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Oh my, it’s almost over, February, that is.

It’s the calm before the storm.














February as always is full of surprises.

We had cold weather and then warm weather that made my heart so happy, alas it didn’t last.  The cold came again, and we had freezing rain, snow, sleet and lots of just wet never-ending rain.

  Tomorrow,  we expect snow, sleet and whatever else they can throw at us.

Although I don’t care for winter weather, the sounds of sleet hitting the tin roof in the night is so enjoyable, to me.

Ting, ting, ting.

There was a birthday with a cake from the furry and feathered children and sweet little cards.

Flowers to add to my dried collection.

I had a medical procedure which hasn’t been very pleasant, and the anticipation of the event had my stomach in knots.  I have great trust in my doctor, which I have had for many years, so no worries there. I was just nervous – that’s all. The anesthesiologist was funny and helped lighten the mood.  Afterward, uncomfortable days spent quietly snuggling with That Cat.   Mr. Cottage managed to find all the right old movies on TV for me to watch.

Other quiet pursuits including rummaging through the vintage button tin, finding just the right pieces to add to my mixed media collages.  Hours of layering vintage advertising, music sheets, and pages from old dictionaries.   There is a scent with all these old things, that makes me rather happy.  I know kooky right?

A group of these collages are available for purchase at Sweet Art Emporium.  So exciting to be a part of a new business in town.

Speaking of scents I haven’t moved forward with my candle and soap making – so many materials to acquire, and they aren’t inexpensive. However, I’m getting close to pouring my first candle batch…

I hope all is well in your part of the world.  I miss talking with you all.

Next Post, I will be joining Sarah at Down By The Sea for her monthly garden tour. Sarah has the loveliest of blogs and beautiful gardens surround her home by the sea in Dorset, England. I’m thinking maybe some of you out there that love to garden, would care to join along too.

Miss Linda and Annie, I thought of you. Oh and of course, you too Connie.

Oh and Annie – I rooted some ivy – it’s rather sad-looking now, but we have high hopes.

That’s all for today.

xo Kim

17 thoughts on “Hello February where did you go

  1. lindasschaub says:

    Stay safe in that storm Wednesday Kim – my friend Evelyn lives in Richmond, Virginia and was telling me about the dire predictions she heard. We have some ugly weather tomorrow too – still another ice storm. Your vintage pictures are amazing – love the little boy. My grandmother and mother both had a button box. I like hearing rain or sleet on the tin patio roof too – it is comforting and the sparrows line up on the window sills under the patio roof for shelter and made these cute little twitters. You and Mr. Cottage need a get away after both your procedure and when the home remodeling is done – something to look forward to.

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    1. Hi Linda – Richmond is about an hour East of us, I missed the news this morning, so I’m not sure what they got that way. We have snow, then sleet and now it is raining, not sure if it is freezing just yet or not, we are hovering around 31 degrees this am. It’s pretty right now, I hope to go take some photos in a bit. I think button catchalls were universal for a period – guess women don’t keep them these days – unless you are really into sewing or crafting. I have several some I bought at auction or flea markets and one from my mom. I also have some old sewing pieces and other parts that were my grandmothers. I love digging through those old stashes. I know what you mean about the wrens, they do have a cute sound and get very animated with the chickens hanging out under the feeders. The Wrens, well most of the birds fling the birdseed out of the feeders looking for just the right seed. The chickens gather under the feeders scooping up everything that they drop – it all works out nicely.

      Sadly a trip away is a long time coming, but a girl can dream about somewhere warm and sunny can’t she! xo kim

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      1. lindasschaub says:

        Yes we girls can dream – it helps to get us through these dull and dreary days of Winter, doesn’t it? My friend said it was not as bad as predicted but she must deal with a mountain in her commute to Charlotteville so is just as glad she did not have to make the commute today. It is a 600-hour unpaid internship and they were nice about her not being there today. Our storm did not reach the full potential they promised it would – that’s fine with me. We still had freezing rain which will turn to just rain and dry up and we’re good for a day … we will have thunderstorms and heavy, gusty winds both days this weekend, so hopefully no loss of power issues. I’m eager to get past Winter, but now, since I am a weather worrier, I have to wonder what volatile and erratic weather Spring and Summer will bring? My grandmother and mother had sewing baskets. Not the kind that were wicker, in pink or blue with a handle to carry them around, but brown wicker baskets, very plain and they had all the little containers of buttons, or “frogs” or tiny balls of wool for darning socks and other sewing-related items. When it was Easter, the basket was dumped into a bag and became my Easter basket with those little chicks with the wire feet dancing along the top of it. Precious memories from long ago. Your chickens know how to be in the right place at the right time to maximize their treats! Take care Kim. {{{ }}}


