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Here is a mermaid tale that starts out in Florida and makes its way back to Virginia.

Meet Lulu.


Is it ok if I share a long post today?


Over the years, during visits to Florida, I’ve been photographing Miss Lulu.   However, I just learned her name this past visit; when we were in Florida to clean up after Hurricane Irma.

  Like clockwork, between 3:00 – 4:00 every afternoon she makes her rounds.  She will come to the Lanai cage and look inside to see what we are up to and to visit with That Cat.  She stands on her hind legs and cups her front paws together leaning against the screen, peering inside.   It is beyond cute.  In recent years she had babies and they would tag along doing as momma did.  At night the critter cam would capture their antics too.  One particular visit I was awoken in the morning by a phone call telling me of my mom’s passing. I spent time that day losing my thoughts in as many was as I could, including watching Lulu feeding on the birdseed I put out.  That day, Lulu arrived early and stayed for a long time, not keeping to her regular schedule.  It was as if she knew I needed her to keep me distracted.

This past September, I found Lulu in our garage one day, I knew she was looking for food.  I noticed she was much thinner and did not have any babies.  I wondered if she lost her babies during the hurricane and was she having a hard time finding food.  The golf course where our house is located had been closed since the hurricane, and Lulu was accustomed to getting food that the golfers left.

Mr. Cottage mentioned to one of the neighbors that she had been in the garage and that is when we learned her name is Lulu.  Apparently one of the other neighbors had named her and she hand feeds Lulu bananas, they are her favorite.  After learning this, I put bananas out for her, they were gone when I checked, but I did not see Lulu eat them.











I took the following photos looking out through the Lanai screen, so they aren’t very clear.  These photos were taken a few years ago, Lulu and her babies.  The babies loved playing with the wind chimes hanging in the mahogany tree.









Sometime last year, I started playing with turning my photographs into watercolor images – totally through mermaid magic, because I am not a gifted painter.  As I often do, I left these unfinished projects for another time.  Recently, my screen saver brought up this watercolor image of Lulu.   I felt the time had come for me to move forward with those images.  I decided I would start by making some note cards and then move on from there.



An early morning doctor’s appointment brought me into town on Monday, someplace I rarely go anymore.  After my appointment, I treated myself to some creative time.  First I spent an hour in the bookstore and purchased some inspirational magazines.  While there I was pleased to see a spread in Haute Handbags Magazine of my friend Folk Artist Debra’s creative work.  That was lovely to see.  I then went over to the craft store where I lost myself strolling up and down the aisles looking at this, that, and everything in-between.  I purchased materials to make cards with my images.  I treated myself to a chicken sandwich and headed home full of inspiration.

Magazines that are inspiring me at this time include Daphne’s Diary – oh the beautiful watercolor images combined with lovely photos – swoon.  Where Women Create Business – inspirational stories from women following their creative muse and making a business out of it. And finally from Flow – 19 Days of Mindfulness, to help me quiet my mind and find my inner creative self – who has been on leave for a very long time and it is time she came back.

I’ve enjoyed making these cards this week and I’ve even sold a few of them already.






































That’s all for today.  Thanks for being here.

11 thoughts on “lulu and the watercolors

  1. DA Squires says:

    I believe that animals have an innate sense of who will be kind to them, and Lulu found you…and even brought her babies to your yard… they just know where they will be safe. I LOVE the watercolor cards you are making… will they be for sale via your blog? I checked and the note is ‘Coming Soon’… finding your creative self again is so important, Kim. It is essential. It is where the heart is happiest. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DA, I often wonder at the things we don’t know or understand about animals. There seems to be so much that we can learn from them if we just open our minds to it. I find it so easy to give myself to those creatures. I’m still in the coming soon mode. I’m not quite sure how to proceed with pricing – that is always a tough one because shipping has to be accounted for etc. I’m not good at the business side, but yes that is the plan. I’ve been out of touch with my joyful creative soul and finding the right place and method is a process. Hearing feedback is very helpful. Thank you. xo kim


  2. Debra says:

    Your cards are lovely. You are certainly tapped into that creative self-I’m so happy to see that side of you beyond the gorgeous photos you already take. Yea!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Debra – I’m tapping into my creative side to help me work through those things that aren’t so pleasant in life. Those ups and downs and the tides of creativity are life. You know what I’m talking about. Thanks for your support. It was awesome seeing your work in Haute magazine – yea for you. xo kim


  3. Lisa says:

    I love that That Cat is helping you with your cards. Adding a little extra love to them 🙂 They look great!


    1. Ah thanks, Lisa – yes That Cat always helps and sprinkles a little cat hair on all projects. xo kim


  4. Sarah says:

    I wonder what Lulu does when you aren’t there, maybe she misses your house out! Those cards you have made are lovely. Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah – sounds like the neighbors take pretty good care of Lulu, I love that they feed her bananas. I’m so enjoying making the cards, a fun thing indeed. xo kim


  5. Anonymous says:

    Kim, you never cease to amaze me! Your water colors are beautiful. I miss you! Thank you for sharing! Love your blog.



    1. Hi Donna – I miss seeing you too. Have you put out your fall china yet? I was thinking of you when I changed mine out. LOL Thanks for saying hello. xo kim


  6. says:

    Thought your watercolor of Lulu was excellent. Good luck with selling your cards.


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