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That wind oh my goodness!

  A Nor’Easter blowout for sure.  Thank goodness we didn’t have any snow!

That crazy ole wind blew and the trees swayed and snapped and the power lines went down.




















Yes, Sweet Potato Hummus, recipe here.

I think you’ll like it.



Have you ever notice after a horrible storm, the next morning is so bright and beautiful.  Or does it just seem that way because you are grateful to be alive?

Though it is sad to see the destruction, I love the smell of pine that is heavy in the air from all the broken branches and limbs.

 Saturday morning we started cleaning up right away.  The winds were still kicking up more than we would like.

The chickens hunkered down under the boxwoods during most of the storm, Papaya didn’t even want to come out of his run.  By Saturday, everyone was glad to be back out and enjoying the sunshine.

We lost electricity Friday morning but felt pretty fortunate that we were only out for 24 hours.

That wind whipped the farm stand tents, but they survived.  A neighbor came up and helped us get the farm stand straightened up and fallen trees and other debris cleaned out of the driveway parking area.  Before long our customers were back.

  Later today I hope to get some seed trays started.  Gladiolas, Lily and Echinops bulbs waiting for me to plant are singing to my heart.  It is still too early to put those in though, but I’m itching to dig in the dirt.  Of course, I’m ever hopeful for a successful growing season that will provide the extra bounty for the farm stand and substance for our souls.

Other garden dreams for this season include replacing all the Rosemary that died from this harsh winter.  A new Lavender hedge is on my list also.  I plan to enlarge the wildflower meadows too.

Oh, and sunflowers!  Armloads of sunflowers and zinnias and cosmos, well you get the idea.

  So many digging in the red dirt dreams, if this tired out of shape body will just let me follow through…


That’s all for today.


11 thoughts on “Dirt Dreams and Sweet Potato Hummus

  1. says:

    I see a crow!! Did you put your hands on your hips and indignantly tell that chicken to get out of your flower pot? Hope your buyers see your cards at the farm stand.


    1. Miss Linda – you do see a crow – a plastic garden art crow I’ve had for probably 20 years! Ha ha – that’s Flopsy and you can tell a chicken what not to do until you are blue in the face… Oh I think the folks see the cards at the stand, but buying them is another thing. I just keep hoping someday. I’m such a dreamer. xo kim

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      1. says:

        Dear Dreamer — You just never know.

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  2. lindasschaub says:

    Love the chicken peering into the teacups … always looks so bright after a storm and all the damage – so sad. I already have weeds growing out there, popping their heads out between the snow – the nerve!!


    1. Linda – That’s Flopsy at the teacups – swiping the birdseed. We are very fortunate to have gotten out of that storm with minor damage, heart goes out to others not so fortunate. Few things in life are as predictable as weeds! xo kim

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      1. lindasschaub says:

        Flopsy liked what he/she saw in there … birdseed is probably a treat, just like it is for the squirrels. You’re lucky to have just minor damage after what I’ve heard … Mother Nature is sure active this year, isn’t she. It seems every time I turn around, some other natural disaster is happening – they are getting another nor’easter this weekend – same place! They’ll never get the power back on before the next storm.

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  3. Debra says:

    The chicken drinking tea-what a great photo!! I’m glad you are okay-my son lives in VA too and he told us about those winds. Poor Papaya! I bet he was glad to come out after the storm. Will try the recipe-it looks wonderful.


    1. Debra – I think Flopsy is the social media queen for this week – she was helping herself to the birdseed. We are thankful for getting through that ugly storm as well as we did. Papaya back out and up to his usual tricks! Hope you enjoy the hummus. xo kim


  4. Lisa Stamper Meyer says:

    I’m glad there wasn’t too much damage from the storm. It looks like another might be coming your way. Yesterday, I finished planting our tomatoes. It feels really good to be digging in the dirt and cleaning up after the winter. I have to enjoy it now because it will be unbearably warm way too soon.

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    1. Hey Lisa – Can’t believe you are putting tomatoes in now – yes I can. It seems like it will be forever until I get to that point with the garden. I agree soon we will be fussing about the heat and humidity! People are funny aren’t they – always complaining about something! 🙂 It’s all good. Yes, holding our breath we don’t get hit again… xo kim


  5. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    I’m catching up…..the chicken pics….just love them. I love chickens. … :). I’m familiar with storms….we used to live on an island- spent most of my life there….typhoons with winds of 150 mph …. normal….the mess and back- breaking work after…ugh. glad you guys were not hit with snow!


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