  2. Lisa Stamper Meyer says:

    I’m happy to see you taking advantage of the indoors to do some art-ing. You have such a good eye and make beautiful art out of forgotten things! It will be spring soon and there will be much to do and see once the earth awakens. We spent this past weekend pulling out the dead and getting ready for the spring. Ours will start in the next few weeks and I will want nothing more than to be outside. For now, stay warm and snuggle with That Cat 🙂

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    1. Hi Lisa – I would think that you have warm weather and blooms by now? I’m enjoying working with these layers of old stuff, you know how it is, something kind of relaxing and enjoyable about putting it all together. You are right, it is snowing now and I’m sitting reading seed catalogs dreaming about spring planting and being outside, not bundled up in three layers. Oh and flip flops… xo kim


  3. Debra says:

    Hello my friend! I LOVE seeing how you are recuperating with art! I hope you are all better now. I love your new blog header-it’s beautiful. Yuk to the bad weather. I am so ready for spring I could burst.

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    1. Hello friend, right back at ya. Yes, it is therapeutic and comforting to layer and reposition and find just the right something old that adds that little extra detail. We need to have an art day together. Thank you for mentioning the header – I worked on that recently, I wanted birds of course, but something simple that kind of told my story. I’m using that as my logo on my cards I attach to the pieces that I have for sale in the store. Snowing now, it is pretty and yes please come soon spring. xo kim


  4. DA Squires says:

    Hi Kim… Wish I could send some FL sunshine and warm temps along w/ this reply… hope you will be able to come south one of these winters….and that you are now on the mend w/ clear sailing for you and Mr. Cottage– for a LONG time. Love the new header and, of course, the photos that always capture the warmth and love and caring at Red Dirt Farm. All who live there– or fly into your world– are so, so lucky. (The birthday cake inscription was perfect : ) Would there be an email or tel # to reach the store…I want to order (if possible) the bird’s nest pin created by the ‘maker’ of art, jewelry, etc.
    xo Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie – such warm wishes – thank you. Mr. Cottage and the kids did a great job with the cake, and it was good too. I might have eaten way more than I should have.:) We would sure love to spend time south and winters would be great, but that will only work when there aren’t any farm animals in our lives. Can you imagine me packing up the car with cats dogs and oh say 50 plus chickens! HA they’d kick me out of the neighborhood. I will send a private message to you about the bird nest jewelry – thank you for asking. Oh, and mentioning the header – those little details. xo kim


  5. Annie says:

    February is such a tease in Virginia. One warm day and the daffodils are in bloom, then snow and ice the next day. I hope you are on the mend and staying warm. Love your art. Love your photos…. you’ve got a gift with lighting. The cake is adorable and the flowers and your newly rooted ivy will spread a little springtime indoors. 😊

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    1. Boy Annie – did you nail the weather or what. It is raining for the second day in a row – just what we don’t need. Thank you for the kind comments, they are appreciated. The ivy is saying I think I can I think I can. xo kim

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  6. Kris P says:

    There’s nothing like a cat to make a house seem cozy, even on the coldest days. Your collages are wonderful. And happy birthday!

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    1. Hi Kris – thanks for popping in and your kind comments and birthday wishes. Yes to snugly warm kitties. xo kim


  7. Mrs. N in Japan says:

    Hi Kim,
    I am always charmed and amazed by your indoor photos. I really love them. You take the ordinary and make it look so lovely and comforting. That is what attracts me to your blog- it’s ordinary comfort….it’s real life put in such an interesting way.

    I love your cat- really. 🙂
    I fee the strays around here but oh my gosh don’t tell my husband!

    Rest up and feel better….

    I shall have a look at that blog about gardening…. thanks for mentioning me….

    xo-here’s to warmer weather on the horizon…..!

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    1. Hey Connie – you put into words, what I hope people feel when they visit my blog. I have an ordinary life, I try to find the beauty in it, every day and be thankful for what I have

      I feed the stray animals around here too – probably more than my husband would like 🙂
      Hope you enjoy Sarah’s blog – it is lovely – not just the gardening posts.

      xo kim


  8. Gail says:

    So glad you stopped by my blog. Yours is lovely. I loved the buttons and your creations.

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    1. Hi Gail – I look forward to seeing more on your blog. I enjoy creating with those old buttons, something soothing and rewarding about it. xo kim


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