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What a week – you too?

Highs and lows and I’m not just talking about the weather.

This week in our neck of the woods we had an earthquake, flooding rains, high winds, gloriously warm temperatures followed by plummeting temperatures.

Photojournal of my week.














































 I opened the windows wide to let those warm breezes in and to freshen up the house from stale stuffy winter.  Little Miss Bee, quickly found her way through the open window and made herself at home in the dog bed, on the furniture, the kitchen table and all sorts of places one should not have a chicken.

My friend and I went on an outing at the local thrift store, where I purchased a wood head and footboard for just a few dollars. I said I was going to paint a farm sign on it.  My friend agreed it sounded like a good project.  That was two years ago.  These past two years the bed has been stored away in the barn among my million and one other someday projects.  A professionally painted sign simply isn’t in the budget, and quite frankly even if it was I’m not sure I would want a new sign.  I much prefer recycling old stuff.  This week after applying a base coat of paint, I started hand lettering the headboard.  I’m really slow and don’t have the steadiest of hands.  Occasionally a chicken or a cat jumps up in the middle of my work and I have to stop and feed them or cuddle them. No, I did not measure my spacing – I’m an eyeballing it type girl.  It is coming along though, and no worries to professional sign painters out there – your job is safe, I’m no threat!

I had an appointment in the big city this week, so while there I treated myself to a shopping adventure at a craft store, purchased the latest copy of In her Studio, magazine followed by lunch at my favorite Thai restaurant.  I had Thom Kha soup and mixed vegetable and shrimp tempura.  Exquisite.

We had the equivalent of a home invasion this week, a hawk got inside one of the coop runs and killed one of our girls.  Words can not cover the extent of my guilt and grief at her loss.

I delivered a few of my potted bulbs to the local gift shop in Palmyra this week.  Holding my breath that these little babies will be appreciated and will sell.

I have been doing some bird sketches with colored pencil on vintage book paper.  I love working with old paper, but it is quite fragile.  I managed to rip through the paper in a few spots while filling in the details.  I have applied light layers of Gesso, for my next attempt, to see if that presents a bit more stable area before I sketch.  I just did some light coats, hoping to maintain the look of the original print.

Signs of spring are slowly emerging and Mr. Red Dirt has been busy trimming and cleaning up winter debris.  We have been talking about garden plans and new areas of tilling.  Always a favorite subject of mine.

Next week I’m taking a business class, YAWN.  I’ll be praying to the God of Patience to bestow upon me an extra dose.

Tonight Mr. Red Dirt is taking me out to our favorite restaurant – The Bavarian Chef.  Such a treat for us, as we rarely dine out, we will be celebrating my new number – 57, which will arrive Sunday morning at 10:19 am.

I hope you all had a lovely week.


until next time,

xo Kim

7 thoughts on “57

  1. Pam says:

    Happy Birthday! Your pictures are beautiful as usual! I have a set of dishes that my Grandparents gave me that are just like the bowl you have a plant in (the one kind of shaped like a beehive). Love those dishes and think of my grandparents every time I see them. So sorry a hawk got one of your girls. I feed the birds during the winter and have lost a few to hawks. It makes me so sad. I try to provide protection for them but it doesn’t always work. The weather here in Michigan has been crazy too. It has been a very mild winter with hardly any snow which is nice for people but not the fruit trees, etc. We have snow now and it is looking more like February in Michigan. Love your sign. I think it looks great!

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    1. Oh, Pam, I love that your grandparents gave you those dishes and that they bring you happy memories. I think they are such a lovely set, I purchased them years ago while visiting my family in Pennsylvania. Sadly, they are not in very good shape anymore, but I couldn’t just throw them out I had to repurpose them somehow. We feed the birds too and I get said when hawks swoop down on the unsuspecting critters. I know that hawks have to eat too, I just wish it was a mouse or a snake instead. We have not had any snow this year, and I am not complaining. Thank you for your good wishes. xo kim


  2. D. A. Squires says:

    Happy Birthday, Kim… as always, the photos are so lovely, as is all your creative effort…the bulbs in old-fashioned vessels, the bird drawings on old paper, your signage for the roadside stand that I wish I could get to every week : ) But so sad to hear about the hawk… this is obviously the hardest part– that they cannot be completely protected. Through another blog I follow I found my way to a website that you would find interesting (among other things she makes goat milk soap : ) She lives off the grid (!) in upper Vermont. I just ordered two bars of soap–the vast array of scents to choose from is amazing! And her instagram is worth perusing, too… the cats, chickens, etc.. all reminded me of you : ) Maybe a couple of goats s/b on your bday wishlist?!!

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    1. Greetings Debbie – I wish you could visit too – 🙂 Thank you for including that mother natures mountain information. Oh how I wanted goats, the Mr. put a halt on that idea pretty quickly. I bought material last year to start making candles and soap and have not moved forward with it. I keep thinking about it though. I have such horrible allergies and sensitivities to scents, it seems like a stupid thing for me to pursue, yet I still want to. All the best to you and your family. xo kim


  3. lindasschaub says:

    Well first off, happy birthday Kim, which it will be when you read this. Hope it will be a good year for you. I smiled at the inquisitive Little Miss Bee making herself at home. Sorry to hear about your home invasion and your loss of life. I hate hawks – they want to make my furry friends their next meal. We have Cooper’s Hawks at the Park and around the neighborhood – they are sneaky. I was worried that a cat’s pretty fur might be landing on the “R” in your sign. I like that sign – you’ll see it from the street or highway that goes past your place. Business class is okay, yes a YAWN for me too, but you will likely find a more fun class to cater to your creativity. Good luck with the bulb plants – they look Springy, something we don’t have here yet. We did have a minor earthquake a few years ago. I was sitting in the kitchen and felt it rumble under my fee – thought I was imagining things, but yes we had a 3.6-magnitude earthquake in April of 2018. A few months before we had a 2.0 earthquake when a huge meteor hit land in Michigan.

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  4. KT Workman says:

    A very happy birthday, Kim! I enjoyed all the pictures, and reading about all you’ve been up to. I wish I were half as energetic. Your weather sounds about as crazy as ours has been. We’ve gotten quite a bit more rain than usual this winter, and only a dusting of snow so far. No earthquakes, though.
    I’m sorry for the loss of one of your girls. I know how much they mean to you. When you write about them, I’m always reminded of Green Acres, how Lisa Douglas talked to her girls, and they laid eggs for her when she asked. 😊

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  5. Debra says:

    Hello from New York. We have snow, rain, ice, slush-but right now it’s in the 40’s , so I’m happy about that. I love your photos as always, and love the sign. Your bird art is beautiful-I’m soooo happy you are showing us what you are painting and making. You are inspiring! Love to you and the Mr. and all the critters…

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