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Isn’t it wonderful to have a new year and a fresh new start?

What’s next for you?

Years ago I came across a blog that I found so inspirational.  The content was fun and the photography was beautiful.  The photos were always so bright.  I studied the photos and the blogger shared her camera tips and I soaked it up like a sponge, and then almost the next day, she stopped blogging.

Don’t you just hate that, it is like when you have a TV show you really like and it is canceled?  Crap.

With time, I figured out how to use manual on my camera and found joy in creating images that I felt conveyed that bright cheerful look I was drawn to.  I felt like I found my signature style of photography.

Still, there is so much to learn.








 I’m challenging myself to step away from my comfort zone of bright and cheerful, slightly overexposed style of photography, and dabble in the dark side.

Even if just for a short period.

Today I share some of that slightly underexposed effect – moody lighting and some nature and chickens thrown in too.

I am far from comfortable with this style.















Recently I found a blog that is new to me.

It takes place in a faraway land, and I have to tell you it has a spell cast upon me.  The blogger talks about walks on the moors and views to the lochs.  Her photography is mostly landscape and it is dark and moody and magical.  Her writing is a style I love, more with less.

There, I read her words, see her photos and feel very inspired, in a new, different kind of way.

A soulful kind of way.


The winds howled, a dusting of snow blew in and the temperatures dropped. Then they dropped more.

Way below normal for us, they remain frigid and unyielding.

After five long days, the pipes have finally thawed out.  We washed dishes last night.

Every morning when I open all the coops, I hold my breath until I see each and every chicken and rooster has survived the night.  This prolonged extreme cold is so hard to them.

Boo dog supervises while I do my farm chores, and stock the farm stand.  He goes on walks with me.  Sweet little Peanut’s health is failing, so she mostly stays inside snuggled in her bed with her favorite toys and stick close by.















It would seem my spirit and soul have come to the place of needing to be nurtured in ways that can’t be denied.

  I have an interest in exploring new ideas.

 Far away places, with different cultures and traditions.   Bringing new experiences into my life.  Creative endeavors and listening to my heart more.

Listening to the whispers from my soul.

I’m going to try to embrace these darker days and take the opportunity to love my camera in a different way.   This is really a challenge for me, I dislike cold weather and dark.


I’m not going to be intimidated by making pie crust from scratch.


That’s it for today.

22 thoughts on “whispers from the soul

  1. LaDy says:

    Go for it. It’s amazing what we can learn when challenged outside our comfort zones.

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    1. Thank you – If anybody knows about facing challenges it is you. xo kim


  2. I like it. Where I come from it is usually overcast and often foggy, so I feel more at home in low light than when the sun is blazing away.
    Good luck with your pie crusts! I once found a delicious and easy recipe, and bought myself a pretty pie pan…..and then found out I am allergic to wheat. sigh.


    1. Melissa the idea of preferring overcast to bright sunlight is such a foreign notion I can’t even wrap my head around that. I have another artist friend that loves rainy days. In the summer it is best on overcast days to spend time in the garden with the camera, the colors are vibrant without the glare. Oh but I love sunshine and warm weather.

      Being allergic to wheat after learning to bake sucks. But now there are a lot of options, don’t know how good they are… xo kim


      1. enjoy your ventures into the dark side 🙂

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  3. I really like the darker photos…and the chickens too!


    1. Hey Chad – thanks for the feedback. Hey – how can you go wrong with chicken photos! I enjoy your post and watching your progress.


  4. Debra says:

    Good for you-exploring. You are sure to expand and grow as an artist.
    Love to you and all…

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    1. Debra – I take my cues from you. You inspire me each day. xo kim


  5. Mary says:

    Would you share what you use for a camera and where you got it?

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    1. Hi Mary – I am currently using a Canon EOS 80D I use an EFS 18-135mm lens or for macro I use 100mm. Previously I used a Canon EOS 60D. All my equipment comes from I went to your link (Vermont Country Mom) – do you have a more current blog? Seems there hasn’t been any post recently and didn’t know if you had something more current? Anyway, thanks for stopping in and asking a question. Have a good day. xo kim


      1. Mary says:

        Thank you for sharing your camera info. I am in the market for one and did not where to start. Your pictures are beautiful. Sadly I have not blogged in ages and would like to return to it someday! Along with knitting, basketry, punch neddle rug hooking…

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  6. Sarah West says:

