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*************Snow Snow Snow!****************

I’ve been on the fence about a LOT of stuff lately.
















It came down, seemingly unending.  White and heavy, we surpassed the 3-6″ forecast, pretty quickly.  When it ended we had a good foot or more of snow.

It was such a lovely day, with the winter world beyond the windows.  We were cozy in the house with old movies on TV, tripod cat, the dogs, and the house chickens, Sassy and Poppie cuddled in our laps.  Snowball opted out of the photo shoot for the first time in her life.  The house chickens – what we haven’t talked about them yet?  That’s a story for another day.  A good story.

The power remained on, except for one brief outing during the night.  I got a pork roast out of the freezer ahead of the storm in anticipation that the power might go out.  The plan, to smoke it, which we did and oh it was yummy.  Nope, not the first photo, one because we gobbled it up all week and two because my old shoulder neck injury has reared its ugly head again, and I’m having trouble holding my camera so not so many photos these days.


A neighbor from down the road came and plowed our driveway.  Oh, thank you, so very much!

 Another neighbor came up and offered to help us clean up down at the farm stand.

We lost it – the stand collapsed under the weight of the snow.  We aren’t surprised, after having those tents up for three years they didn’t have much life left in them.  Still, the timing isn’t great, with both Mr. Cottage and I not at our physical best, the clean up will have to wait for a bit.

Back in the spring, we acquired Pearl – a vintage horse trailer.  It was my vision to trick out this trailer and make it our farm stand.  Lack of money, time and energy to move forward with the project has left Pearl parked up at the house, waiting. And, if I may be honest, this is one of the biggest things I’ve been on the fence about, these past several months.

  Closing down the farm stand permanently and ending our farming days.  It has been in my thoughts daily for quite a long time, there is a lot do it, and I’m not really going to go into all of it.  I think I’m just tired.  Really, physically and mentally tired, where everything just seems such an effort.  When the tents collapsed, I thought for certain it was a sign, this is the time to close everything down.

  But, instead, I set up a temporary stand in the trailer where it is parked until we can clean up the other stuff.  Funny thing, I doubt I’ll have any customers.  Three winters ago, I left a cooler of eggs on the front porch worried that the tents wouldn’t hold up in the snow, but people didn’t feel comfortable coming to the house and buying their eggs.  People are funny – I’ve not had any customers this week, which is not normal.  Go figure.


Goats and soap making, that’s been on my mind a long time too, this idea was only fueled A few years ago when Stampington (publication) came out with a new magazine (Willow and Sage) dedicated to soap making and other body care products.  I fell completely head over heels in love with the beautiful photography and a specific article about one of the soap makers who had goats.  Oh my, my wheels started spinning and I just HAD to have goats, so that I could make goat milk soap.  Oh and cheese, I’ve long wanted a cow to make my own cheese.  Mr. Cottage firmly planted his feet and said there would be no cow and no goats.  HMMM.  How to get around this?  I’m still working on that.

I’m thinking though, moving forward into the new year and new projects and getting my but off the fence and doing some of these things I’ve been thinking about.


Thanks for stopping in today.

xo, Kim

16 thoughts on “on the fence but no goats

  1. says:

    Really, Kimmie, I can’t believe you make the poor chickens run around BAREFOOT in the snow. Why haven’t you made them some booties with leather soles? You treat those house chickens SO MUCH BETTER. If I were one of the yard chickens, I’d be gettin’ myself a lawyer! Love the idea of the horse trailer all painted up real purty with a sign on the side — EGGS AND MORE EGGS (since it’s not gonna be a farm stand anymore).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Miss Linda you aren’t fooling me. I know those chickens 🐓 have hired you as their union rep. I have no comment. Further you’re a creative one why don’t you whip up a pair of those chicken snow boots and come on over and put them on the girls!

      I should clarify that was thinking of not selling eggs or anything anymore…

      Thank you for the belly laugh. Xo ki,

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      1. says:

        If those poor chickens have to wait on me to whip up some booties, they’re gonna get frostbite. Your egg customers will NOT be happy if the eggs aren’t available. Sorry to hear about the horse trailer. Sounds like a spring repair project. Can you tarp the roof in the meantime? Bungie cords!!!


  2. says:

    P.S. Goat milk is NOT necessary to make soap. The reason Mr. Cottage won’t let you have a cow is because he KNOWS it wouldn’t be long before you’d be lettin’ the cow in the house, too. He didn’t fall offa that turnip truck yesterday.

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    1. Oh my yes, I know I don’t need milk to make soap it’s just the kind I wanted to make.

