Unrequited Love

We’ve all been there.

In that place where you had feelings for someone and they didn’t reciprocate.

Sigh, it’s just part of life.



I was working on the computer, and I kept hearing this noise behind me, across the room at the window.  I got up to see that a sweet little Black Capped Chickadee was repeatedly flinging itself at the window.  This went on and on.  Finally, the little bird was able to get a toehold, on the edge of the window.  There it sat chirping ever so sweetly.  I stood and watched as the chickadee gazed upon the little bird art sculpture I have in the upper window.  The chickadee sang one love song after another to that statue.  It made several attempts to get inside the house to reach that little colorful bird in the window.   That colorful little bird stood ever so still on its flower-covered block, not responding at all.

Thanks for stopping in.

xo Kim

PS  You can now find me here and I’d love for you to join me if you’re so inclined.  I just got there and I will say, I have no idea what I’m doing.

22 thoughts on “Unrequited Love

  1. I found myself smiling a sad smile… that complex emotion of tenderness entwined with sad sweetness… the photos tell the story so perfectly… you have a magical touch with the camera, Kim… and Instagram was waiting for YOUR arrival : ) xo

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    • Hi Debbie – it is a bittersweetness isn’t it. Kinda like IG, I thought long and hard about getting an account, and I’m not sure why I went ahead with it, and I’m not sure yet how I feel about it. I guess with all things, time will tell. xo kim


  2. Oh, how . . . sad.
    Various birds at work get in fights with the side view mirrors on the pickups. That is just weird. What is weirder is that there is a certain shade of blue that gets female peacocks ‘happy’ but offends male peacocks. My old Electra happened to be that precise shade of blue, so got attached by a peacock while parked in the wrong place.

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    • Tony – we’ve had the mirrors attacked many times on our vehicles by Cardinals. Birds broke the mirror on my Dad’s car too. We have had a funny dress code around here – red riles up the roosters and they attack, and blue gets the peacocks going – during the breeding season, no blue clothing should be worn on this property – crazy birds! Shame about the Electra. We had a couple come out one time looking to get peacocks from us, but once the husband found out the peacocks will get up on the cars, he packed up his wife and told her no peacocks and they left spinning tires!

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      • Supposedly, there is a place in Florida where cars of particular colors get attacked by naturalized peacocks so regularly that they can not get insurance!
        I have seen only one cardinal on only one occasion while in Oklahoma. Someone pointed it out, and even though I had seen them in pictures and was quite aware of what they looked like, I was totally surprised by how much it looked like . . . it was supposed to look like! Why on Earth would a bird be SO red?!


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