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We lost a piece of our heart this week.

Our sweet little senior rescue dog crossed over.

Her name was Peanut, she now rests peacefully under the pear tree. Though she was part of our lives for only a short four years and just a speck of a dog her absence feels big and all-consuming.


























We actually lost 3 pieces of our heart this month, it has been a hard month so far.

  We lost our hen Alice, the first of the month.  She was named after my grandmother, who was a chicken farmer.  Alice was one of my first chickens and she held a fond place in my heart.  She was Stanley Roo’s sister.

A few days later, my dear sweet uncle passed away just a day shy of his 91st birthday.

He taught me one of the hardest lessons ever.

He took me along when it was time to slaughter the cattle.  That day has haunted me to this day.  He let me know in a firm no non-sense way this was part of farming.

  Early June for many years, we would get a phone call from him – “are the cherries ready for picking?”  We would tell him that they would be ready soon.  He and his wife would come from Pennsylvania and spend a week helping us pick cherries and put them up.  He always found yard work that needed doing here and other chores around the homestead.  He loved working outside.

  A project he took on one year was to restore an old bird feeder that I had purchased at an estate sale.

  That bird feeder was old when I got it, but I just knew it still had some life in it.   Sure enough, Uncle Lloyd, patched it up and made it look good, we still use it to this day.

When we see a cardinal, Mr. Cottage says “there’s Lloyd.” He loved the Cardinals.

Such goodness to hold in my heart.


We knew Peanut’s time was coming, the tumor was growing and it was affecting her brain.

We made peace with this difficult decision,  Mr. Cottage and I took her in and she passed with the assistance of the vet.

They say these things come in threes, I hope this is the end of this time of loss.


A warm glow from twinkle lights, fluffy feathers and deep veining in the petals of lovely orchids. Snow covered branches.  A solar-powered sunflower for Peanut’s grave.  Time spent at the kitchen table creating mixed media assemblages and earrings. Losing myself in creating tiny wire bird nests with sweet little eggs.  Inspirations from the birds gathered at the white-dusted feeders.  Vessels filled with feathers frame the window.

These are long cold days of winter.  Time for reflection and tears and happy memories of those we have loved.

All of this, yes the sadness too, is goodness to hold in my heart.

Thank you for stopping in today.

xo Kim

16 thoughts on “Such goodness to hold in my heart

  1. says:

    I’ve also heard that things come in threes. I hope your three are done. Is the little black dog lonely now? Does he have only chickens to hang out with now? Where are the peacocks? Didn’t realize you had a pond.


    1. Linda, Boo the black dog has separation anxiety really bad when he can’t see me he panics, so we have been quite conserned how he would handle this loss. Boo and Peanut were adopted at the same time, they had been removed from an abusive situation which was pretty bad. The shelter did not want them to be separated they felt it would be too hard on them. They were in the shelter for a very long time before I got them. No one wanted them being senior dogs with bad health and lots of issues. I was crazy for getting them, but never regretted it for a minute. We are giving Boo lots of attention to let him know it’s all gonna be ok. He is asleep at my feet. He misses his sister.
      Peacocks are at a new home…
      We have 3 ponds.
      Hope you are ok miss your posts.
      Xo kim


      1. says:

        I’m fine. Been going back and updating older posts, deleting stuff.

        Liked by 1 person

  2. ruthsoaper says:

    I am so sorry for your losses, Kim. Sending you hugs.
    You photos are amazing as always.


    1. Thank you Ruth, time heals these hurts. Hugs help. Xo kim

      Liked by 1 person

  3. LaDy says:

    I am so sorry for all of your losses this month. Losing those that we love is always a very difficult time and the memories we hold well always cling dear to our hearts.


  4. Sandra ONeill says:

    RIP, Peanut.


  5. lindasschaub says:

    Ah, I’m sorry for your losses Kim – the hits just keep on coming to you and this time they are losses from the heart and that makes them even sadder. Your pictures were beautiful and when I got to the last part of the post you had me misting up some more. Take care Kim.


  6. Rebecca says:

    Thank you for sharing your memories of Uncle Lloyd. Precious! He was a wonderful uncle! I’m so sorry for your loss of Alice (her name warms my heart) and Peanut. Blessed critters for having you and Charles as parents. Peace to you both and sending our love your way!! 😘


  7. Lisa says:

    I’m sorry for your losses. Sending hugs!


  8. DA Squires says:

    Oh, Kim… I am so sorry… it is very hard, the loss is felt so deeply and only time helps…perhaps another rescue in time…he or she would win the lottery with a home at Red Dirt Farm. I have been wondering about the peacocks… I was worried about predators, so glad to know they are at another home. Thinking of you, hoping each day is a little easier, and love the tiny bird nests w/ blue eggs… a reminder of new life and spring…


  9. Anonymous says:

    I am so sorry for your losses, Kim. Sending you much love…


  10. Annie says:

    Oh no! Just when a bit of sunshine arrived to ease remodeling woes, to have these three sad loses. Your art is a good outlet for some small bits of relief. Sincere condolences.
    I love the little thimble and birds you created….


  11. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    😦 sending big huge hugs


  12. Debra says:

    I’m sorry. That hurt-from humans passing and beloved pets-is bittersweet. I guess the loss makes us treasure and remember the things about them that we loved even more. It’s like we hold those memories even tighter.
    I’m glad and happy for you that you are creating and selling your art! It’s wonderful!
    I really think you could have a photo book published. The picture of the hen sliding off the recliner is so sweet and adorable!


  13. Sarah says:

    So sorry to hear of your losses. Thinking of you. Sarah x


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