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When Angels come in and surround you with what you need.  Even if you didn’t know you needed it.

That’s what it felt like this week, hearing from all you wonderful people.

Y’all are my mighty community.  I didn’t even know a lot of you were out there and your kind support has surrounded me this week and given me such an uplifting surprise.

I never saw all this coming and wow – thank you – from my heart is all I can say.




Have you ever noticed when a word or a theme comes into your life and keeps repeating and showing up in unexpected places?


All week everywhere I have turned the word Angel was revealed to me.

Oh yes, I am a believer.

How about you – do you believe in Angels?









Did y’all see that magnificent full moon this week?  Oh my goodness.

Frost has turned our world brown and yet there is a certain sculptural beauty to the remaining plants and grasses.  The banana trees are wilted brown and soon will be dormant for the winter.

The other leaves have not turned that special fall color yet.


The chickens are all molting, and barely laying eggs, they sell out as fast as they are laid.  The farmstand remains open – stocked with all the canning I’ve done this summer.  Potatoes white and sweet and the very last of the peppers.

  This week I canned 24 1/2 pints of pepper relish and 36 pints of pear butter and 12 1/2 pints of hot pear butter.  I throw the pear scraps out the kitchen door to the delight of the waiting chickens, it’s as if they know.


I almost burned the house down the other day.

I put my lunch in the oven under the broiler and then walked away to do something else.  After the house filled with smoke I realized what I had done, I open the oven door and flames leaped out curling their orange fingers up toward the ceiling.

Consequently, the broiler pan is now in the trash can and no lunch for me, as it was the last scrap of food in the house.

  I’ve put off doing the grocery shopping. I got into a rhythm of canning all that last garden stuff I picked before the frost came.  I didn’t want to stop what I was doing to go grocery shopping.  Call it lazy if you want.

  The burning oven set the wheels in motion for the most delicious dinner.

The oven was a charred mess and would be impossible to use before being cleaned, so I set the auto cleaner which is about a 4-hour process.  It stunk so bad that all the doors and windows had to remain open.  Fortunately, it was sunny out and not too chilly.  The oven wasn’t operable for dinner time and being out of food, Mr. Cottage brought home dinner.

There is a run-down diner out this way that has been in existence since the beginning of time – and all the fixtures and decor have remained virtually untouched all this time.  This place is charming from a nostalgia point, but that is about it, the food is mostly just ok, they do however make in my opinion the best anywhere – baked parmesan chicken – and that is what Mr. Cottage brought home to me.   Also, whenever we dine there, the owner makes a point of coming over to our table and speaking to us asking if our meal is ok and how we are doing.  That’s what makes us go back each time.  It’s those little things.


This morning I burned the bacon.  Yes, I’ve lost my mind.  If you see it out there anywhere, please tell it to come home.

I may not come back to this place for a bit as we will be heading into the hospital this week and facing a lot “stuff.”

  Prayers for Mr. Cottage, please.


11 thoughts on “I didn’t see it coming oh those Angels

  1. Pam Kaufman says:

    I’m guessing your absent mindedness has more to do with worry over Mr Cottage than losing your mind. Best wishes for a speedy recovery for Mr Cottage.


  2. ruthsoaper says:

    Thanks for all the beautiful photos. Prayers that all goes well.


  3. Debra says:

    Hello. You bet-prayers every day-for you both. I love you.


  4. DA Squires says:

    I DO believe in angels… and I know they will be all around you and Mr. Cottage this coming week, and prayers are being sent your way… (and I was so happy to see this post, Kim : ) Love your sweet home, the farm stand that I want to visit all the time, your bright and busy kitchen, chickens in the dog bed, the sunlight streaming in, and the Red Dirt Farmhouse tucked in for the night under a moonlit sky… xoxoxo


  5. says:

    Hey, if you see MY mind out there anywhere, let me know. Maybe our minds will hook up on some spectacular adventure and send postcards. So glad the farm stand continues to operate. Sending up prayers for Mr. Cottage. I wanna know what the dog thinks about the chickens taking his bed — hysterically funny photo.


  6. LaDy says:

    Prayers and hugs.


  7. lindasschaub says:

    Beautiful photos as usual and your home looks so cozy; obviously the dogs and chickens have made themselves at home as well – just look at their photos, they made me smile. It’s sad to see the dry and brittle flowers after the first freeze but there is still a beauty in seeing things withering on the vine – next Spring they will come back full force and vibrant as before. Prayers and thoughts about Mr. Cottage’s surgery and a speedy recovery – prayers to you as well to get through this Kim. Take good care.
    {{{ }}}


  8. Ginny says:

    I have a wonderful little book titled “You Will Always have an ANGEL Watching Over You” and one of my favorite quotes is this: ‘No one has to look very far to find proof of an angel…I’ve discovered that rather than few and far between, angel encounters are happening all around us and that very normal people everywhere have been touched by something or someone that has left them with tremendous faith’….

    I’m so happy you have had that experience. If you see a wing feather this week, pick it up; it was left for you and Mr. Cottage.


  9. In our busy lives it is so easy to get distracted and forgetful. Multitasking is so over-rated. TGFA- thank God for Angels.
    I loved your photos.
    Peace and luck to you.


  10. Annie says:

    Best wishes for good health returning to Red Dirt Cottage! Angels do live there….


  11. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    I’m catching up on reading because we moved and won’t have internet in the house till the end of November…so blogging and reading are a bit difficult. I am glad you caught that oven before a disaster happened. I’m glad I’m not the only one who has ever done that but when I did something similar it was at a friend’s house that we were housesitting. And she was really, super picky and particular….it was a nightmare. I got it cleaned up before they came home. That scared me so much that I never walk away from the stove anymore because my brain is broken in that area.
    Yes, I do believe….in angels…

    Liked by 1 person

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