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I went up in the attic, out to the garage and into the far depths of my studio and pulled out boxes of dusty, crusty moth-eaten, beautiful stuff.



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Mostly just rambling.


Miss Daisy welcomed 10 adopted chicks this week, while still sitting on 8 eggs.  She is one happy hen.  In a prearranged deal with one of my customers, I purchased Easter Egger chicks which Daisy is raising for now.   They will go to their new family in the future. Neither the customer or I wanted as many chicks as the hatchery requires to meet the minimum, so I proposed we split an order.   He agreed, and now I’m a chicken broker.  Yikes, they need to go to their new forever home sooner rather than later, so I don’t get all attached to them, ‘cuz they are soo adorable.

Even though the so-called experts said our fall foliage would not be much this year, I’m loving all the colors.  How is it in your neck of the woods?

I make a lot of homemade pizza, in case y’all didn’t pick up on the fact that there are pizza shots almost weekly.  We switched our crust out to low-carb soft tortillas in recent weeks as we attempt to change our lifestyle with the recent diagnosis of Type 2 Diabetes for Mr. Cottage.

I did not purchase Halloween candy this year, which worked out great, we only had one trick-or-treater.  I managed to come up with some chocolate for him.  No leftover candy for us to be tempted by.

However, temptation always seems to find us.   Mr. Cottage loves cookies – ok all sweets.  My sister made a batch of molasses cookies which she shared.  The mister opted not to have a second slice of pizza so that he could have a cookie.  Compromise.

I was inspired to make homemade breakfast sausage this week.  I haven’t made that in quite some time.  In the past when I made it, I went to the trouble of getting casings and stuffing them; making links.  This time I made it easier for myself and just made patties, getting smarter with my old age.   Oh yum.

Papaya has gone through his first molt.  His new feathers are coming in lush and the colors are amazing.  However, every time I try to take his picture he zips past me and starts flying around like the crazy bird that he is.  The only time he sits still is when I am working on the computer.  He comes and sits on the bench on the porch and looks in the window at me while I work.

Our old smoker gave up the ghost several years ago, and then I turned it into a garden planter.  We have talked about purchasing another one, but there always seemed to be other things we needed more.  Recently we were given a brand new smoker and we are beyond excited.  We missed having one and can’t wait to get smokin’.

Last Thursday there was a thin coating of frost on the front porch steps, I didn’t realize it was there and yep, I went flying through the air, down the steps and out into the gravel.  My pride was hurt as well as my everything else.  So,  I’ve been taking it a little easy this week and working on some crafting projects.

I’ve been bingeing on episodes of Vintage Rehab, while I craft.  If I wasn’t already in the middle of a whole house remodel, I might be tempted.

I come from a family of hoarders, this, combined with my own collecting addiction makes for a pretty sweet treasure trove of vintage crap.  I went up in the attic, out to the garage and into the far depths of my studio and pulled out boxes of dusty, crusty moth-eaten, beautiful stuff.  I got right to work creating, I didn’t set out to only create holiday themes, but it happened.

The sun streaming through the window on to the kitchen table while I worked made it all sparkle.  As always, That Cat helped.

Are your thoughts turning to the holidays?  I reckon they will be here before we know it.


That’s all for today, thanks for being here.



November 5, 2017

20 thoughts on “box full of vintage treasure

  1. pennross says:

    May I please come stay at your house for a few days? When will you open your b&b? I just want to take pictures all day and paint! It looks so cozy and comfortable!

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    1. Many moons ago, I dreamed of running a B&B, I guess that was before the introvert took over. If I wasn’t so weird, and able to get along with people better, I’d love to host an artist retreat and get to spend time with the many wonderful artists and creative souls I’ve met through blogging. Seriously, someone wanting to spend time here is about as nice as a compliment as I could hope for. Thank you. xo kim

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      1. pennross says:

        I have the same introvert issue so I totally get it.

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      2. says:

        Add me to the introvert list.

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  2. Pam Kaufman says:

    Great pictures! I especially love how the cat and dog share a bed and all the chickens on your porch. Glad you didn’t get hurt too badly in your fall. It’s certainly time to be cautious for hidden ice.

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    1. Hey Pam – did you notice in that photo that the cat is bigger than the dog – really he needs to go on a diet, just like the rest of the house. The chickens are always on the porch – leaving me presents. Yep, it will be ice season soon, and then I’ll be locked in my rubber room! xo kim


  3. Lisa says:

    The colors are wonderful! In Texas we have a few things that yellow but mostly we go from green to brown! Always happy to see the happy critters on the farm!

