!! Miss hummingbirds in FL–they just migrate through (in a blink of the eye) and don’t linger. And–I love your idea of “a flower-adorned mermaid carrying a chicken” logo–it is perfect for you!

    PS If you can email me your address again (I must have deleted w/o writing it down) I want to send you my first book…I know you will enjoy the story : ) And can’t wait until you read the chapter ‘Cooped Up’ in Fantastic Tails!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I know right, we must have a permanent indoor pond for Lucky! I wonder if Dad would mind if we put it in his living room? I feel so fortunate to have such kind supporters from afar. Wonder how I could get some local love? I keep putting it out there… We have a place in Southwest Fl, we don’t get to go there very often but when we do, I have in the past hung hummingbird feeders hoping to attract them. According to my Florida guide, there are different varieties there than what we have here in VA and I would love to see them. I’ll keep trying. I’m hoping the flower mermaid will be someday… You are so kind sharing your wonderful stories with me. xo kim


  3. Lisa Meyer says:

    As always, the photos are stunning. I know you and the mister Cottages are very excited to get this renovation done. Father Cottage is going to have a great suite with a fabulous view 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Lisa – seems like this whole process has taken a very long time and we aren’t anywhere near completion. All of us are anxious to move on with our lives in our new completed space. It is a matter of money at this point. Never enough of it. HA HA Thanks for popping in as always, xo kim


  4. says:

    Love the photo of the sunflower under the red outdoor light and that is one HUGE peach tree. I am truly envious. Of course, I always enjoy a critter report — Dottie and her chicklits. Glad to see progress is being made on Father Cottage’s end of the house.


    1. Hi Linda – I too like that sunflower under the glowing red light – I like all the colors together. I was thinking of cutting that peach tree down earlier this spring – we have never harvested fruit from it. In the past it has had maybe a dozen peaches and they are either rotten or the deer eat them before us. I need that space to expand the hen house. Now the peach tree has a reprieve. We are all growing old and tired of the house construction. xo kim


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