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An earthquake, which is not typical for our area, rocked our little house a few years ago, weakening our cabinet structure and cracking walls.  Our old roof was leaking and water had seeped into the drywall, causing it to buckle and peel.  The worst part was mold was growing.  Last year when our beautiful new red roof was put on, we realized that the section that was added to the house sometime in the 1960’s really didn’t provide sufficient structure to support the weight of the upper cabinets and all the glassware for the addition that we added 19 years ago.   The cabinets were shifting and we were growing more and more concerned.


Before – the row of upper cabinets to be removed.













Red Dirt Rustic Farmhouse Lasagna in the makin’.






The time had come for the row of upper cabinets above the island separating the old section of the kitchen from the new to be removed.

Our timing may not have been the best, we took the cabinet down just days before hosting a gathering of friends, thankfully they overlooked the mismatched peeling paint and holes in the ceiling.

  A job for another day.

We refer to this entire room, as the kitchen, but it is a kitchen, dining area, and all-purpose room.  We live in this room, it is the heart of the house.

We are quite happy having the cabinets removed and the view opened up.  In the scheme of all the renovating and the addition we have added to the house these past two years, this is pretty minor.



When I cook, the entire kitchen is a mess, you will not mistake my kitchen for one of those perfect kitchen set shows.  Nope.  Messy, messy, messy – that’s how I roll.

I made Lasagna for our gathering, which I call rustic farmhouse style – recipe here.  If you are vegetarian, this is not for you – there are three types of meat in this version.

The weather was mild and I opened the windows while I cooked to let the house breathe.

I even opened the skylight in the kitchen and all the birds sitting on the branches looked down into the kitchen and watched me while I worked, chirping away, while they worked at building nests.

Correction, the weather wasn’t mild, it was downright hot, we broke a couple of heat records for this time of the year – crazy isn’t it?   We’ll probably have a blizzard next week.

  Flopsy took it upon herself to get up on the windowsill and watch some TV while I worked.

By the end of the day, the weather had turned, the windows were closed and the heat was turned back on.  Such is our weather these days.

 Today it is raining again, dark and moody with heavy clouds rolling through.  My head is pounding it too feels dark and moody.  We had dinner out last night, it was enjoyable spending time with our good friends, however, I’m paying the price today for eating all that processed food.  Such a perfect excuse to settle in and watch The Maltese Falcon for the umpteenth time, but I can’t pass on Humphrey Bogart and a little mystery.

Have a good week.


See you next time.

18 thoughts on “farmhouse kitchen gets a (small) remodel and Rustic Lasagna

  1. Congrats on the kitchen. That’s so exciting!


    1. We think it’s exciting but then again we are easily amused. But it does make time spent in the kitchen more enjoyable. Xo kim


  2. LaDy says:

    Loving the openness after the cabinet removal!


    1. Hey LD it feels so much bigger and easier to talk back and forth between kitchen and living area. Best of all no more head bumping on cabinets yay. Xo kim


  3. Gerri says:

    I love the way taking down those cabinets opens up your space! It looks great! Raining here too. I am so ready for some sunshine! Have a great week!


    1. Hi Gerri – Yes, it does open up the kitchen space and we are enjoying it. Not enjoying the rain, but after being in a drought situation all of last year, we really need it and it does make things smell earthy and I like that. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  4. Annie says:

    We once made that very change in our kitchen. Very nice!


    1. Annie – funny how we think that design is a good idea at the time, then once removed – what were we thinking? Having it gone makes the space feel so much better. xo kim


  5. Where will you put all your glassware? I absolutely LOVE that overhead light configuration. Was Flopsy REALLY watching TV or was she hoping someone would let her in?


    1. Miss Linda – that is the problem all that glassware – where to put it? Fortunately, we were given a very nice corner cabinet, which is what prompted us to go ahead and take the old one down, since we had some where to put all that stuff. Of course Flopsy was watching TV – Green Acres I think… xo kim


  6. lindasschaub says:

    It looks so comfy and cozy – I feel like your cat all curled up with contentment just reading this post. Not as stuffed as you from the lasagna dinner though, but makes me crave some. 🙂


    1. Linda – you noticed Buddy all curled up and content in “his” recliner. Stuffed to the gills with lasagna we are, it was really good, and even better the second night. We always think lasagna and spaghetti are better the second time around like the flavors really have a chance to develop. Good stuff. xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

      1. lindasschaub says:

        Buddy sure did look content in “his” recliner. I love the way that pets just kind of take over comfy chairs or beds, with that sense of entitlement that they feel they have. 🙂 I have a friend who has three cats, and the three of them will jump on her bed and leave her with very little space for her to sit on. Same thing when she is sleeping … she wakes up and they are clustered around her.
        (especially when they are looking for breakfast!)

        I agree that lasagna and spaghetti are better the next time – they are thicker and more flavorful. My mom used to bake the leftover spaghetti the next day to give it a different twist.


  7. Debra says:

    And spaghetti and lasagna are really good for breakfast! Yum. I love the sky light in your kitchen. If we ever re-do our kitchen, i want one of those. Love the open feel of what you did-and all your pretty decorations. Your home is sweet, I love it.


    1. Oh Debra and Pizza for breakfast too! So many people said we shouldn’t put a skylight in they thought it would just be a problem leaking. We have not had any leaking and we love the light it provides and being able to open it and get the air circulating is a blessing, especially when I burn something on the stove – eek it happens. It is our home sweet home! xo kim


  8. Congratulations on the remodel. I liked the old glass door cabinets but I also like the openness of the new space. I think it could be called a “great room”. Love your hen on the window ledge.
    Have a lovely day! Hugs.L.


  9. D.A. Squires says:

    Just love the open kitchen, the light and all the splashes of red! It is so cheery and bright…now I am off to make your rustic lasagna!! It is ‘cool’ in FL today, mid 70’s, perfect lasagna weather : )


  10. marfi1415 says:

    Looks way more spacier now! Good job!


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