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lusty lavender the day I became rebellious


Last year I met a woman in the grocery store that had purple hair.  I stopped to talk to her and asked if I could take her picture.  She was absolutely thrilled to have her picture taken.

Purple has been my favorite color for a very long time.

Although as a very young child when asked, I said red.  I think maybe it was suggested by someone else, that red was my favorite color.


Back to the purple-haired lady.

We ended up talking for quite some time.  She told me she was a retired nurse and that she still volunteers at the local hospital.

She said that one day on a whim she decided to dye her hair purple and that it was a good decision.

 Purple hair lady told me as a nurse over the years she found that one of the best things to speed recovery was for the patient to maintain a sense of humor and for them to find things to laugh about or to be happy about.

  Now, when she walks into a room to see a patient, their face lights up and they smile when they see her hair, it makes them happy and that makes her very happy.

 The purple haired lady also told me that her daughter was horrified at her hair color choice and told her “to act her age.”

  She said she was in her late 70’s and she had no intention of going back to her natural hair color.








I’ve thought about that lady on and off this past year.  It was such a pleasure meeting her and listening to her outlook on life and happiness.

She and her hair made me smile.

She was also a spitfire.

Recently, everywhere I go, women have purple hair; causing me to have purple hair envy.

Not anymore.

I dyed my hair purple last week.

The box the dye came in said it was Lusty Lavender and was a rebellious color.







I’ve had purple hair before.

About 15 years ago I bought some hair dye stuff that came in a can which I sprayed into my hair.  Mr. Cottage put green in his hair to be supportive and he likes a good laugh too.

The spray can stuff said it was temporary color.


  I sprayed it on my hair just before heading out to sell my work at an outdoor art show.

It rained.

I got wet.

I had purple streaks running down my face.

I’ve asked my friend, the miracle worker, who has been doing my hair for over 30 years to give me purple hair.  She always refuses.  I asked again the other day, her answer was the same.

She told me to do it myself.

So I did.

Thank goodness, I don’t have any children to tell me to act my age.


















My purple hair makes me laugh at myself for being so silly, and ridiculous.

It makes me smile for throwing caution to the wind.



If your favorite color is purple, you have a purple personality, according to Empowered by Color.  I read their take on purple personalities, for me, it was pretty accurate.

Find your color personality Here  – it is fun reading.

Thank you all for your conversation, comments and thoughts on the last post.  D.A. you have given me some things to think about.  Thank you.


I’m smiling.  That’s it for today.


20 thoughts on “lusty lavender the day I became rebellious

  1. I think I love you! And purple has always been my color too. I’ve always wanted to have a splash of purple hair (and a tattoo) but husband gets all crinkly at the mention of those things…(sigh) .

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love your reaction! Purple is definitely the color of creatives. 9 bucks has bought me a lot of smiles, glad I took the plunge. My husband is completely supportive and offered to help me do it. Might take him up next time the back was hard for me to do. Probably won’t be any tats here though, those make my guy crinkly. Here’s to my purple year! Xo kim


    1. Miss Linda, chicken pictures are waaayy more interesting than my purple hair. However, I just may post one next time. I hauled the Christmas tree out when it got to the crispy stage. I put it on the porch near the birdfeeder, then had the idea to do the apple and orange slices, and orange boats. I did this a few years ago and the birds thought I was crazy and thumbed their noses at me. This year, they are pleased with my efforts and said I could stay on a little longer. Go figure. xo kim


      1. I think the Christmas tree with the fruit slice ornaments looks great. I wonder if the moisture it gets from the snow gave it a new lease on life. I have no knowledge of snow or how it impacts the environment because it just doesn’t snow down here.


  2. The world needs more purple-haired ladies… and parents who hang chalkboards in their children’s bedrooms… and homes with front porches where birds of a feather can gather…and evergreens decorated with fruit… and warmly-lit rooms and soft beds for animals… yours is a world of love and laughter and caring– a haven for all who live on Red Dirt Farm. It is what this world desperately needs more of.
    Following one’s heart is like finding true north…it will lead you where you must go. I am at work writing the sequel to my first book…a challenging but joyful journey… and there is nowhere else I would rather be. I am smiling back at you, Kim : )


    1. D.A. I’m thrilled to hear you are writing a sequel, a labor of love for you. I have visions of you working at a desk or curled up in your favorite chair, with the fur babies nearby. Thinking of magic and faraway places… I’m so all over that notion of following True North these days, and it won’t be denied. I’m thinking you should be a life coach… xo kim


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