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Our Lucky is growing.  He is now practicing flying in the house.

Soon we will have to make a difficult decision about his future.  What a wonderful thing it has been including him in our furry and feathered family.




















It is a tradition that I make a German chocolate cake for Mr. Cottage on his birthday. Another trip around the sun and another cake was made.

Here is the recipe I use for German chocolate cake.  








Sunday marked the 3rd anniversary of my mom’s passing.  Funny how time stands still and flies by in the blink of an eye all at the same time.

 Time doesn’t ease all pain, it just repositions it.


A vintage horror story describes our current bathroom!

I’ve always wanted a nice bathroom.  By nice, I mean one that you can sit on the throne and not knock your knees on the vanity.  A bathroom big enough that you can stand in and dry off after you shower or that you don’t have to turn sideways to squeeze through to get to the sink.  Don’t even get me started on the cracked plaster walls, the peeling paint and the bathtub that is original to the house from 1930 – and not in a good character kind of way.

  I always get a kick out of people on those home improvement shows talking about how awful their bathroom is, or the house hunters that must have double sinks and fancy this and fancy that.  My thoughts have been, you have to be kidding me.  If they saw my bathroom, they would pass out cold.  Really, it is that bad.  But that is what we have and we have lived with it for over 25 years and would have done so another 25 if not propelled into this whole house change.

Now I get to dream a little.


Future master bathroom with said runner in place – just sos I could get a feel for it.


I purchased this floor runner at Goodwill recently.  It was rolled up outside out and taped and strung together so that it could not be opened and looked at.  DUH – what idiot did that?  I could tell that the tassels at the end were tied to perfection and in excellent condition leading me to believe it was of good quality and not some cheapo rug.  It passed the smell test and rather than go through the trouble of trying to undue the tape and string I decided that for a couple bucks – I would take a chance and I hopefully would be pleasantly surprised. So I purchased the rug sight unseen.  I thought it was just a small door mat sized rug, but when I got home and I unrolled it I realized it was a runner, I was like wow jack pot!

I’m beginning to think of our house renovation/addition as being a real thing and I’m able to start having a decorating vision for my spaces.  I’ve chosen a vanity for the master bathroom.  The home improvement store calls the vanity paint color – cyan.  The small accent color in the rug is a perfect match – at least on the print out from the computer – who knows in person.


Anyway, the plan is to use this rug in front of the vanity.  My design style for the bathroom is vintage eclectic farmhouse bohemian with coastal influences.  Yes, I totally made that up.

I like to repurpose what I have or what I have found, not just because I’m on a tight budget.  I really prefer items with character and history and a story to tell.

All about the mirrors.

I have this thing for vintage mirrors, apparently, my mother did also.  I thought a fun way to use our mirror collections would be to create a collage over the bathroom vanity.

Oh, and Mr. Cottage did some work years ago for a customer who removed all the old lights in the house, including a lovely chandelier – which she gave to him.  I’ve been holding on to it all this time.  It will go in the new bathroom because it is totally ridiculous and over the top to have a chandelier in the loo and I’m not above that.

  Here are some photos that are inspiring me.

Pinterest, how I love your ideas.









Oh, swoon!  I love the white beadboard, that gray paint with the white and the ironstone with snapdragon and those mirrors!


One of my favorite mirrors is out in the hen-house, I just may have to confiscate it from the girls.


Well, that’s all for today.



Thank you for being here.

11 thoughts on “farmhouse bathroom a vintage horror story

  1. tbnranch says:

    Thanks for sharing, fun post.


    1. Thank you and thanks for stopping by and leaving a message. xo kim


  2. Debra says:

    I know what you mean about those complainers on the home dec shows that poopoo things I would LOVE to have in my home! Good grief!
    I do love your runner-you made a real score there. Your colors are fab too.
    Some day I may ask permission to do some paintings from your photos, or buy the right to-whatever is proper for you. And then I’d love to send you a painting. Since I don’t have chickens, and yours are so lovely-I think it would be a great match….


    1. Debra – those youngin’s that feel entitled to have it all when they are just starting out crack me up. Debra permission is given – I would love and be honored to have any art work from you or even if it didn’t live in my home just the thought of my girls and life being represented by your fine abilities makes me happy. Wishing often that my finances were better so that I could purchase many of the things you make because they speak to my heart. You must consider my chickens your extended family. xo kim


      1. Debra says:

        Oh Joy!!!! I can’t wait! I will look at your blog and capture a few photos-I’m hopping up and down on the inside, just thinkin’ about painting some of your photos-flower photos too! Oh thank you!!!!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Pam Kaufman says:

    I love old mirrors too and have a small collection. I have been enjoying your posts on the remodel and look forward to seeing your house when its done. Actually I enjoy all your posts! Lucky is such a pretty duck. I feel a little sad she is going to have to possibly leave the house. She looks so happy all the time! But I do understand it has to be a little difficult having a duck in the house lol!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pam how are you? Thanks for the feedback about the posts – it always makes me feel good to know that someone is enjoying what I put out there. Having Lucky in our home has been a big adventure and I wouldn’t trade it for anything. However, a duck belongs outside and I can’t wait to share with my readers about the next stage. xo kim


  4. DA Squires says:

    Having written a story about birds roosting, flying–living– indoors, needless to say I love thinking about Lucky’s indoor flying lessons and looking forward to reading a progress report : ) You are an amazing mama, Kim…such a darling, lucky duck : ) Just wishing he/she could remain a lifetime member of the Red Dirt Farm extended family…
    Your master bath design inspirations are divine! Adore the collage of old mirrors (but if you reclaim the gilded mirror from the girls’ coop, you MUST hang another for the ladies : ) I’m sure it will be worth the wait (and the red runner w/ teal highlights was meant to be yours).
    So happy some of your photos will be the inspiration for artistic renderings…they are all gorgeous, I would not know which to pick!!


    1. I think if you saw Lucky flying around the house, you would be inspired to write another wonderful chapter! Having a duck flying around the living room was crazy for sure – in a wow that was cool kind of way. If I do take the mirror from the girls there will be a replacement for sure. I’m giddy with excitement thinking of Debra painting my life in any form. So cool. Lucky is on to another adventure in the next post. xo kim


  5. says:

    Always lots of great photographs. I wonder if Lucky realizes he’s the luckiest duck in the world? So pampered. Love the new vanity. My brother bought a huge one from Amazon when he was renovating last year. Who would have thought it?


    1. Linda – thanks for the photo compliment. I will post about Lucky’s new adventure soon. I swear you can buy anything online. Generally, I don’t enjoy shopping and I hate crowds, but still, there is something about seeing an object in person before purchasing that I prefer. Very limited options for bathroom vanities in the stores locally, that I can afford so online it is.


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