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A few pics from my photo journal.












My allergies have been kicking my butt for the past two weeks.

I was busy painting and crafting new projects for holiday markets, that sadly doesn’t look like they will occur now.  Our Governor has tightened restrictions again on our state.  I’m tired of it just as everyone else is.

Our weather has continued to be all over the place, we have cool foggy mornings and beautiful warm sunny days followed by torrential downpours from Eta.

I cut a bouquet of flowers the other day, how wonderful is that in the middle of November.

Normally, by now I am getting excited for the holidays and decorating, yes I am one of those people that like to start decorating for Christmas the minute the turkey is finished being carved.

I’m not feeling it at all right now, I hope it is a passing thing and my spirits will pick up soon.

Mr. Red Dirt replaced rotten boards on the front porch and then painted everything.  It is so amazing what a difference a fresh coat of paint makes.

After he finished that project, I had him cutting blocks of wood for me for my painting projects.  I am working on a line of folk-art style chicks.  I have to step back a bit and contemplate the rest of their design.

I painted a few new Christmas/holiday scenes and made cards too. They are available for purchase here at the art wagon or my on-line store.

Each morning when I go out to open the farm stand art wagon, I take in the last precious days of blooming flowers. The sun is just coming up over the horizon and the dew glistens in the low light, I’m lost in a land of tiny beauty.  The cobwebs draped over the flowers and decaying plants are like a magical fairyland covered in a web of tightropes.  I imagine the fairies come out and swing from the cobwebs balancing precariously for a split second before soaring high in the air in a somersault of pure bliss.


I hope you are all well, thank you for sharing your time with me,

Stay well and safe.

Until next time,

xo, Kim


5 thoughts on “cobwebs tightropes for fairies

  1. Debra Smith says:

    Your photos are stunning, as always. I have a special love for photographing spider webs. It’s so amazing that they are invisible until the air, dew and light are exactly right. I picture not only faries on them swinging for joy, but little birds and bugs and tiny things with wings. A happy place!
    I hope you will get your holiday spirit. I think there are many of us who feel a bit off now. Our state is restricted too because of the pandemic. Wishing all the best for you and hubby and all the critters. Love ya!

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    1. Oh Debra – yes, the light lets us see the magic that we feel with our heart but not always our eyes. Of course, you too feel it and want to capture it with your lens. We must all do our part to be safe and follow recommended guidelines, no matter how much of an inconvenience they are. Losing a loved one is so much worse than being put out by restrictions. Blessings to you too. xo kim


  2. Debbie says:

    The cobwebs are so beautiful… your photographs are exquisite!!! I can almost smell fall in the air…something I will always miss living in Florida. The vistas of your gardens, yard, trees, birds, chickens, and artwork are all so lovely, Kim. My mom (Ginny) loves your posts, as do I… she asked me to ask you if you have hummingbirds that pass through or stay for longer periods. She had so many in the summer in Kent, CT where they lived before moving to FL, and still puts out the sugar water feeder here, but sees v. few…they are migrating back and forth from South America to northern US, so I think FL is more flyover country than taking up residence. It is a hard time for everyone, life is so different. Now is a time of hope and faith that things will improve as we go forward, hopefully with a safe and effective vaccine.. keep posting, you bring smiles to many….still wish I could stop by your art wagon and farm stand!!! xo Debbie


  3. Linda Schaub says:

    I always have a smile when I see a new post from you in my e-mail inbox (and here on Reader). I am glad you are posting more – I am posting way too much as I think today may be the first time I’ve caught up in weeks, if not months. I may need to cut back a little – Mother Nature will no doubt assist in that. I gave myself a day off as the wind howls, rain pitter patters and maybe light snow tonight. But you have the same disappearing leaves as us and what’s left of them are suddenly less vibrant – like your weather, ours has been all over the map too – sigh. How nice to see those pretty flowers (Cosmos? Not sure due to the darker middle.). I wondered and hoped you’d show us what you’d do with the wooden blocks – glad you did. I’m sorry you’re putting all the time and effort into holiday crafts and those craft fairs may not happen now … it is discouraging and disappointing both. You’ve both been busy bees and it is nice to see you still had time to get out with your camera to photograph those wispy webs. Soon you’ll be photographing dribs and drabs of snow. Take care Kim.


  4. Ginny says:

    Hi Kim…I have to share…we had a hummer come to the feeder today, so they made it down here!! It was a ray of sunshine to see that little body hover and find nourishment after the long flight! We hope this will be home for the season! Hope you are doing well, think of you often. Ginny


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