Farmhouse renovation August 2017

 I felt as though I spent most of the week holding my breath and waiting for the other shoe to drop.  A tear or two may have fallen.

How was your week?

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lucky – a bittersweet goodbye

This is the post that I had planned to share today.

We loaded up the car with our precious cargo and headed out.

Rockfish Wildlife Sanctuary was our destination.

After 8 weeks of caring for our little Wood duck, we named Lucky the time had come to move him to a facility that could prepare him for the next big adventure – life in the wild.  Coming to the place in my heart of accepting that it would be best for Lucky to live in the wild with other wood ducks was easy and very hard and it hurt.  Knowing in my head and having my heart accept it just made me sad.

From the beginning we agreed, that as soon as Lucky learned to fly, he would be able to be on his.  The last two weeks he was with us, he entertained us with his flying lessons.  Short low flights in the beginning and towards the end of his time with us ceiling height flights around the living room, through the front hall back into the kitchen and the back hall.  He had grown quite skillful and learned how to duck the lights, the kitchen cabinets, and other objects in his path.  It was time for him to be outdoors.

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our broken community

A state of emergency was declared by the governor of Virginia yesterday.

It has been my policy to keep politics and religion off my blog.  I choose to make my posts pleasant, and positive.  While there are times that I share personal difficulties and unpleasant life events here it is because I don’t want to present a false impression that my life and home are picture perfect, they are not.  Still, I prefer to keep this a place for you all to come and read about good things, see pretty pictures and join in positive conversations.  Today, I stray off topic a bit.

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it catches in my throat

So, I was going to write a post this week about Lucky ducky.  Many of you have joined along on my journey to care for this little creature; I wanted to share what was next for him.

 But, I can’t now.

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