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a new season

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

I hope that Y’all came through the holiday season with blessings and all good things.

I in my elf slippers and Mr. Cottage in his flannel, we snuggled in on Christmas eve for a day of just doing for us.

Mr. Cottage and I have had a long tradition of cooking a special Christmas Eve dinner – something a little fancy.  Since the passing of Mother Cottage, we have invited Father Cottage to join us for Christmas Eve supper.  I’ve made various steak dinners these past few years.   This year, Father Cottage announced that he had other plans for Christmas Eve, so we talked about what we would do, for just the two of us.

  It was decided that we would put the new smoker that was recently given to us, to good use.  Pork ribs were our choice.  I made a dry rub that they rested in for 24 hours.  I also made my bourbon, maple barbecue sauce – oh bliss.  I went out and gathered up wood from an apple tree that we took down earlier this summer.  Mr. Cottage cut it into smaller pieces so it would fit in the smoker and away we went.  It was a day-long process.  We watched old holiday movies and snuggled in the easy chairs a good part of the day, while the ribs smoked away.

Winter came in for her daily stroll about the kitchen and living room.

Papaya hung out on the front porch most of the day looking in the window and the front door, pacing back and forth, demanding we give him some extra treats. I think he muttered something about his gift to us was how lucky we are to see his magnificent plumage – oh no he isn’t vain at all – he’s just a peacock.

Oh, the dogs said they too needed extra treats.



































I brought out the silver and the good Christmas china, it all seemed rather silly to have with spare ribs, but then again why not?  I nixed the idea of cloth napkins though – common sense prevailed there.

I made a wreath out of rosemary, fresh from our garden.  It was garnished with an assortment of olives, peppers, and mozzarella balls.  Mr. Cottage doesn’t like olives, so this was mostly a fun crafty thing for me to do.  I made baked beans and stuffing with apples and pecans, nothing fancy, but it was a nice quiet meal with a glass of red wine for me and a shot of bourbon for him.


We sold a record 14 dozen eggs on the 23rd and 24th – that’s a lot of folks baking and cooking.  I’m glad someone did, I didn’t bake the first cookie this year.  Between being down with a head cold and trying to cut out sweets, it just didn’t happen.

It has been bitterly cold here, and the girls aren’t laying as they normally do, but all in all, we can’t complain about egg production.  It has been a chore though, keeping water available for the flock.  Even the heated waterers have been freezing.  Thank heavens there hasn’t been snow to contend with.

Soon, all this sparkle and twinkle will be packed away until next Christmas, but for now, I’m not anxious to take down all the decorations.  I’m rather enjoying them this year, and quite frankly I’m not having much energy these days to do other than quiet, slow activities.  There is always next week…


A new year and changes will be upon us soon. I feel I’m embarking on a new season of life.

 Thank you for being here this year and sharing your thoughts and love with us.



That’s all for today.



12 thoughts on “a new season

  1. Donna Campbell says:

    Thank you Kim for all of your wonderful photography! I could look at it all day. I, too, am an introvert that prefers quiet . My favorite memory is hunting and gathering eggs at my mamaw’s house in the country.

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    1. Hi Donna – It is the pure kindness of your words that make my heart happy. To me, it is a gift when someone shares a favorite memory, especially a fellow introvert, because I know how uncomfortable it can be to share your thoughts. We play the egg hunting party every day sometimes I wonder why we have all those fancy nesting boxes – LOL. Thank you for stopping in and leaving your thoughts. xo Kim


  2. D.A. Squires says:

    Your quiet Christmas speaks to my heart…I don’t think anything else is needed, just family and pets and good food and the warmth of Christmas lights. But I confess that I envy having a chicken strolling through the house and a peacock patrolling the front porch (and for that matter, the front porch itself : ) Happy New Year, Kim…it is the beginning of a new season… wishing good things for all the residents of Red Dirt Farm….


    1. D.A. each day I try to remember and honor the fact that we live a good life and that we are fortunate to have the things we do, a warm home, surrounded by love, good food, and furry children. Your words, of having a front porch, reminds me in particular about how much I wanted to live in an old house with a big front porch and chickens on a farm, here I am living my dream – thank you for nudging me to remember today how lucky I am. Wishing you all good things for the new year. xo Kim


  3. Sarah West says:

    It sounds a lovely way to spend Christmas just pleasing yourselves and looking after the animals. Hopefully those egg sales just before Christmas will bring more sales in the New Year too! Wishing you a Happy New Year. Sarah x


    1. Hi Sarah it was a lovely time indeed, full of love and good food. It is always an honor when you visit by blog. I find so much inspiration from your blog, beautiful photos and stories. Happy new year to you and yours across the pond. Xo kim


  4. Kirsten Bett says:

    Hi Kim, thanks for your blogs!! I look forward to reading and seeing more about your life in 2018. Have a wonderful new year to you, mr Cottage and the birds x

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    1. Hi Kirsten thank you for the warm message and encouragement. I wish you and yours a good new year and I look forward to reading your blogs again. Xo kim

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      1. Kirsten Bett says:

        Thanks Kim, it is going to be poetry from now on; poetry and photos!

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  5. Debra says:

    Happy New Year to Mr. Cottage, your Papa, and you. I noticed people get a candy cane when they buy your eggs! How sweet. You are into details-and your are a true artist. I just love your sense of color! Love those curtains! And oh, I also wish I had a peacock to look through the windows, and a nice hen to watch old movies with ! I am an introvert too-can’t remember if I told you before….but now at 63, I am mostly comfortable with it, and just don’t mind not being the ‘life’ of the party (or better yet, avoiding the party!!) I also LOVE old movies. I was going to post my list of my fav old Christmas movies-some of them may even be very hard to get. I have TCM on right this minute! It’s too cold here for me to put my geese outside, so they are cozy in their kiddie pool filled with straw. But that’s out in the back part of our house-so they can’t watch movies with me!
    Have a Wonderful New Year. I can’t wait to read about your new direction, or season of life.


    1. My friend, you have a keen eye, spotting those candy canes! I made those curtains several years ago – they were the inspiration for the new color on the outside of the house. So I’m thinking I hope you share your favorite old movies, I bet we have many of the same. Yes, TMC plays regularly in our house. I’m thinking you also need to share some photos of the geese in their pool, in the house. I’m wishing you and yours all the best in the new year. xo kim


  6. says:

    Kimmie – I guess you know — I just had to laugh at those elf slippers.


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