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What happened to the snow?










 The snow never came but the freezing rain did.
























A dreary day indeed, perfect for snuggling inside with the critters, watching old movies, and catching up on the blog.


I have a batch of split peas with ham and onion, and garlic slow cooking in the oven, that will be our meal for tonight.  Mr. Red Dirt recently won an Instant Pot.  Lovely people have shared their recipes with me.  The thing is, I rather enjoy cooking, even though this year I have found it to be somewhat tedious.  I enjoy the process, and to me, instant and food just shouldn’t be in the same sentence.  Now, if I was a young working outside the home mom, I could see where such a device would be very handy.  Me, I’ll stick to the old fashioned way of slow cooking.  I enjoy the aroma of my dutch oven heating with a special meal inside slow cooking all day.  Yep, I pretty much don’t even use the crockpot too much, except in summer when I don’t want the extra heat in the house.  How about you?


I recently became fascinated with the idea of making clay sculpture thingies.  I went on-line ordered the clay and started crafting, of course with no idea what I was doing.  So far I have made mushrooms and acorns and sweet blue Robin’s eggs that fit just inside wire nests, which I made.

 A local teacher offered a beginner ceramics class, a whole different thing, but I decided I was going to take that class.  It is just me and one other student and the teacher.  We are all in isolation pods with good air circulation, wearing our masks.  We meet once a week for an hour and a half for four weeks.  Let me just say, I rather stink at it.  Yes, the first piece I made was beyond a hot mess.  I’m not discouraged though, because this is for fun. Hopefully, I will get better with practice.  I think the second piece I made which is a wall pocket will turn out better.  We haven’t glazed or fired our pieces yet.  I’m anxious to see the results.


We are so far, healthy and getting through this year.  Like many folks it is a struggle in many ways, we have to remember to count our blessings.  Sometimes, I get mad at having to be thankful for the good little things and I just want to say why all this?  Yes, I did hit a particularly bad patch a few weeks ago.  The heaviness of this year and too much personal stuff on my plate and then I got blindsided by an ugly hateful demeaning encounter that took me to my knees. It was as they say the final straw. I rolled in self-pity and anger for a while.

This week I closed down my farm stand art wagon.  Chasing this dream was no longer enjoyable and had become a tremendous burden.  I’m resting and planning for my next adventure, whatever it may be.  Meanwhile, my walls are plastered with my un-sold paintings, and they are bringing me joy.


I am heading to the pantry to gather ingredients to make Christmas sugar cookies, Mr. Red Dirt’s favorite.

Things are very low-key this year, just a few decorations and two Charlie Brown-style trees, which we cut down from our property.  Not buying a tree was a way of us cutting costs, and quite frankly, I am really enjoying the simplicity of them.  It may just be a new tradition.


Until next time,  Be well and safe!

xo, Kim

10 thoughts on “On a snowless day

  1. Pam says:

    Look forward to seeing what you made in your ceramics class. Just putting yourself out there and trying something new is pretty cool. Maybe you’ll find the Instant Pot will work better for you in the summer when there is never enough time to cook (at least for me). As always, love all your pictures!


    1. Hi Pam – taking the class is definitely making me go outside my comfort zone, but in a good way. Perhaps you are right about enjoying the instant pot in the summer. I am busier then, and less inclined to want to cook. I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos. Thanks for visiting. Xo, Kim


  2. pennross says:

    Just two hours northeast of you, we have the snow! ❄️☃️🌨

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    1. I don’t mind not having snow. I do mind this ice. Power on and off. 😝 be safe.

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  3. Ginny says:

    I was so glad to see this entry, I couldn’t access your last one and was worried I’d lost you…I love your creativity….Several years ago I took a water color course at adult ed and had no talent, but one scene is framed and is hung on our walls….so you never know! Want to tell you we have a hummer coming to our feeder, such a treat. And a pair of painted buntings at another feeder…..our winter visitors! Stay well and safe. Ginny

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    1. Hi Ginny – I removed the last post, it was me, not you.
      I love that you hung your water color on the wall, it is honoring the process, not just the result. That’s how I feel about the stuff I am working on right now. I’m so glad to hear of your winter visitors. Hummers are so magical, and seeing them in Florida is truly a gift. I have yet to see one there! I bet the buntings are beautiful too – lucky you. I wish I could trade the scene outside my window. Everything is covered in ice. Lots of broken trees and limbs. Our power went out early afternoon yesterday and remained off into the night. So grateful that those workers were out there in that horrible weather working to get it restored. We are safe and the animals are all safe and that’s what matters. Thank you for stopping by and leaving a message. Hugs, Kim


  4. Debra Smith says:

    We have the snow-I’d be glad to share! I’m curious about your next adventure. I’m still waiting for mine! 🙂 I’m glad you are in a better place than a few weeks ago. I’ve missed seeing your posts-they are a highlight for me, and have brought me and my hubby much joy. Bless you! Merry Christmas dear one, and dear Mr. Cottage.

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    1. Debra – it always makes me so happy to see a message from you. I still am unable to leave a comment on your blog – it is so frustrating. Sending all the hugs and care to you and yours for a safe and happy holiday season. Here is to our next adventures, what ever they may be. xo kim


  5. D. A. Squires says:

    Dear Kim,

    Merry Christmas to you and your husband and all the other inhabitants of Red Dirt Farm… it has been a hard year, and I’m trying to be optimistic about the new one : ) LOVE all your photos, Kim… feels like I am right there with you…and love seeing your in-resident feathered friend poking around the house: ) Very sad about the art stand, but there will be another path for your creativity. I am going to check your shop, as I must have the nest with blue eggs!! Art in any form is the best Rx… the artist I worked with for my books has summed it up in just a few words, ‘Art is how I breathe.’

    Wishing you a healthy, happy New Year…
    xoxo Debbie

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    1. Hi Debbie – oh those up-lifting words of yours and your artist friend are so true. Thank you for believing in my endeavors. This has been a hard year for all. I too try to think if we can all come together and just hold on a bit longer, things will improve. That’s a hard one to swallow day in and day out. We remain aa blessed house of crazy animal antics and I’m glad it is that way. Sending you happiness and love. xo Kim


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