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It was a full weekend with friends and fellow farmers and various other visitors pulling in and out.




















Over the weekend I met a customer at our farm stand; that is a new neighbor.   She told me that her family is just getting ready to embark on their farming dreams.  They bought the land and an old farmhouse, which they are fixing up.

 I felt so happy and excited for them as she shared some of their ambitions with me.

 I felt a little pride too when she told me how much she liked our farm stand and that it was inspirational for their future farm plans.


Every nook and cranny seems to be buzzing with bees.  Their legs, thick with pollen as they dance from blossom to blossom on the fruit trees.

Oh yes, spring is finally here.


A first, ever so humble harvest of lavender.  Simple bliss.


We divided and transplanted peonies and iris over the weekend.

I’ve wanted and needed to do this for quite some time.  It was a struggle for both of us.

 We worked side by side and got the job done.  Well sorta, there’s more to be done.  That’s for another day.


It took me 3 days and a beer to dig 75 holes in which I dropped gladiolus and oriental lilies.  Dreaming of bountiful fragrant bouquets later this summer.

I’m crushing on Dimantina clematis and waiting for it to scramble over this old rusty gold headboard.

On the back side of the headboard, an old child’s wagon planted with zinnia and cypress vine seeds.

Sugar snap peas, just starting to reach for the fence.  They are one of my favorites, but I’ll have to be quick to harvest in an effort to outsmart Papaya as they are his favorite too.

I found the silver spoon while cleaning the shade garden which has become overgrown with weeds and volunteer trees.

 I believe the spoon to be the last bit from one of my homemade wind chimes the rest of it long ago blown away.

 Inscribed on the handle  – St. Luke’s  Guild.

I was curious, so I did some research.


The Guild of Saint Luke was the most common name for a city guild for painters and other artists in early modern Europe, especially in the Low Countries. They were named in honor of the Evangelist Luke, the patron saint of artists, who was identified by John of Damascus as having painted the Virgin’s portrait.


A cold rain has settled in for the next few days.


That’s it for today.








17 thoughts on “75 holes a silver spoon and The Guild of Saint Luke.

  1. Pam Kaufman says:

    Great pictures! We are not quite in spring yet here in Michigan. It has been unseasonably cold this year! I cannot wait to get in my garden!!


    1. Hi Pam it certainly has been a long winter for a lot of folks. Thinking of warmer weather and working our gardens is what helps pull us through. I heard there was an Earthquake somewhere in your state, sure hope you got through it without issues. Xo k😘 m


  2. Annie says:

    So beautiful in your neck of the woods. Enjoy!


    1. Hi Annie yes it is,sometimes we need to remind ourselves of that. Xo Kim

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lyn perrin says:

    Kim , living in Fla is nothing like the east as I went to college in va. , raised in ct. I miss the spring so much there and it’s so refreshing to read your blog . It’s wonderful. Happy spring


    1. Lyn – Florida is a place like no other. I enjoy going there, especially dream about it while I’m freezing my tookus during winter, but not sure if I could live there full time.

      It always makes me feel good to hear that my blog is enjoyed – thank you for saying so.

      Happy Spring to you too!
      xo kim


  4. D.A. Squires says:

    I can smell the spring air. The beginnings seem to be everywhere, the early flowers, the birds, the planting, the bustle of chickens… and the silver spoon… which was meant to be found by you, the founding member of St. Luke’s Guild at Red Dirt Farm. It is a message on a spoon, instead of inside a bottle : ) You have created a place where life blooms and your art, in all its forms, pays homage to the beauty of the natural world…a rare and magical country guild.


    1. Ahhh, your words – magical country guild, makes my heart swell. Today is warm and the pollen is swirling around in yellow clouds. Tomorrow it will be cold again and then next week will be quite warm – that my friend is typical spring in Virginia. xo kim


  5. Debra says:

    Hello dear friend! Love the pic of white chicken in the metal pan…well-ALL your pictures are wonderful. Love that spoon-and the history of it is incredible!
    We are way behind you for warm weather. No flowers here except older crocus. Our daffys are not even out yet. Hope you are feeling good. Love ya.


    1. Debra – that’s Flopsy in the metal pan – she was sitting on Shirley’s eggs while Shirley went to eat and drink and do a potty run. Flopsy was taking her duties seriously and fussed big time at me. Shirley’s chicks should be hatching soon.

      Sending you warm weather thoughts – soon very soon you will have flowers.
      xo kim


  6. tonytomeo says:

    That spoon is too cool to hang out as a wind chime!


    1. Tony – that’s funny -i t is cool and I don’t think it will be a wind chime in the future. I’ve erected a shrine for it – the only thing missing is alarm bells and bulletproof glass – giggle. Best, Kim

      Liked by 1 person

  7. says:

    Your post title is okay but “3 days and a beer” would have been an eye-catcher. I’m going to assume that first photo was a feed trough of some sort. Loved all your photos. Am jealous of your talent — you take photos from unusual angles. I see that the peacock wanted in.


    1. Oh Miss Linda – you always make me laugh. I think I should take you on as my marketing manager! You are correct it is a feed trough, which I purchased at an old farm auction at least 20 years ago – up in PA and hauled it home to Virginia with the windows rolled down and it hanging out because it is big and was waaaay too big for my car but I was determined to get it home. Yes, I got the eye roll and a few choice words from Mr. Cottage who thought I had lost my mind…

      Papaya always wants in, especially when he thinks treats might be involved!

      XO kim


  8. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    Again, lovely photos! I pour over each one. Bees…I love them. This year I have many in my garden too….love listening to them lumbering around in the early mornings.

    Liked by 1 person

  9. ruthsoaper says:

    Hi Kim. I was referred to your blog by lindasschaub and I and very glad I decided to visit. It seems as if we have lots in common. We, my husband and I, are enjoying the “simple life” as well. We have a small farm in Michigan where we raise chickens and bees and grow fruits, veggies and herbs. I must say that your photos are beautiful and I am a little envious of your photography skills. I am looking forward to reading of your posts.


    1. Hi Ruth it is so nice to meet you. That Linda has a great blog doesn’t she? Very kind of her to point you my way and your kind words about my photos are very appreciated. Looking forward to getting to know you another nature lover. Xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

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