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Everything is covered in raindrops and hues of green, yellow, orange and red.  Rooftops and stacks of old wood and piles of construction debris. Even the scrap bowl for the chickens.

There is a certain beauty to it


Yellow, orange and red.





































Oh yes, and this is happening now.


It has been a wet cold and very gloomy week here in Virginia.  My mood has pretty much matched the weather.

Mud.  Everywhere.

There have been so many deer on our property, leaving their scent everywhere, poor little Boo dog has his sniffer in overdrive trying to follow their tracks, and consequently, he lost his off-leash privileges for most of the week.  After running blindly into the road chasing the scent and not coming back to me when I called him, he was put on leash for outdoor time.  He then turned stupid; acting like he didn’t know how to walk on one.  Getting tangled up in every possible bush, tree or other obstacles that he came across.  Then he would flop down on the ground and roll around trying to get the leash and collar off.  Sheesh!

Everything is covered in raindrops and hues of green, yellow, orange and red.  Rooftops and stacks of old wood and piles of construction debris. Even the scrap bowl for the chickens.

There is a certain beauty to it.

It seems that John Deere, planned their equipment to look lovely in the fall.

I’ve been out of sorts all week and to carry that theme, I’m posting a little early this weekend.  I’m making the time now to say hello, otherwise it might not happen.

Reader questions from the previous post.

  No, Linda, I haven’t lost my mind. (well, maybe I have)  Yes, I am brokering chicks, – making some money doing it – not getting rich but not losing money either.  One of the chicks passed away this week, I buried her under a tree down in the woods.  Then I said a little prayer for her.

Papya was preening, which is why his feathers were puffed up, I just caught him mid-preen.  Is that a word?

I don’t know if the previous generation were shorter or Phillips Milk of Magnesia was bigger.


Sarah – I’m not going to answer how many chickens I have – as the answer may incriminate me.  I’ll just say it is a lot.  AND we have way too many roosters.  Anybody want a rooster or two or ten?  Also, I keep trying to leave comments on your beautiful blog and it won’t let me – Grrr.


Ms Doolittle – the name of the show you and your husband must watch on DIY channel is called Backyard Goldmine,

A reminder, that after the 12th, this blog will no longer be accessible through Life at Coral Cottage, you must go to if you access this page through a bookmark.  Those subscribed by email, do not need to do anything.

Rain on the pond.

That’s all for today, thanks for being here.







November 10, 2017

10 thoughts on “your questions answered

  1. rebecca says:

    So pretty and peaceful!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Rebecca – Thanks for stopping in – I’m so glad you enjoyed your visit here. xo kim


  2. D.A. Squires says:

    Fall is beautiful, even in the mist and rain.. as are your feathered brood… all the photos transport me back to New England… and the rainy day at your pond was the perfect closing scene… stillness and simplicity and time to reflect are so needed in this world.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. DA – your words are always so peaceful and lovely, they are a welcomed addition to this blog. Thank you. xo kim


  3. Debra says:

    I didn’t know chickens ate salads. Loved the movie and how peaceful your lovely place is!


    1. Hi Debra – chickens love salads and especially tomato! I keep all my scraps for them, they used to go in the compost pile, but chickens scratch that up before it gets a chance to decompose. xo kim


  4. Sarah says:

    You even make the rain look and sound beautiful! I’m sorry you are having problems leaving comments on my blog, does it come up with a particular message? Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah – I think it is a wordpress connection problem, I have had it before, and don’t know how to fix it. I do love your posts, each and every one of them. xo kim


  5. Hello, Kim. Thank you for visiting my site, also for the comments and follow! I can see we do like a lot of the same things! Have a great day! ❤

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    1. Carolyn, my pleasure visiting your blog. I look forward to reading more. xo kim


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