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A cold dark foreboding mist is covering the farm, perhaps evocative of what so many are feeling these days.

I screamed a primal sound that a mother makes when her baby is in the snatches of a dragon.  I ran with fear in my heart towards the sound of terror coming from Snowball.

The fox had come for lunch.  A young playful beautiful, deadly fox had our sweet Snowball in his clutches.  With all my might I ran just in time.  The next day the fox came again and tried once more.


That night off in the distance I heard a gunshot ring out.  I pondered if the folks up the road with chickens had dispatched of the red devil.

Our girls are on lockdown for the time being.



Photo Journal































I don’t have much to share in the photo journal since the last time we talked.

Life has been very difficult and consuming for our family.

Dad has been in the hospital with two surgeries and a stay in ICU.  He is home now, sick with a cold and has been told to stay home for a bit, between his health issues and what is happening all around us with Covid-19, he is at risk.

He had a stroke in his optic nerve, which had caused problems with his eyesight. He went to the eye doctor who sent him to the emergency room.  While doing a catscan for that incident that found blockages above where stints are in his carotid, which had been scanned just days before and been told he had no blockages.  Because they were above where the stints are, they did not show up on the scan.  It was a blessing that they were found.  The cardiologist performed an angiogram on Thursday.  Monday the neurosurgeons removed 2 blockages at the base of his brain.  We held our breath as surgeons said it was quite possible he wouldn’t make it.

But dad being the superhero, that he is, he came through with flying colors.

I’ve been tending to a young hen, Summer who was injured in a freak accident inside the coop while all was playing out with dad.  All in all, I would say things have been quite stressful around here.

And now the people have bought all the toilet paper, so there isn’t anything left to do but hope for this to pass – so to speak.

Schools are closed for the next couple of weeks, and many other events canceled.  How about in your area?

These succulents I rooted and potted up went to a local shop to be sold the other week.  Yesterday I went back and brought them all home for a staycation while the store is closed for the next two weeks.  Everybody is feeling this and it is so hard for those small businesses, I feel it with mine too.  Someone took a dozen eggs without paying, another person overpaid for theirs.  uncertain times bring uncertain behavior for sure.  I choose to reflect on what is good for now.

We live in fox hunting country.  It is lovely to see the riders dressed out, and I love hearing the calls on the horn.  I can’t help but wonder if their hunting has stirred the foxes and caused them to go after the chickens the very next day?  They took off across from our farm and circled all around our property.  I love being able to take their photos, and this lovely woman was quite accomodating.

I have been drying flowers for years and saving them for a someday project, which I am now working on.  The colors make me smile.

Mr. Red Dirt has been busy trimming out the windows and doors in our new addition, I’ve taken all the scrap wood and started painting them, light-hearted whimsical chickens, and birds, bunnies, butterflies and bumblebees. I am using vintage images for inspiration, other than the chickens.  I’m either experiencing a manic high with my painting or I have found my calling.  I’m truly enjoying myself, and I guess, that is what matters.

Peach blossoms and magnolia pinks, so lovely.  The pear trees are a bit sleepy just yet and aren’t quite ready to make an appearance.  The weather continues to roller coaster up and down, warm and cold sunny and rainy.  We need the rain, though.  I look forward to time in the garden with my hands in the soil.  Right now, I’ll escape with walks in the surrounding forest and sits on the garden bench.  I’ll gaze through the camera lens and ponder is all this scary stuff, just nature’s way of righting an imbalance?


Be well my friends, until next time,

xo Kim




5 thoughts on “dragons that are foxes

  1. Pam says:

    I hope Snowball, and all your other animals, are okay. How scary that must have been. Here in Michigan people are being just plain crazy. Stripping the stores of toilet paper, sanitizers and food. People have lost their minds! Sorry you are going through so much. I hope things get better soon.


  2. D. A. Squires says:

    I, too, hope Snowball and all the others are well and safe as can be…it is very hard to be a mom. Especially when you cannot protect your chicks 24/7. Such a scary, unsettled time for everyone.. and just as you said, these are the times that bring out the best and worst in people. I want to believe far more good than bad, but sometimes it doesn’t feel that way. Your photo journal is so beautiful, Kim!! I love all the spring colors..and the vividness of the dried flowers is amazing! SO glad you are finding peace and happiness in painting… I do not think there is a better Rx than to splash around in the arts. Very sorry to hear about your dad’s medical challenges, and hope he’s on the mend now.
    Sending all good wishes to everyone at Red Dirt Farm.. for safe passage through the coming weeks and months…
    xo Debbie


  3. Linda Schaub says:

    How awful for Snowball and you seeing Snowball in the clutches of the fox … I hope the gunshot meant the death knell for the fox and it sure sounds like the fox hunting may have contributed to making it skittish and apt to find a new place to den … though at/near the hen house is not that place for sure. Your Snowball story, your Dad’s health … all sad and you have had a trying last few years … so indulge yourself with drying flowers and projects using those dried flowers, and painting like you showed us here. Your delicate flowers counteract the bad karma at the house right now. Blessings for better days to you and your family Kim. xo-Linda


  4. Debra says:

    Hello dear Kim. My heart was pounding till I read that Snowball was ok. Your lovely photos and your simple, honest telling of your life are precious-do you know that? It’s true.
    Wanted to give you a heads up about using wood to paint on. I learned from sad experience that I needed to seal the wood before I painted on it. I wasn’t aware that knot holes and even wood grain could haunt and ruin a painting YEARS after it was painted. I have one on my studio wall right now that this is happening-good thing I didn’t try to sell it. But-when I was on Etsy, I did sell a painting that the knotholes appeared and I refunded the cost of the painting. Luckily, the buyer was the sweetest person on the earth, and I actually had to convince her that I would refund her money!!!! Amazing.
    SO the product I use now is Golden brand GAC 100. It’s water clean-up. It will make the surface a bit shiny, but you’re painting over that anyway. It says not to use as a final sealer-use it over the unpainted surface. If you read Dick Blick’s reviews of this product, you’ll learn more. So sorry about the long comment.
    Praying for your dad.


  5. Debra says:

    one more thing-your paintings are incredible.


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