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These are the days of autumn.  Forecasters in our area say that the leaf color this year will be somewhat lackluster.

We turn the heat on at night and the AC on during the day – crazy.  Me, I’m holding on to the warm weather as long as I can and dancing in the gardens with the last of the flowers.  The light that sparkles off the morning dew and streams through the ornamental grasses makes my garden feel like my own private cathedral.








































The Behemoth.

Seems to be all about compromise.

  I’m referring to our new refrigerator that arrived this week.  I call it the behemoth.  If you look in the photo with the bats dancing above the refrigerator you’ll see what I mean.  It sticks out way beyond the counter and the cabinets.  Yes, we knew this was going to be the case when we ordered it.  This thing is so big it has its own zip code.  Seems refrigerator choices around here are like this – way too much or way too little.   These were the options available, the fancy pants refrigerator or a stripped down not enough space inside that actually cost more.  The refrigerator I wanted would not be available until Thanksgiving – I had already gone two weeks without a refrigerator I couldn’t stand it longer.  We found a few months ago,  when we had to replace the dishwasher, that because of all those silly ninnies on those home improvement shows that have to have stainless steel, that the rest of us that don’t want to follow trends are forced to go there because otherwise, you have to pay extra to get a white appliance and you have to wait extra long for it because it is a special order.  So now I’m a slave to design trends and smudged fingerprints.  So now we have a fancy pants refrigerator, AND the water dispenser drips. UGH.

Seriously, I’m so happy to have one again, you don’t know how much you rely on them until they aren’t functioning.

End of rant.

Farmhouse renovation.

There really isn’t a lot to say about the progress, other than Mr. Cottage is spending all his spare time with a paintbrush and roller.

We are searching for someone who does tile work at a reasonable rate.  The first estimate was so high, that we are either going into the bank robbing business, or we will be learning how to do our own tiling.


Red Dirt Farm Stand.

Let’s talk about the chicken farming business.  Last week, Linda made a comment about the number of chickens she counted in one of my photos.  Which meant I had to confess to hoarding that I am officially a chicken farmer.  Just for the record, we have 70+ and counting, as Miss Daisy will be a mom again soon, and I have no idea how many she is on.  Anyway, I set out to grow my little enterprise, chicken and flower farming.  I have been trying not to rush into anything too big and yet I wanted to expand the offerings available to make it more appealing.

Weather and broken equipment prevented me from growing more flowers this year.  As you know, I’ve been pretty disappointed in the lack of interest with my cut flowers.  However, I haven’t given up.  Egg sales had been good, and I could justify adding more chickens to keep up with the demand for eggs.  Sometime along the way, the egg sales started dropping.  Linda asked if I had enough sales to cover the cost of feeding as many chickens as I have.  The answer has been yes –  until she asked that question I had been comfortable with the math.  Then I started thinking about it and realized hey my sales are down.  I’m not feeling good about this.

We have accumulated a lot of materials from the house renovation to repurpose, and people have donated their old windows and such to our someday permanent farm stand.  Time hasn’t been in our favor to build such a structure.  As winter approaches, it has been on my mind that I can’t keep the tents up during bad weather, and I’m not sure I want to have a cooler full of eggs on my porch again like I did last winter.  I’ve saved all the money that has come in from my sales and I’ve thought about purchasing a small pre-fab building until we can build our own.  Linda’s comment has had me thinking and I’ve kind of been a little discouraged, business isn’t growing.  I don’t feel I can justify spending the money on putting up a building.  To further dampen my spirits there were two separate incidents of people being unkind towards our little stand this week.

Anyway, in life and business, there are ups and downs, that’s just the way it goes.  I was hoping to have built more interest and a little building by now.

The past two days I have had a significant increase in sales and I have even sold a few flower bouquets, go figure.

 Early this morning I saw the sweetest post on my Red Dirt Farm stand Facebook page, of the cutest little girl holding a bouquet of flowers from our farm.  Made my heart swell.




Well, that’s all for today, Thank you for being here today.


8 thoughts on “cool nights warm days in my own private cathedral

  1. pennross says:

    Photos are full of peace. Just lovely.


    1. Thank you, Penny. It makes me feel good to know someone feels what I was feeling when I took the photos. Thanks for stopping in. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  2. DA Squires says:

    These photos make me long for fall…I’ve been decorating madly inside and out for fall and Halloween, but it will NEVER feel the same as New England… I think that’s what people do in FL–overcompensate with holiday décor. My dream is to have a tiny cottage in the woods in western CT, which is intensifying because I’m reading the soul-nourishing Stillmeadow books by Gladys Taber. She lived in a farmhouse built in 1690 in Southbury, CT and was a wonderful observer of the natural world… if you’ve seen the classic (black and white) movie, ‘Christmas in Connecticut’, she was the inspiration (with a generous helping of fictional embellishment).

    So hard to read about the struggles with the farm stand… it is a vanishing country roadside TREASURE… I would adore being able to stop by regularly!! While I certainly understand the dollars and cents aspect, I’m rooting for you and your charming, wonderful farm stand : )


    1. Oh DA, that dream of a tiny cottage in the woods, sounds so delightful. But then I think of the cold and the snow and not so much. Even though I don’t care for cold weather the changing of seasons is such a wonderful thing. I have come to notice the subtle changes in the weather in South West Florida, during the seasons, I suppose it is more noticeable in other parts of the state. We were tickled to overhear locals talking while we in Florida recently how it smelled like fall in the air. We did not notice a difference, and to us, fall smells like wood stoves burning – not a scent for that area.

      Christmas in CT is one of my all-time favorite movies, I watch it over and over each Christmas. I’m a big fan of Barbara Stanwyck movies. I had no idea it was based on Gladys Taber. I had to look her up and yes her writings sound like I would really enjoy them. I’m so glad you shared this with me. I saw where Susan Branch is a big fan and is quite inspired by her also.

      The farm stand will be what it will be…

      xo kim


  3. Pam Kaufman says:

    Don’t be discouraged. Everything has it’s ups and downs. Things will pick up!


    1. Pam – I appreciate your enthusiasm and hope it spreads. It is a nice thought and I would much rather remain optimistic. Occasionally I get lost in negative thoughts, but usually not for long. Thanks for sharing. xo kim


  4. Debra says:

    I must add that I am also a huge fan of Gladys Taber-have been for years and years. Her books take me right into the seasons. They are a mix of recipes and the funny goings-on of her old farm house, her thoughts about politics and country and her beloved animals. I just love to read her books!
    I love your photos, as always. I feel loved when I see them. There should be an italics on the word ‘loved’ because your blog is full of your own animal antics and heartfelt stories, and your take on what’s happening in the world. I’m glad you are an honest blogger-not one of those do-gooders that can’t stand to rant now and then. Gimmee a break!!!!
    I do hope you will wait out your frustration of lower sales….I sure wish I could drive down and visit you!


  5. says:

    Great photos, again. Loved the glass doorknob – a blast from the past. When I saw your locked Honor Box, I wondered “What do people do when they need change?” I’m glad you got some love on Facebook to vanquish the unkind words regarding the stand. Will send good thoughts to your stand.


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