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 I find eggs in unexpected places when the girls mischievously lay them outside their nesting box.

Sometimes I put them in my pocket.

Sometimes I forget that I put that egg in my pocket.

Sometimes I get a drippy gooey surprise.

Eggs baked in cream. Rich decadent and yummy easy recipe here.























Here it has been frosty, and windy.

Early morning; the sun slowly makes an appearance on the horizon, the grass is heavy with frost and crunches under my feet as I head out to fill up the farm stand with fresh eggs from the girls.

  Christmas music has been playing and the lights have been twinkling.  For the most part, it is a stress-free time, as we have virtually eliminated all gift buying in recent years.  It was difficult coming around to that at first, as I do love purchasing special somethings for special people.  I also love wrapping packages and making them sparkle.  It is better though, not having the pressure.  A few of my handmade items will be shared, instead.

I’m hoping to spend some time doing holiday baking this week coming up, although we don’t need those sweets either.

My mixed media assemblage endeavors from the week have all gone to a local shop for purchase.  They are a combination of my watercolor images, feathers from my girls, vintage ephemera, and vintage Johnson Bros. china, die cuts from the Tim Holtz collection and bits and pieces of this and that.

The angel with the broken wing has been in my family longer than I have.  She still makes me smile, broken wing and all.

 I leave you –  with another recipe.  Something to warm you – a little toddy in a ball.

Bourbon Balls.


That’s all for today.

10 thoughts on “angel with the broken wing

  1. Anonymous says:

    You are a inspiration to all your readers .you are most wonderful blog and I love to read it.

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    1. My goodness, how sweet – thank you for leaving such kindness with me. I would like for readers to feel welcome here and enjoy their quiet time reading. Have a wonderful day. Xo kim


  2. says:

    How much does all that chicken feed cost? If you are willing to answer, of course. I’m just curious.


    1. What? That’s a weird question out of the middle of nowhere – even for you. I’ll have to ask the feed purchaser the cost and get back to you…


    2. The feed we buy is about $15.00 per 50lb bag – there is feed that is less expensive and some that is more. We average a 50lb bag a week. The chicks are fed a separate feed which is 25lbs for around $8.00 – they go through that in a week. Hope that answers your question.


  3. D.A. Squires says:

    Merry Christmas, Kim… the solitary chair dusted with snow and the angel with one wing are images that linger… and I want to try the eggs-in-cream and the bourbon balls! Wishing you a peaceful, happy holiday with your family and blessings to your flock…they are so, so lucky to live on Red Dirt Farm…


    1. Oh wishing you a lovely Christmas too. I hope you enjoy the recipes if you do try them, let me know. Thank you for all your kind words of support and encouragement, they are so appreciated. Merry Christmas from all the family of Red Dirt Farm. Xo


  4. Debra says:

    Lovely post-I was hoping to see a hen in the living room with the cats-like last year! I am so pleased to see evidence of your creative side-love seeing it spilled out on the table. You are having fun! I hope everyone is well…Merry Christmas to you all!


  5. Sarah West says:

    Lovely images of your preparations for Christmas. Have a wonderful time. Sarah x


  6. zefiart says:

    I absolutely love your home. I’ve visited your blog before but somehow forgot about it over the years. I also love your plate :). Thanks for visiting Junk4Joy.

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