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On the other side of the once clean kitchen window.

I snap a few photos.

The window was nicely cleaned recently by Mr. Red Dirt.  These little critters have dirtied it up with their cute little paws and their nudging little noses.

My daily entertainment.


Yes, you are adorable you little rodent!




































I emptied the pantry of some stale peanuts and almonds the other day, and now they expect to have such decadent treats every day.


I went out to the big urns on the front porch the other day to discover that a large band of rogue chickens from some other farm had come through and decapitated my pansies.

  No, I didn’t see it happen.

How do I know that it was chickens from another farm – because of course, my sweet darling girls would never do such a thing!

I placed the pansy heads gently on the old chippy table alongside the dried lambs’ ears.

A trip to a thrift shop I should not have made.  A unicorn mug came home. Not at all my style.  I have no idea why I bought it.  Something about it…

A set of vintage china, I didn’t need.  Oh, but don’t our girls’ eggs look so lovely on them?

We had a couple of very cold mornings.  One of which Gracie brought her wee chick out for a bit to explore.  She is the most overprotective hen we have ever had.


I took my first ever painting class on Saturday.

I came home from my painting class and was greeted on the front porch by Boo Dog and Little Miss Bee.

If I came home with a pile of poop, Boo dog would tell me it was the greatest thing he has ever seen.

He is like that.

He gives love unconditionally.

Bee on the other hand – I said look Bee, mommy painted your picture.

She wasn’t impressed.




Until next time,

xo Kim

16 thoughts on “Rogue chickens decapitated pansies

  1. Happy weekend Kim 🙂 love the pics of the frozen plants and your beautiful home 🌿

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    1. Thank you tiny potager for sharing your kindness. Isn’t the frost on the grass so intriguing – it is delicate and severe all at once. Have a great day. xo kim

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      1. That is the perfect description 🌿


  2. says:

    I just noticed the old courier font. Love it! Is that a Rainbow Fern/Rainbow Moss/Peacock Fern next to the quilt. Bought my 3rd one in 2019. You let them dry out just the teensiest and they croak.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Miss Linda – as always you have such a keen eye – spotting that fern. I have only had it a few weeks, hoping I don’t find out that I can kill it in a heart beat! I like that simple old style font too. xo kim

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  3. Donna Campbell says:

    I love your blog. What kind of camera do you have? I love all of your pictures!

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    1. Hi Donna – thank you for asking – I’m a Cannon girl, I have several, I’m currently using a Cannon 80D. Thank you for following along. xo kim


  4. lindasschaub says:

    I was admiring the eggs as I was looking at the pictures. That was right after I saw those two tall jars of pickles. Of course I thought the rodent was cute, until he had to paw through the birds’ offerings. Then I was in awe of your “creating room” – such a long table to create all the fun things you do and I read this was in painting class. Well I thought Little Miss Bee was examining her likeness – it looked like she took a real interest in the picture. I see it has a place of honor on the wall. I’m happy to see you posting more Kim.

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    1. Hi Linda – yummy eggs indeed. I named the two squirrels, Mr. and Mrs. Nutty – I could say they are rather spoiled and do not have the nice manners your companions exhibit. They just chewed through the plastic tub of birdseed on the front porch over night. Grr. aren’t those pickles a work of art? My sister canned them from her garden last summer, they were a Christmas gift, almost too pretty to open and eat. I have to tell you the teacher at the local art studio set up the most charming work are for our class. She even had copper ramekins to hold water for dipping our brushes – just exquisite. Bee was only interested in seeing if the painting was something she could eat – that’s a chicken for you! Have a good day – stay warm. xo kim

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      1. lindasschaub says:

        Squirrels may be cute, but they can be destructive if they arrive somewhere where you fed them and there is no food – they will do anything to get to food. My neighbor had a metal pail in the garage that he kept peanuts in when he was outside working in the yard – they knew where the pail was and sneaked into the garage one day when he wasn’t looking and tore the garage apart (he does not park in there – he uses it for storage and sits out there, i.e. a man cave). They could not open the metal can so were mad – they tore open everything they could find and knocked stuff down. He poured out all the peanuts in the backyard and said “enjoy – no more for you guys!” That was nice of your art teacher to make it so fun and charming – that’s why I thought it was your personal art area. Stay warm too Kim – Winter will be around sooner or later unfortunately.


  5. ruthsoaper says:

    Your house is so charming and the eggs look delicious. I find it easy to excuse bad chicken behavior when they provide such treats. What do you do with dried lambs ears? First class??? Your painting is great!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Good morning Ruth – our house is comfortable for us, not fussy and full of all that dust and farm living stuff that I’m sure you know all about. I know what you mean about excusing their bad behavior, they give back yummy eggs and loving snuggles. The lambs ears I use to make smudge sticks or little dried arrangements. Or I leave them laying around the house on dusty surfaces and then I photograph them like they are prized ornaments. LOL Thank you for mentioning the painting, I’m sure I should be embarrassed about my talent and hide it, but I’m not at all! I have wanted to paint forever – bucket list and all that. xo kim

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  6. Debra says:

    Please do keep painting. It’s wonderful.

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    1. Debra I cherish your compliment. xo kim


  7. Ginny says:

    I love your pictures in this message, the vintage wine pourer, the old china pattern, (nothing like present day designs), and the old crochet piece. I loved thrift shopping and have several small pieces created by loving hands in the past. They are heirlooms and I treasure them. Your painting of Miss Bee is charming…she thinks so too!! So glad you hung it!


  8. Debbie says:

    Your photos are so lovely, Kim..I linger of each one, always. You are a skilled photographer.. composition, lighting, close-ups…and I especially love seeing Miss Bee and the girls living THE best life. How lucky they are!! And to see the traces of winter. So great you’re taking painting classes : ) Can’t wait to see more of your creative efforts. I think doing anything creative is not only immensely satisfying, but also offers an escape hatch from the worries of the day. Already looking forward to the next post…


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