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    1. Hi Lisa – The colors and the light right now are very inspirational. There is a dogwood outside the front window that is red right now, I think it might be my favorite. Critters are happy and that makes me happy. xo kim


  4. msdoolittle says:

    Kim, I laughed at “vintage crap”. I used to have so much of it; in fact, many were just what you have! Little plastic santas, bottle brush trees (I ADORE them), the funky long-leggedy elves, the Safeway spice containers….I did pare down on mine because I didn’t know what to do with it, but I still have some. 😀 Love your crafting!

    We just got back from a vacation in a tiny house AKA “resort cottage”. Husband started talking about opening a tiny house B&B. I’m like, but you can’t stand people. He keeps going on about where we can put the tiny houses. He is introvert extreme, so not sure where that is coming from, but the idea is still a fun one! 😀

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    1. MS Doolittle – sounds like we are kindred collecting spirits! I have a lot of fine crap that I don’t know what to do with, but because of my addiction, I can’t part with it. Then BAM one day it hits me I”ll glue a bottle brush tree and a plastic mushroom on top of it and it is ART! LOL

      There is another show which I just found recently, I can’t remember the name of, but it is a guy in VT that goes around turning sheds and tiny barns and such in peoples backyards (maybe backyard goldmine is the name) into tiny rentals. Way cool, he repurposes old stuff and makes the spaces live large. He then helps the homeowner set up a web page and lists it as a rental. I fell for that one big time, my wheels started turning and I thought hey we can do that. Then I remembered I don’t like people in my space. HA HA – your husband isn’t alone in his weirdness. xo kim

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      1. msdoolittle says:

        I love it! Random Fine Crap Art!!! YES! I ditched Facebook, so now I’m feeling much more crafty these days…might have to whip out the hot glue gun???

        Oh, let me know what he show name is. That sounds like something I’d love to watch. I think it would also be fun to get several vintage trailers and have a Retro Trailer Park. I mean, like the little ones like the Shastas. I think it would be hilarious.


      2. says:

        MsDoolittle — there are women who refurbish those old Shasta trailers and travel together. They dress up, too!

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      3. msdoolittle says:

        Yes! I met some at a Cotton Patch! Sisters On The Fly. They were busy eating, but I told them I loved their trailers.

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  5. Anonymous says:

    Love your post and also the comments! They’re as much fun to read as your post!I had to show my hubby your photos. He knows as much about you as I do-I tried hinting real hard how I’d LOVELOVELOVE to have a peacock…..don’t think that one went over too good:(
    I hope you are all better from your fall-please be careful!!!!
    Are you selling the lovelies that are pictured???I’m going to make little scenes in glass jars-but so far it’s just ideas in my head.
    I love the idea of the trailer rentals and the little houses. I know I could never do it-unless I hung a “Grumpy Person Runs This Place” sign out front!

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    1. Hello my friend, if Charles heard you say you wanted a peacock he would offer to deliver Papaya to your house! OMG what a pain in the you-know-what it is to have peacocks. Still, I love him. Territorial and aggressive. Enough said.
      I don’t know if I will sell these creations or not. Do you think there would be any interest? I too, think of making little “snow globe” type assemblages – in my head. It really feels good to be creating something again.

      The conversations that are happening because of the blogging are really important to me. I enjoy when people read the comments and then comment on others’ thoughts. I like the thought of it being one big conversation, it makes me happy.

      The tiny trailer idea is adorable, I’ve often thought of even getting one to use as my farm stand.
      I like the idea of a grumpy person lives here sign – yep that’s me.

      And yes, I often think how much I would enjoy meeting in person and hosting a retreat of some sort…
      xo kim


  6. Debra says:

    Not sure why that’s annonymous-it’s me, Debra.

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  7. D.A. Squires says:

    Love moseying through your warm, wonderful photos…wish I could sit on the front porch (with all the ‘gals’) and look at the beautiful fall colors and breathe the cool air. I miss fall every year (and I always will). Smiling at your vintage collages, sighing over the darling Easter egger (xo!) chicks, swooning at the feathery opalescence of the handsome Papaya… Red Dirt Farm is always a joy…and a respite…

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Sarah says:

    Wow those are fantastic autumn colours. Those chick are so cute, how many chickens and chicks do you now have? Sarah x


  9. says:

    Notice how short the guy is in the first photo? Why is it that earlier generations were so short?
    Why did Papaya’s feathers fluff up when he was watching you?
    My brother got a smoker this year. We’ve split the cost of several cuts of meat that make thin sandwich meats, hopefully without all the nitrates found in grocery store cold cuts.
    Does the tortilla crisp up in the oven as a pizza crust? Pay attention to the calories in different tortilla brands. I was amazed to find a 40 calorie difference.
    My hand went to my mouth as I watched Mr. Cottage unboxing the Easter Egger chicks. I said, “OHMYGAWD, is she ordering MORE chickens?” And sure enough, you were. Even more, you had become a Chicken Broker. What are we going to do with you? It’s no wonder the orange cat was turning a wary eye to the white chicken. The poor cats are outnumbered!

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