      Way back in the ‘80’s there was a local farm with goats that made soap and lotion. The first time I saw their products for sale in Cracker Barrel I thought to myself that was the kind of farming I’m going to do someday and I’m going to have my products sold in Cracker Barrel too. Oh how silly. It was a dream…

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      1. says:

        NOT silly.


  3. Pam says:

    You have more snow than we have here in Michigan! Ours is pretty much melted right now. Look forward to hearing the story of the house chickens. Sorry you haven’t been feeling well. Hope you feel better soon!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Pam, this crazy weather, it’s raining now so much rain with all the snow now we’re under a flood warning. House chickens make us smile. Thanks for well wishes. Xo kim


  4. Love the photos of your house chickens. Looking forward to hearing the story someday. Hope your aches and pains get better soon.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Spoiled house chickens, but we really have enjoyed taking care of them. Aches are a little better. 😀 xo kim


  5. Debra says:

    I have been admiring the house chickens for a while-but I thought they were just ones that got to come in now and then. It’s way cool they are real house dwellers. I’m sorry about the snow damage. I wish I lived closer to you-I’d be over to help. Since I can’t do that physically-can I offer a bit of ‘help’ with something else? You mentioned a dream you had of making soap and having it sold. I don’t know much about keeping goats, except for the neighbor goats we have. They are wonderfully smart critters and so, so cute. But like I say-I don’t know anything about keeping them. I do know about having a dream, and staying with it-even when it seems like everything is shouting, “NO!” (not meaning your sweet hubby). How about actually writing down reasons to do it-versus reasons not to. Could you get the milk from a farmer? I’m just thinking here-but it seems like you have way too much to offer in this world, to just up and quit-especially on such a sweet dream as making soap. I can just see your chicken photos on the bar labels…BTW-is is still possible to order your cards? I always meant to, then got too busy with other junk.
    Well, I’m probably not helping you after all, but I do wish you’d keep that dream alive and run for it.

    Liked by 2 people

    1. Oh sweet friend thank you for your message of hope and perseverance. I’m crying my eyes out right now feeling total despair. Just found out my trailer turned farm stand leaks. It rained all night and is still raining – all of my glass work canned goods and eggs are completely soaked. Maybe it’s time for me to stop dreaming. Sigh. Xo kim


  6. DA Squires says:

    When I saw the vintage trailer with the greens and darling sign, my heart sang…I love the look of it, and thought it would be so sturdy–the most perfect farm stand! And then my heart sank as I read your reply above… dear Kim, please do not give up on your dreams, the farm stand, soap making…just pause for awhile and rest…you have been through so much, anyone would feel overwhelmed with all you have had to deal with. This morning I re-read The Greatest Gift…the small story upon which the big movie (with perhaps most important message of all), It’s a Wonderful Life, was based. It was originally self-published by the author as a Christmas card and handed out by his daughter to her third grade classmates in the early 1940’s, after it was turned down for years by every magazine and publisher. Yet he never stopped believing in it. It’s a reminder we all need, to never stop believing in what makes our heart happiest… xoxo Debbie

    PS And please do tell the story of the house chickens… soon : )


  7. tonytomeo says:

    My colleagues at work try to convince me to stay with them, not matter how much I try to explain that I need to get back to the farm. I am not on the fence about it, but unsure of how to get back to work. I enjoy my other job so much that I do not want to leave. However, I know what I need to do.


  8. lindasschaub says:

    I am hopelessly behind in Reader and just reading this Kim – by now your snow may be melted. 🙂 I like the vintage trailer and maybe you’ll use it to haul your nice soaps around instead of fashioning it into a roadside stand. Your crummy year just won’t quit will it? I hate to see how the weather devastates our property. I saw the house chickens and smiled as they snuggled near Mr. Cottage . When you get time you’ll have to tell us the backstory on the house chickens. I have to share Ruth Soaper’s blog – you two are very similar. Ruth and her husband have a farm and they grow and sell garlic, and Ruth makes her own soap. She has some posts on her site about soap-making and I’ve not followed her all that long, but have learned many things, including making soap – here is Ruth’s blog and I’ll going to tell Ruth about your possible interest in soap making. I do hope your 2019 is kinder to you!


  9. Annie says:

    I love your COLD wintry weather photos followed by COZY indoor photos of the comfy chair, old movie, comfort foods, and the indoor chicks. But your words of hardships followed and that is disheartening. I love the idea of selling from the horse trailer. My mind is thinking a tarp over it until spring when it can be sealed. You certainly have good neighbors who do care and want to help. 💕


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