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We consider ourselves truly blessed since we have two places we call home. 




Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida on September 10, 2017.  We had sleepless nights and days full of angst waiting and wondering what she would do to our home away from home nearly a 1000 miles away.  When we heard our house was still standing with minor damage, we breathed a sigh of relief, but wouldn’t feel completely at ease until we saw it for ourselves.

  We made the trip down to Florida from Virginia on September 20th.   We saw things that made our hearts sad and heard many stories from folks; some lucky too, and some not so much.  We saw convoys of literally thousands of power company trucks en route and heard heartbreaking stories of linemen losing their lives while trying to restore power to our Florida neighbors.

  We immediately got to work making house repairs and cleaning up debris from around the yard.

Our neighborhood was in a mandatory evacuation zone, however many of our neighbors did not evacuate.  Most have said they will not stay again in the event of another hurricane.  Our home is one of the oldest homes in the neighborhood, newer homes built with stricter hurricane codes, did not fair as well as our home.

It is a long road to recovery for many people.  We are grateful.










Next time, back on the farm.


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5 thoughts on “Hurricane Irma – we are Florida Strong

  1. LaDy says:

    I’m glad you’re home away from home fared well.


  2. says:

    We ran around for a week telling each other how blessed we were. Damage was small other than trees down. We still have two widowmakers that haven’t come down. I’m praying about that. The clean-up has been massive. The Mayor is asking everyone to be patient about debris pick-up; he hopes to have all the trees/limbs from the curbs by mid-November and is using additional claw trucks from other states. Ours got picked up early (a miracle we don’t understand) and then along comes a northeaster that caused more to go to the curb. The weather has been a REAL challenge since September 1st. So glad Mr. Cottage has the skills to fix your Florida home himself.


  3. DA Squires says:

    So glad to hear this, Kim! I have been wondering how your FL house fared…I find it interesting that newer homes built to code were less stalwart… I like to think older is sometimes better : ) Looking forward to the next farm update and your beautiful photos!!


  4. Sarah says:

    I did wonder whether your Florida home had been affected, you must have been so relieved. Sarah x


  5. Debra says:

    Oh dear sweetie-I’m glad your place is okay…..You and your hubby are wonderful. I love you guys. 🙂


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