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Fifty Five

Kim of Red Dirt Farm and Studio

Heavy rain.

Grey skies.

All the little kitties and all the little doggies of Red Dirt are tucked into their beds.

I had planned to stop blogging for a bit.  But here I am again.

Rambling about ordinary things.








This week we have had rain and ice and more rain.  We are trying not to complain about it, we need the rain.

But really, we are complaining, enough is enough already.

Our email accounts were hacked and our provider locked us out of the system. A couple of frustrating days and a few phone calls were made and new passcodes assigned.  An annoyance really, and hoping we weren’t compromised in some other way too.  We just went through having one of our credit card numbers stolen and had to have that straightened out.

Technicians were out this week, moving our old telephone line coming into the house and installing new lines in the addition.  I tried to pretend like I didn’t mind that I didn’t have internet access for the day, but it did bother me.  On the other hand, having the phone line down didn’t concern me one bit.  I dislike talking on the phone anyway, and lately, it seems every telemarketer in the world has our number.

The silence was lovely.

We are watching the Olympics taking place in  Pyeongchang, South Korea. (I had to look up that spelling) How about you –  are you watching?


A girlfriend took me to lunch to celebrate my birthday.  We both had grilled chicken with melted brie and fig spread.  Delightful.  I had gingersnap cheesecake and she had mix berry crisp for dessert.  Midway through lunch she stopped and said “You have purple hair!  Do you have purple hair?”   I confirmed she was correct, but didn’t have the heart to tell her it was purple the last time she saw me.  Funny what we observe, isn’t it?


Beautiful flowers from the feathered, furry children.  A chocolate cake with purple candles from Mr. Cottage.  Another trip around the sun is complete.

Still yet, in this year of awakening my soul, I am on a mission to complete 55 adventures.  Ok not really 55, I just want to embrace some things.

Some things I’ve wanted to do but haven’t for one reason or another.

Not the travel around the world, big earth-shattering things.

But happy little every day, I’m blessed with a good life –  things.

And purple hair.


I hope you have a lovely week.


That’s it for today.

15 thoughts on “Fifty Five

  1. Lyn perrin says:

    Hi Kim HappyBirthday . Can’t blame you for hating the phone , me too.
    Love your whole bog.

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    1. Hi Lyn- funny how some of us could do without the phone and others can’t live without. I’m so glad you enjoy the blog, thanks for letting me know. Have a good one. Xo kim


  2. Gerri says:

    Well, Happy Birthday! Your lunch sounds heavenly! Glad to hear you’re enjoying your days! ❤️❤️❤️

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    1. Good day Gerri – our lunch was good and great conversation with a wonderful friend. Trying to make the best of each day. Xo kim

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  3. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    The happiest of birthdays to you! We are about the same age..I’ll be 57 in September. And for goodness SAKE…I love your ordinary posts! You are my favorite blogger! Please…for the love of chickens…don’t stop blogging. Breaks I can understand though…I take them myself.
    You inspire me to write because I like you have just an ordinary life…..but it’s a wonderful life though. At least I think so. Again…lovely photos. They speak to me of simple things….and contentment. xo

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hello to you Mrs. N. Here’s to ordinary and being content with it. Thank you for your kind words, I enjoy blogging but really how many chicken photos can I post? The few times I’ve tried to blog about other interests besides my little farm there hasn’t been much interest. I would like to spread my wings but I keep reading that I should stay in my lane and give the readers what they want. I try to slip some off topic things in from time to time because I don’t like to play by the rules and it’s my blog. Thanks for your support. Xo kim


  4. Happy Birthday!

    I love all the pictures, especially the bulbs in the vases.



    1. Hi Marica what a beautiful name you have. I kinda like that photo too, nothing fancy about it, but it feels peaceful to me – it is my view while at the kitchen sink. Thank you for the birthday wishes and leaving a message. Xo kim


  5. Debra says:

    Hello my young chic friend! I’m 63 so I can call you a young chic-you are! I think your hubby and mine would be great pals. They are both thoughtful-and that’s such a great quality. And yours holds chickens-mine would hold one of our geese, but Titus and Sam like to make him think they will pick his butt off-so he’s (scared of them!) Didn’t want to write that, cos he’s such a He-Man….Thank you for your sweet encouragement-you are such a real part of my life-even though we’ve never met! Isn’t that an odd thing? I also hate talking on the phone, mostly because I grope for stuff to say…So sorry you had security issues with computers-and credit cards. Stinks! We have a phone that we can block callers-so I LOVE doing that to the callers that say there’s something wrong with Windows on my computer, or that I’ve won some resort vacation…


    1. Hello my friend you are a very important part of my life and for that I thank you. Xokim


  6. D.A. Squires says:

    … so sorry about the gray skies (literally and figuratively), but as Annie sings, the sun will come out tomorrow…and tomorrow is a good word I think. It is hopeful, mysterious, and makes one think about the possibilities…both big and small…and the small things carry the day. But that is just fine. Small moments are really what life is built upon and your blog offers the richness, beauty, and poignant moments lived day to day at a special place… called Red Dirt Farm. Mrs. N. has said it perfectly–for the love of chickens never stop blogging!!! We would be bereft without your voice, your photos, without YOU. Never doubt what you are writing about… a wonderful writer named Gladys Taber did this for years, writing about her old (very) CT farmhouse, her dogs, her gardens, cooking (she even wrote cookbooks!), THE WEATHER : ) It is exactly what so many people need and are searching for in this crazy world…a peaceful place to rest awhile. Red Dirt Farm is that place.
    Happy Birthday, dear Kim…here’s to the next orbit around our star…

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    1. D.A. I want to take away from this that I must continue to offer whatever quiet rest and peaceful little moments for us all to enjoy. I’m just a regular person with nothing special to offer. Sometimes that’s enough. Xo kim


  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Kimmie! I’m so glad Mr. Cottage got you a cake. I’m with you on that Small Things Bucket List AND going crazy when the internet is down but not caring in the least if the phone line is down. Lastly, WHY is the dog standing in the middle of the chickens but looking out of the corner of his eye like he doesn’t trust those gals?


  8. Sarah says:

    Belated Happy Birthday Kim, you are the same age as me just a few days older!
    Sarah x


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