    I enjoyed the different style that you were experimenting. Can you share the new blog that inspired you? I only started blogging when one of my favourite ones closed down, it had given me a place of calm to visit when my Dad was ill. I wanted to give something back never realising that I would the one or gained the most benefit from blogging! Sarah x


    1. Sarah – I read something recently that blogging was out. I guess Instagram is supposed to be the new in thing. I think blogging is special to many people for many reasons, but so often I read about people blogging as a way to heal themselves. I find that true for myself. When I think of my favorite most rounded blog I read, yours comes to mind. You most certainly have given back with your beautiful photos and stories. I love reading about your life and the adventures that you go on. Your blog is very relateable, to many people. It is a gift, thank you.
      I don’t feel like I have found my audience – maybe I never will, but I too feel like I have gained so much through my efforts. Often it seems very selfish of me to blog, and so I have struggled with that and I still feel like each post I make will be my last one.

      The blog I wrote about is Frond and Feather, I’m not sure how I found her place It is a different platform, which I don’t quite understand – don’t know if there is a way to subscribe, so I just bookmarked it and stalk her space constantly, these last few weeks. Let me know what you think.
      xo kim


      1. Sarah West says:

        Thanks Kim after you left the message I have come and picked the link up from here. Sarah x

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  7. D.A. Squires says:

    I love the mix of light and dark in these photos, Kim. There is something hauntingly beautiful about shadows… they evoke a different emotional response and feel familiar… reflective of life, where we walk in both darkness and light. Your writing and photos are lovely, but it is the combination of words-from-the-heart and art that make it so compelling and rich. A blog is head and shoulders above Instagram in my book. As to why and whether to continue, my only advice is the advice I give myself– I write because I need to and because I love it. I think the same may be true for you. (And I, and many others, would be utterly heartbroken not to find your posts in our inboxes). Final footnotes–I ADORE the pine-framed schoolhouse green chalkboard (and the message : ) and please read the chapter ‘Cooped Up’ in 2018–I must know what your reaction!!


    1. D.A. I think you put words to the way I felt when I see the photos on that other blog – about it being an emotional response. I couldn’t quite put it into words, and there you did it so well. This is why you write and must continue to do so. Are you working on something new? Funny you should mention that I read that chapter. I actually had it on my list of things I wanted to accomplish while I’m spending quiet time indoors. I have been looking everywhere for your books. The house is in disarray – worse since the holidays, I’ve yet to put away all the decorations – that’s for another day. (I keep saying that) I finally have come to the conclusion that I left the books down in Florida when we went down in September to clean up after Hurricane Irma. I thought I was going to have time to read while we there, it didn’t work out. Anyway since it isn’t here, I ordered a new copy of “Sammy” today and I look forward to settling in with that in the near future.

      Thank you for mentioning the chalkboard, it has a very special place in my heart. My Mom was a school teacher. As a child, I used to pretend I was a teacher. My Dad made that chalkboard for me one Christmas so I could write lessons on the board, just like my Mom. They hung that board in my bedroom and I think they didn’t see me again for a very long time. The chalkboard has moved with me several times, it was one of the first decorating items to go up when we moved into this home. It is on the enclosed back porch. Oh my the messages that have been written on that thing over the years! The chalk paint needs to be re-painted, but somehow I can’t bring myself to do it. The board is about 50 years old. EEK – how can that be? How can I be that old?

      Thank you so much for your continued support and sharing your gift of the written word with me. I treasure your comments.
      xo kim


  8. My favorite is the little tracks in the snow, so sweet. Photography is a hobby of mine along with a bunch of other things. Love my hobbies they keep me sane. Your animals and farm look beautiful from your photos.


    1. Oh thank you, there is something very charming about bird prints, isn’t there. We love our little farm and all the inhabitants we are blessed. Thanks for popping in. Xo kim


  9. says:

    You have your very own blackboard, too cool! I like the chicken wearing a peanut butter colored dress with black sequins. Quite stylish! My cats are driving me nuts. They won’t go out in the cold but this extended period of cold will squash some bugs really good. Wishing you luck with that pie crust. It doesn’t sound so daunting to me. Maybe I’ve done it. If only I had a memory…


  10. says:

    Forgot to tell you that I like your dark photography — the oak leaf caught in the bush, in particular.


  11. The photos are great and I you can see how your developing depth in your photography skills if you can master the light and the dark you can walk anywhere.


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