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I think if I start an all girl band, that’s what I’m gonna name the group.
















I snapped these photos from the backseat as we zipped past the farms and meandered through the lovely countryside.  We even found a little honor system farm stand in the middle of nowhere.


Back home…































How about that eclipse.

Did y’all see or not see the solar eclipse?   In our neck of the woods, it was most disappointing.  It barely got dark and all the animals acted as they always do and so did we –  well, except for walking around wearing welding helmets and a pitch fork thing.


I see the moon and the moon sees me.

 My dad used to sing that to me when I was a little girl.


For as long as I can remember, I have had a thing for all things moon.  The first piece of jewelry Mr. Cottage gave to me over thirty years ago, was a gold lady in the moon necklace.  I still wear it almost every day.


I found this envelope down in the floor joist, where Mr. Cottage opened up the old part of the house to the new addition.  I wondered…


Who was Lottie Moon?

Turns out she and the women in her family were quite fascinating, leading the way for women in many arenas.  Lottie Moon was a local, born right here in our neighboring county, of Albemarle.

Charlotte Digges “Lottie” Moon was a Southern Baptist missionary to China with the Foreign Mission Board who spent nearly 40 years living and working in China. Wikipedia
BornDecember 12, 1840, Albemarle County, Virginia, VA
DiedDecember 24, 1912, Port of Kobe, Japan
Lottie Moon the Missionary.  Lottie Moon the Broody Hen.
 Striking resemblance. – Just sayin’.
About the time I found this envelope, we had our first non-Buff Orpington hen, go broody.  She is a Delaware – a heritage breed chicken.  We have four of them, only one had a name at that point, Minny Pearl.  The other three I have just been calling Miss Delaware.  Somehow, it seemed once one of them went broody, she needed a real name.  Lottie Moon was a timely discovery, and so our broody girl got named.  Miss Lottie Moon is setting on 8 eggs, as of the last check.  We should have little moon chicks running amuck in about two more weeks.
Moon Flowers 
I also have this complete fascination for Moon Flowers – Ipomoea alba a tropical climbing vine.  You might say I’m moon struck. Bwaa HA HA – I crack myself up.  Moon flowers enchant me from their heart-shaped leaves to their twisty soft-serve ice cream style buds to their trumpet-shaped flowers that only bloom in the evening when everything else has closed up tight for the night.  The seed packets say they are fast growing and quick blooming, maybe in the tropics  – because I plant the seeds early in the spring and then I wait and wait.  Then I wait some more and finally just as summer is winding down, they finally bloom.  White magic, lightly scented and totally romantic in the take a walk under the glow of the moon kind of way.
I wanted to name our place Moon Flower Cottage at Red Dirt Farm, but that seemed a mouthful.


Well, that’s all for today.  Thanks for being here.

Pray for Texas



14 thoughts on “Lottie Moon and the Moon Flowers

  1. Gerri says:

    I actually remember giving to Lottie Moon Missions! ❤️❤️


    1. Hi Gerri – that’s great, I was hoping someone out there knows of her mission work and might say so. Thank you. I enjoy finding treasures around our place from the past and those that lived here before us and then learning from those bits and pieces. Have a great day. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Caroline says:

    Always love your pics and stories! Will have to ride by one day to see the updates. Hope you guys are doing well 🙂


    1. Hi Caroline – so nice to hear from you. We are holding our own, although Charles is having more surgery tomorrow – this one hopefully will be less difficult. Stop by and say hello next time you are in our neck of the woods. Hello to Phil. xo kim


      1. Caroline says:

        We’ll be thinking of you guys and hope all goes well – xo

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Debra says:

    Hello my friend! Love this post-and the pictures, of course. You can make poke weed look glorious!


    1. 🙂 you make rain – shine. Loving my Stanley Roo.! xo kim


  4. DA Squires says:

    I don’t know what I like the most about this post… it is so peaceful and meandering…and funny (the photo of the two Most Prepared Eclipse Watchers Ever– this could win some kind of award :)… and over the moon about Lottie Moon’s story (I, too, love the moon… a man-in-the-moon face presided over my grandmother’s kitchen and makes an appearance in TTS, and I’ve always told my daughter, ‘I love you more than the moon and the stars…’ and one of my favorite songs is Moon River…) and the broodiness of one feathered beauty (what a wonderful word–broody)…and the basket of watercolor eggs and the honor system stand (‘Cooped Up’ will speak to your heart–hope you’ll dive back in soon!)…. it is such a treat to have a bird’s eye view into the beauty around and within Moon Flower Cottage (love this, too).
    And yes, prayers for Texas…


    1. That was our version of American Gothic! HA HA If I put it in writing then it is no longer a secret – but a little secret is that I have problems with my vision and so reading is often a very difficult thing for me. Taking photos and writing my blog and reading other blogs, take a toll on my eyes and then I find it hard to do other things. I want you to know it isn’t that I’m not interested in the books, it just is a hard thing to do. So, I make priorities. There my secret is out, shh don’t tell. I do look forward to them… xo kim


      1. DA Squires says:

        Dear Kim… you are so wonderful to make the effort…it is always amazing what we assume and take for granted and do not know about others… if these stories ever take off, I want to do audible books… such a great way to hear a story, especially long ones. If push comes to shove, you could read ‘Cooped Up’ stand alone : ) YOUR coop and flower/egg stand were the inspiration…most people don’t understand how important real world inspirations are in the creation of a fictional world…xo Debbie


  5. says:

    Dear Lottie Moon – I enjoyed the snaps from your country drive. That one building is practically on the road. It’s probably been there longer than the road. Pray tell, why is the chair out in the middle of nowhere? Got a kick out of you and Mr. Cottage in your welding hats with pitchfork. I would like some blue eggs to show up in my egg cartons — soooo pretty.


    1. I’d be willing to bet that you are correct about that building being there long before the road. Many moons ago, while traveling I had to make a pit stop. Mr. Cottage pulled over to a little country store and inquired about the ladies room. Outback in the wooden building replied the old country man. Sure enough, there was the outhouse, through the tall grass out yonder. well, I had to go, so inside I went. Not noticing in my hurry that the outhouse was smack dab next to a railroad track. I pulled down my pants started doing my business and the next thing I knew, the building started moving and shaking this train comes barreling down the track full steam ahead with all the whistles blowing. I thought I was going to die. I almost ran out of there without completing the task or pulling up my britches. It truly scared the life out of me. Mr. Cottage was on the ground howling – to this day when we travel and I say I gotta go, he says he will stop at the first outhouse he finds.

      The chair is in the middle of nowhere just so you will ask me why it is there.

      I’ll bring the blue eggs when I come for the tour.

      xo kim


  6. Sarah says:

    We had an eclipse many years ago and your experience sounds similar to ours. I love the story behind naming your chicken! The devastation in Texas is dreadful, so many homes will be affected for many months to come, my thoughts are with them. Sarah


    1. Hi Sarah – We were somehow under the impression that there would be more to this eclipse, glad we didn’t pay an admission fee! LOL I have way too much fun naming our chicks. Mr. Cottage joins in on the fun too – a family affair. I believe you are right, the flooding in Texas will continue to impact these people for a very long time, it simply is devastating to see. Makes me count my blessings xo kim


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