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Hello friends.

It’s been quite the summer for us here on the farm. How about you?

So many changes, some of them coming at lightning speed, and others like gentle quiet a ha moments.






Just a few images from here.

I wanted to pop in and say hello, and yes, I’ve been on a blogging vacay, just because so much has been going on, I haven’t the time to read or write. More about all that later.  I thought a quick little hello would be nice because I do miss hearing from y’all, and some of you have been kind enough to contact me asking if I’m okay.  Yes, I’m good.   Today, I got waylaid with the new WordPress editor, so I’m going to have to learn that, and as if that wasn’t blowing my mind enough, my free photo editor has changed too, which is what I use to put my watermark on my images.  Two new editors for me to learn, I’m blown away.  So, when I have more time I’ll learn these new tricks and keep my brain fresh – isn’t that what they say – learning new things keeps your brain from turning into a dried-up crusty toasted bread. 

We have new curtains and a rug (which is really a big deal in our house) and please say hello to Bee, a new house chicken, she just turned 6 weeks old and yes, she is part of where all my time has gone this summer.  She was rejected by all the broody hens and so I have ended up raising her – you guessed in the house.  Speaking of toasted, it has been so incredibly hot this summer, the new curtains remain drawn most of the time, to try and keep things a little cooler.

I have no idea why the spacing is so much between the photos or why they are different sizes…

Hope you are all well and enjoying summer activities.


Half toast – Kim



11 thoughts on “Hello to Bee and my Toasted brain

  1. Debbie says:

    Hello Bee!! What a lucky girl you are… you have been adopted by the BEST mom a chick could ever hope to find!! So glad to hear from you, Kim, and look forward to more posts… (technology both thrills and scares me…old brain!) The photos, as always are gorgeous! xo Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie – Bee is Queen Bee and she knows it! I agree about the technology – so much of it fascinates me and then terrifies me and then frustrates me! So good to hear from you – hope your family is well. xo kim


  2. ruthsoaper says:

    Hi Kim. Great to see your post. Glad summer is going well. We can’t let my husband know you have a house chicken. LOL! I am happy with all of ours at the farm.

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    1. Hi Ruth your husband can rest knowing Bee in-house accommodations will be coming to an end before too long. We are working on transitioning her to real chicken life! Ha she is doing good learning her way. Hope all is well on your farm. Xo kim

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      1. ruthsoaper says:

        My husband has a reputation for bringing home stray, orphaned, injured or sick animals. He has done it since he was a child. Our house has become a chicken hospital on several occasions. I don’t have a problem with that when they need the extra care but I have drawn the line at a pet chicken inside. LOL. Our summer is turning out better than expected considering our soggy spring. ☺


  3. Ginny says:

    Hi Kim.….I am so happy to see you back, have missed your writings and pictures…and you! I totally agree, this summer has been brutally hot, our AC gave up the battle after 12 years; it’s nice to be cool again! I think Bee is one very lucky chicken, you are such a caring person. What a challenge to deal with new service suppliers and your brain is far from being ‘toasted’! Please don’t disappear again, you have been missed! Best wishes, Ginny

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    1. Ah Ginny you make my heart smile – thank you. Oh my gosh I’m sure not having ac was brutal, I guess 12 years wasn’t such a bad run, but it is never easy having to bite the bullet and buy a new system. I’m outside typing this watching Queen Bee, and the hummingbirds make their last fill up before they call it a night. I have donated enough blood to the mosquitoes so I’m going to call it a night. Thank you again for your kindness. Xo kim


  4. Mrs. CN says:

    You are such a loving mommy Kim! The pictures of little Bee are adorable. I honestly never knew how affectionate these darling creatures can be. I’m learning a lot about them by following your Instagram and blog posts.

    Our summer was weird. Most of it passed in a soggy mess as the rainy season was longer than I’ve ever seen it here in Japan. Now it’s super hot and muggy and a typhoon is on the way.

    I’m looking forward to autumn!

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    1. Hi Connie I think people just think of chickens as being dumb and not worth much. They are just like our other pets with personalities that range the gammet. Bee thinks I’m mom she doesn’t know anything else, she doesn’t hold it against me😂😂😂. Our weather has been very hot and pretty dry this year unlike last year when it rained non stop. I sure hope you fair ok with the monsoon,keep us posted and be safe. Xo kim

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  5. lindasschaub says:

    Glad to see you back Kim and this time I didn’t write to you as I figured it was Summer and you were harvesting blooms, selling them and busy, busy busy – a busy bee, which brings me to Bee. I thought Bee was associated with the sunflower. What a lucky girl Bee is to have your TLC and your home, out of the elements, to grow up in. I know its hot in Virginia – my RVA friend has been telling me that all Summer – it’s not been a fun season at all, in fact, Spring was not so great either. Just sign me “the perpetual malcontent”.


  6. Annie says:

    Lovely photos of good things around your property. You’re brave to experiment with the new WordPress editor. They have to drag me kicking and screaming to switch from the Classic. It’s finally raining up here in New England and the garden is smiling. This storm may have worked it way up the coast so you should have gotten some of it today.


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